Workforce Engagement Management

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However, a number of others, such as specialised WEM vendors, providers of contact-center as a service, and suppliers of customer engagement centre software, are emerging as competitive alternatives. Before making a decision, application leaders should review this report.

Definition/Description of the Market
Workforce engagement management (WEM) software is described by market as a group of technologies that build on the capabilities of the mature workforce optimization (WFO) industry by tackling tasks that promote employee engagement in customer service departments. These capabilities include, for instance, those linked to interaction support and employee voice (VoE).

The amalgamation of the quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), e-learning, performance management, and speech analytics tools that have assisted in enhancing operational performance over the past ten years has produced the fundamental WFO component.

The following are among the key features of WEM products:
> Assessment and advancement
> Time Management
> Metrics and acclaim (performance management)
> Task management and assistance
> VoE (feedback)
> Recruitment and Onboarding

Workforce Engagement Management
Top Trending Vendors

Aspect Software
On its Via platform, Aspect's WFM, performance management, and QM capabilities are deployed for customers in public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises environments. Aspect now supports more hosting companies. Additionally, it has moved thick-client reporting to the cloud and improved product interoperability. It sells to huge corporations all over the world, principally, through a combination of partners and direct sales activities.

Aspect is still making investments in its cloud architecture and tight interaction with its Via customer engagement platform, as well as in specialised capabilities for agent hiring and bot-driven support.

Calabrio partners with other vendors to incorporate their adjacent solutions, such as those used in CECs and for contact centre as a service, into its growing range of WEM products (CCaaS). Calabrio now has a unified, integrated WFM platform with expanded features for, among other things, scheduling optimization, paid time off for mobile workers, agent self-service requests via mobile apps, and adherence insights after acquiring Teleopti in 2019. Although multitenant SaaS deployments make up the majority of its usage, it also has a sizable on-premises presence.

It has offices in North America, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific, and it equally targets large corporations and small and medium businesses through partnerships and direct sales.

Calabrio intends to keep making investments in localizations, usability, and CEC and CCaaS integrations.

A new WFM solution was recently added to the company's product suite, which already offers a well-established set of interaction recording, agent evaluation and coaching, and interaction analytics capabilities. Eleveo's installations are located on-site in the vast majority of cases.

The U.S. and Eastern Europe are the main operating regions for Eleveo. It only sells through a 350-partner worldwide network that focuses on opportunities of various sizes (from deals for fewer than 10 users to those for over 1,000).

Eleveo is investing primarily to develop its cloud-based SaaS architecture and WFM product.

Through Genesys Cloud and Genesys Multicloud Solutions, Genesys offers several contact centre alternatives and can meet the various WEM requirements of businesses of various sizes across industries. Historically, on-premises installations have accounted for the majority of Genesys' customer deployments, but a sharp increase in cloud migrations has recently been observed. The business markets and sells its goods to large corporations and midsize businesses through operations all around the world.

Genesys has undergone substantial organisational changes to better position it to meet the needs of the expanding WEM market. It intends to incorporate WEM capabilities even further into its existing products.

Lifesize's WEM package is made available through its leading product, CxEngage, a CCaaS cloud-based platform (recently improved by a merger with Serenova, which had earlier bought ProScheduler from Loxysoft). Lifesize announced a number of improvements and application integrations for CxEngage in the fourth quarter of 2020 with the goal of enhancing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, agent productivity, workforce optimization, reporting, and providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

The company mostly serves midsize enterprises and has offices all around the world. It sells both directly and via a global network of associates, distributors, and resellers.

As the market continues to adjust to the advent of new agent working environments and expectations, Lifesize is concentrated on further expanding its CCaaS platform to include more WEM capability.

NICE is a sizable, international provider of software technology that caters to clients of all sizes across many industry verticals, but particularly in the banking, telecom, and healthcare fields.

Using CXone, NICE is committed to realising its "Agile WEM" vision, which envisions organisational agility being granted through a unified portfolio of best-in-class cloud WEM solutions. NICE's goal is to enable better management of the changing interaction between consumers, employees, and technologies through the use of analytics, AI, digital technologies, and automation, all of which are integrated across the entire suite.

Customer engagement software provider Verint provides hosted, on-premises, SaaS, and managed services for CEC and WEM functionalities. It collaborates with a number of CCaaS and contact centre infrastructure vendors to offer a complete customer service solution.

A significant international provider with a U.S. base is Verint. Although it serves clients across various industries, the banking, insurance, and government sectors are heavily represented.

The goal of Verint's vision is to strike the ideal balance between automation and human interaction. In order for its clients to quickly respond to changing trends, it aims to develop systems that capture, enrich, and derive meaning from digital conversation data.

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