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Enterprise video content management is an established sector in which companies compete to support the delivery of on-demand video and live broadcasts of events. Our analysis of the market's 13 leading players helps aid application development executives to make an optimal decision for their company's digital workplace.

Market Defined/Described
Enterprise video content management (EVCM) provides the delivery of one-to-any video for the enterprise mostly in support of corporate communications, training, and collaboration sales and marketing, but also for other purposes.

Market describes business video content management as follows:

"Software, equipment, and SaaS that are designed to manage and support the delivery of live, on-demand, and one-to-one video spanning network protocols" 

This market's products were inspired by YouTube, as businesses sought a way to share video without using external social media platforms. They desired an easy and secure method for employees to capture and publish films without requiring specialised equipment or knowledge; They desired and continue to request "enterprise YouTube." This video-on-demand delivery can cover a range of use cases, but often focuses on training support as well collaboration. Live events, such as concerts, also feature the ability to stream footage from one to any as town halls and corporate meetings. These events are nonparticipatory outside of interactive elements include quizzes, the modification of views to increase the intelligibility of shared content, and the submission of content questions by messaging.
The market has reached maturity, and EVCM functions as a type of the video-related technology often employed by businesses. An allied but distinct market that is frequently confused with EVCM is the meeting solutions market. Meeting solutions are real-time, many-to-many collaboration technologies that facilitate interactions through a telecommunications network. Participants network for teamwork, presentations, training, and webinars. Within the
As part of our research for this list, we questioned reference customers as to when their organisation will or has implemented specific initiatives combine meeting solutions to business video content management. An illustration of this integration could capture Skype meetings using their enterprise video content management system solution. 

Among these:
> Fifteen in 10 have done it
> Four in 10 intend to do it

The markets for meeting solutions and enterprise video content management are independent and distinct. However, they are interconnected, constituting the primary components of a larger "visual estate" that promotes firms' use about video.

Although primarily centred on the transmission of video within the organisation — an enterprise video management system platform (EVP) – any vendors can distribute video outside the organisation. They conform in support of sales and marketing or the training of third parties such as suppliers, in addition to other purposes related usage scenarios. Moreover, some market participants offer products that permit delivery. In support of business-to-consumer, an online video platform (OVP) exists outside the organisation broadcasting, sales and marketing, IPTV, and more use cases are supported. Consequently, there are varying degrees of overlap between enterprise and internet video platform features, in addition to Non-considered vendors mostly focus on online video delivery.
Enterprise Video Content Mangement
Top Trending Vendors 

Brightcove was created in 2004 as a publicly traded firm. Its headquarters are located in Boston, with ten additional offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Its offering, Enterprise Video Suite, is built on Video Cloud, the vendor's online video platform.

Genus Technologies
Genus Technologies was created in 2008 as a privately held firm. Its only office is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its product, Genus Media Upshot, is a standalone enterprise video content management and digital asset management solution, as well as a component of IBM's Enterprise Content Manager (ECM), Web Content Manager (WCM), and Connections solutions.

Founded in 2004, Haivision is a privately held firm. Its headquarters are located in Montréal, with six additional offices spread throughout North America and EMEA. Its product, the Haivision Media Platform, is a component of a suite of technologies that enable video for internal and external transmission, including live streaming (Makito X and KB Series encoders), digital signage (CoolSign), and IPTV.

IBM is a publicly traded, 1911-founded enterprise. Its headquarters are located in Armonk, New York, and it has over 200 offices in North America, Asia/Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America.
Its offering, IBM Cloud Video (previously Ustream), consists of Streaming Manager for Enterprise and IBM Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), and can employ Watson products for captioning and enrichment.

KZO Innovations
KZO Innovations was created in 2007 as a subsidiary of its publicly traded company Learning Technologies Group (LTG). Reston, Virginia has the company's headquarters and single office. The company's product is KZO Video Platform.

MediaPlatform was created in 2005 as a privately held firm. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, while a second office is located in Richmond, Virginia. WebCaster is used for live streaming, whereas PrimeTime is used for on-demand streaming. It also contains Video Business Intelligence (monitoring of QoS and QOE for live events), SmartBridge (linking meeting solutions), SmartEdge (an ECDN), and SmartPath (routing across ECDN solutions to improve delivery and minimise failover).

movingimage was founded in 2009 and is a privately held corporation. Its headquarters are in Berlin, with four other offices in EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and North America. movingimage Enterprise Video Platform is its product.

Panopto was started in 2007 as a privately held firm. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, with four additional offices in Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East, and North America. Its product name is likewise Panopto.

Qumu was created in 1978 as a publicly traded firm. Its headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it has five more offices in Asia/Pacific, Europe/Middle East, and North America. The company's product is the Qumu Enterprise Video Platform.

Sonic Foundry
Sonic Foundry was created in 1991 as a publicly traded firm. Its headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, and it has three more offices in Asia/Pacific and EMEA. Mediasite Video Platform and Mediasite Video Cloud are its products.

Vbrick was created in 1998 as a privately held firm. Its headquarters are in Herndon, Virginia, and it has two more offices in EMEA and North America. Vbrick Rev (an EVCM) and Vbrick Distributed Media Engine are its products (DME; an ECDN).

VIDIZMO was created in 2010 as a subsidiary of its privately held company Softech Worldwide. Its headquarters are in Tysons, Virginia, and it has three more offices in Asia/Pacific and EMEA.
It offers its primary product in a variety of product forms and editions, including MediaTube (Standard or Premium), Virtual Academy, MediaCommerce, and EnterpriseTube (Standard or Premium).

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