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Evolution of the CIO role

The IT organization no longer owns all of IT. Today’s CIOs must develop cross-departmental teams of highly skilled individuals. You must find ways to attract scarce talent, build digital dexterity across the organization and overcome cultural resistance. It’s a task that’s part leadership, part inspiration, part organization. This forum helps you reshape organizational structures and attitudes for greater agility, strengthen your teams with diversity and inclusion, and create a culture that is nourished and emboldened (not intimidated or overwhelmed) by change and innovation.

Evolution of the HR Role

Between hybrid work and digital fatigue, elevated turnover and political polarization, CHROs and HR leaders are faced with new challenges as the erosion of quality work relationships becomes a lasting legacy of the pandemic era.In a world primed to pull people apart, organizations that create fresh opportunities to get employees pulling in new directions, finding greater authenticity, creativity and connection amid fragmentation — and ultimately reaching even higher levels of performance — will prove most successful.

The future of work: 2022
18th Oct 2022 | 2 PM IST | 4:30 PM SGT

Work has changed forever 

We are all wondering: What will work look like in future?

We"ll never to go back to business as usual.

Where will we go instead?

It's less about a place.

It's more about people's potential.

Most employees want the future of work to be hybrid.

But hybrid isn't possible for everyone.

Its time to rethink how to best support everywhere.


The Future of Cybersecurity

  • Public cloud computing.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Zero Trust In Action.
  • IoT devices and blockchain.
  • Digital transformation.
Productive & Healthy Workforce
  • Reimagine hybrid working to boost business.
  • Accelerate modern HR.
  • Build digital fluency.
  • War for talent in age of uncertainty.
Business Continuity
  • Improving the customer experience.
  • Shape technology to respond to adversity.
  • Inclusive, flexible & connected workplace.
  • Tools and techniques to achieve business continuity.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022/ 02:00 PM IST - 02:45 PM IST

(04:30 PM SGT - 05:15 PM SGT)

Opening Keynote: Future of Work: 2022


02:45 PM IST - 3:30 PM IST (05:15 PM SGT - 06:00 PM SGT)

Panel Discussion (45 minutes)

Who should attend?
  • Business Decision Makers: CEO, Directors, BU Heads, Cross Function Executives
  • IT Decision Makers: CIO, CISO, IT Managers & Executives
  • Marketing Leaders: CMO, Channel Heads, Marketing Managers & Executives
  • HR Leaders: CHRO, CLMO, HR Managers & Executives
  • Startup Founders

Recent Events:

Microsoft ISV Series

Co-presented by: Value Prospect Consulting

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

With rise in quality expectations, it has been observed that manual activity of weighing and dispensing can be burdensome in manufacturing and process industries and cause overall poor processing. Using weigh and dispense process technology, pharmaceutical companies can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their operations in compliance manner. Also helps to reduce Data Integrity issues.

Data Protection & Resiliency Strategy

Resiliency techniques may vary depending on the data workload, but a comprehensive data resiliency strategy must include BACKUPS. With secure, secondary copies of data, recovery times are shortened, long outages avoided, and business transactions can be made near seamless even in the event of a data loss, disaster, or God forbid, even a ransomware attack.

Automation Testing

In a world where new products appear everyday and competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer, time is the most valuable resource. Businesses are aiming to develop and ship products faster. As a result, they are moving to shorter sprints and need faster feedback loops.

HRMS- Hybrid Workplace

With the rapid growth of the hybrid workplace and to overcome the challenges posses by it, organizations are looking for retirement solutions that provides:
✔ Digital experience to employees
✔ 24X7 access to their own fund balance
✔ Quarterly audit of trust accounts
✔ One solution for all trust function

Omnichanel CX Strategy

Why does messaging matter for your business?
The generation now wants to connect instantly with friends, family and businesses alike. Learn how to utilize and implement the most popular channels where your audience loves to hangout the most to increase visibility.

Create a winning omnichannel CX strategy for your organisation with

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The Indian Pharma market has witnessed high growth and become intensely competitive. Medical Reps face the challenge of getting time from the HCP's, this has been further amplified by Covid.
Learn from the market leaders how they are leveraging behaviour science to keep their sales reps engaged, motivated and productive in these testing times.

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Business Continuity
  • Improving The Customer Experience
  • Shaping Technology To Respond To Adversity
  • Inclusive, Flexible & Connected Campaigns
  • Tools & Techniques To Achieve Engagement Continuity
Who should attend?
  • Business Decision Makers: CEO, Directors, BU Heads, Cross Function Executives
  • Marketing Leaders: CMO, Channel Heads, Marketing Managers & Executives
  • HR Leaders: CHRO, CLMO, HR Managers & Executives
  • Startup Founders


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Automation Anywhere

Companies must enable employees to conduct more meaningful work and securely innovate from anywhere in order to satisfy escalating client demands. 

Identity First Approach

The core for future ZeroTrust security is an Identity-First approach: establishing a strong digital brand, using modern IT, and safeguarding your API environment.

Enterprise Transformation

All CxOs must become accountable for technology decisions in increasingly digitalized organisations, and CIOs must lead this crucial corporate change.

Connect Software Solution Providers

Software Vendor Landscape

As you assess and analyse product capabilities, learn about the existing vendor landscape. 

Live Interactive Sessions

Based on unbiased AnyTechTrial listings, case studies, expert articles, and live interactions with vendors, make informed IT investment decisions. 

Software Evaluations

Compare software options and create a shortlist of applications that can best assist you in addressing your most pressing concerns.

Build Vendor Connections

Lead to greater efficiency along relationships with executives from software vendor companies. 

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