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In 2020, the sales force automation market is expected to grow by 10.9 percent to $8.15 billion. It was discovered that vendors had enhanced their platforms' capabilities for guiding customers through the sales process and managing their activities. Our review of 16 providers will help application managers select the best solution for their sales execution needs.

Market Definition
It is defined as a system that automates sales activities, processes, and administrative obligations for sales personnel by Gartner. According to Gartner, sales force automation (SFA) is a foundational technology for automating a company's core sales operations.

Among the most important features of SFA systems are:
> Management of leads, accounts, contacts, and potential opportunities
> Management of sales activities
> Involved salespeople
> Management of the sales pipeline and forecasts
> e-commerce on the go
> Reporting
> Management of the relationship between a company and its business partners (PRM)
> Capabilities of the platform

The following capabilities can be added as an extra bonus:
> Management of digital content for commercial gain
> Price and submit a quotation for the product you've selected (CPQ)

Sales Force Automation Software
Top Trending Vendors

Customers with more than 2,500 employees can benefit from Sales Creatio, the company's SFA product. In addition, it is able to handle large-scale deployments around the world. Sales Creatio's low-code/no-code platform and business process management (BPM) engine allow it to accommodate a wide range of sales operations. AI models for next best action and contact and account recommendations are two of the most notable features of Creatio's product releases. There is an emphasis on digital selling experiences such as omnichannel connectors and AR/VR integration with mobile in the vendor's road strategy for the time being.

All sizes of firms in financial services, insurance, and life sciences can benefit from its SFA product, but it excels at meeting the needs of very large organisations. For complex B2C connections, CRMNEXT is best suited, but it can also handle B2B and indirect channel sales. AI models for smart prioritisation of tasks, real-time nudges and alerts, and an advanced playbook designer have been implemented during the past year to enhance digital selling environments. Predictive models for certain industries are part of CRMNEXT's long-term strategy.

To this day, Freshworks is still a small-time player in a specialised market. Freshworks CRM (formerly known as Freshsales) targets companies with 50 to 500+ employees. Account and contact management, opportunity management, pipeline and forecast management, and reporting are only some of the features of SFA. This CRM has been deployed over the world. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the infrastructure for this website. The product can be used in sales processes ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Customers and sellers may now communicate with Freshworks CRM's chatbots, and new forecast and quota management tools and voice data entry have also been added.

Marketing, sales, and customer care are all included in HubSpot's CRM suite. Sales Hub is the company's SFA offering. In the United States, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and LATAM are the top four regions for HubSpot sales. Sales Hub is a SaaS product that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Account-based marketing (ABM) for sales, improved cadence tracking, and a new forecasting tool have all been added to HubSpot in the last year. HubSpot plans to offer a sandbox testing environment, conversational intelligence, and more customization tools in the near future.

Insightly is still a Minority Player. Sales, lead management, project management, and custom process design are all included in the one SaaS offering of Insightly CRM. B2B sales businesses, especially those in the professional services industry, are a target market for Insightly CRM. Customers in North America and Europe are the primary focus of Insightly's business. As in the last year, AppConnect, which enables clients to integrate Insightly CRM with other business software, has been introduced. Additional features have been introduced, including automated quotation production. AI-based lead scoring and campaign attribution analysis are two of the most notable upcoming enhancements.

Microsoft is back in the driver's seat this time around. Product vision for digital selling is supported by the company's recently released products. Dynamics 365 Sales, one of the company's products, can be used by businesses of all sizes. Sales acceleration and enhanced predictive forecasting are just a few of the recent product advancements added to the company's product line. With Microsoft Teams and other web chat capabilities, the company plans to provide seamless digital selling experiences. To facilitate digital commerce and seller-based quote-to-cash execution, Microsoft intends to introduce a CPQ solution in 2021 with a preview available to the general public.

IngageApp Global's Neocrm (previously Xiaoshouyi) is a Niche Player. Neocrm Sales Cloud, the company's product, has undergone a rebranding in preparation for internationalisation, but it remains targeted at Chinese firms. Ideally suited for B2B and B2C sales operations, it's a great fit. Manufacturing, high-tech, professional services, and consumer items are all industries Neocrm serves. Connecting with end users on WeChat's social platform, capturing leads and converting them into customers and possibilities, generating estimates and placing orders are just some of the new features that have been launched in the recent year. Neocrm intends to expand its machine learning capabilities with NeoSuggest and NeoPredict.

Oracle Sales, a component of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) package, focuses on SFA's main components as well as related areas including sales performance management (SPM), planning, and data intelligence solutions for sales. Oracle's activities are spread out around the globe, and its clientele tend to be in the mid- to large-sized businesses. Prepackaged SFA industry applications are also available, as several Leaders have discovered. To make selling easier and more efficient, Oracle has integrated its new Redwood design into its platform. In addition, Microsoft Teams and Oracle Sales Assistant have been incorporated into the platform.

It provides a unified CRM based on a modular architecture and preconfigured business functionalities. Pega Sales Automation helps B2C, B2B, and indirect sales teams. SaaS-based (95 percent of its customers use AWS) and on-premises delivery modes are available (5 percent ). Pega's Pega Cloud Services provides geographically separated data residency. Focused on customer experience, customer success, and attracting partners in new verticals throughout the past year. Pega's vision of AI-powered intelligent sales automation for supporting sales' evolving roles includes numerous new capabilities on its roadmap.

Pipeliner is yet a small fish in a big pond. Pipeliner is most commonly used in North America. For small and midsize B2B sales businesses, Pipeliner CRM's SFA solution is best suited. However, the software has also been adopted in large sales organisations. All of the product's features can be accessed via its mobile app and online browser. A workflow automation engine called Automatizer, as well as the ability to customise dashboards, have all been added to Pipeliner in the last year. Customizable compact pipeline views and team evaluation benchmarking will be introduced by Pipeliner in the upcoming year, enhancing management inspection and coaching. Account planning tools are also expected to be added to the product's future plans.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, the company's SFA product, is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes, anywhere in the world, and it can support deployments of 50 employees or more. Using Salesforce Anywhere, users can now more easily collaborate on digital sales and distant projects with the help of Microsoft Teams integration. A conversational intelligence platform that integrates with Salesforce High Velocity Sales and Salesforce Meetings, a video meeting management system, was released by the vendor Einstein Conversation Insights last year. High Velocity Sales has plans to integrate with LinkedIn to facilitate cadences, and Slack for Sales will be included.

It's SAP's return as a Leader that makes this possible. The SaaS-based Experience Management product range includes SAP Sales Cloud as one of its core five components (the other modules being SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Digital Commerce, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud). SAP Sales Cloud has CPQ and SPM capabilities. Over 31 different industries have implemented the system, with the most prevalent ones being manufacturing, professional services, and consumer packaged products. During the last year, SAP has released new activity types for guided selling and custom attributes from SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA in offline pricing, as well as changes to inside sales and ordering and filtering of products. Predictive forecasting, enhanced guided selling, and dynamic visit planning are all part of SAP's long-term strategy.

SFA solution Sugar Sell is ideally suited for firms with 50 to 500+ people, but it can also support up to 5,000 employees in the same organisation. SugarCRM has acquired, a predictive analytics platform, and W-Systems, a professional services firm, in the recent year to expand its in-house professional services. SugarPredict AI lead and opportunity scoring and a purchase tracking module for post-sale customer success are the most notable releases in the past year. An incoming and outbound phone connectivity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as sentiment analysis and a more robust CPQ solution are all on the horizon for SugarCRM.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with between 20 and 250 people are best served by Vtiger's product, which is also called Vtiger. Globally, it is available, with the majority of sales occurring in the United States and Canada. Vtiger introduced Calculus AI, a machine learning system, in the past year to deliver sales insights. In addition, the widget's WhatsApp functions were widened by allowing conversations and other activities to be accessed directly from the widget. Free trial editions of Vtiger's sales enablement, marketing, and project management tools have been made available to small and medium-sized businesses in 2021. It intends to keep enhancing its integrations with tools such as Zoom, ZoomInfo, and Microsoft Teams in order to improve seller productivity.

SFA's Zendesk Sell product offers features that are well-suited to small and midsize sales teams. However, Zendesk has a strong presence in North America and other parts of the world. Zendesk Sell is a part of the Zendesk Suite, a comprehensive platform that includes tools like telephonic integration, lead management, and live chat for customers. Mapsly integration for meeting location routing, and a task player that allows sellers to establish a queue of tasks and execute them in direct succession through a "play" function were some of the new features that were added to improve seller efficiency. The Zendesk Sunshine platform will be more tightly integrated with Zendesk's product roadmap, which includes improvements to pipeline analytics.

All sales firms can benefit from Zoho CRM. It has a low-code/no-code configuration platform and a business application designer for non-technical staff. It has been a busy year for Zoho, with a number of important new features. A recommendation builder for next-best-action ideas, as well as workflow suggestions powered by Zia, the company's AI assistant, are among the new features. A new UI redesign canvas, a Zia sales strategy planner, and a Zoho CPQ solution are among the new features planned by Zoho in the near future.

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