20 Popular NFT Drops Calendar Apps

A non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is one that cannot be changed or exchanged due to its unique properties. If someone is thinking about investing in NFTs, it's a good idea to find out about the biggest drops that are anticipated in the near future. As the demand for NFTs rises, investors who wish to purchase them when they first go on sale must keep an eye out for when they are launched. The exact moment and day that an NFT will be made available to investors for purchase at a set mint price is known as the "NFT drop." Since NFTs may increase in value after their first release, much like any investment, making the first purchase at a discount may help investors and save collectors money.

AnyTechTrial is pleased to present its list of the 20 Popular NFT Drops Calendar Apps.
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This list of popular 20 NFT Drops Calendar tools, together with their features and prices, are listed in the list of the best tools to make it easier for you to pick.

1. BitDegree

BitDegree is a special website that pulls several alternative NFT collections from the NFT market. Once a collection is selected, the user will receive plenty of information to help them gain a lot of insight into the viability of finance in particular NFTs. Making a private portfolio using this application allows users to keep track of the NFTs they want.

Key characteristics:

> Being able to build a personal trailing portfolio
> Additionally, detailed analysis is offered, which should provide a clearer knowledge of the market and how it is functioning.
> BitDegree is now monitoring more than 350 collections from several protocols.
> The most important NFTs are identified using a variety of filters and metrics.


2. NFT OnChained

NFT Onchained
To find listings of NFTs that are being sold for too little money, use NFT OnChained. The software estimates the real current price of NFTs using machine learning. For value assessments for each unique NFT, rarity, attributes, market information, and alternative considerations are taken into consideration. The "Screener," which displays the currently most affordable NFTs across all tracked assortments, is their key feature.

Key characteristics:
> Gives rarity ratings
> Enables tracking of a portfolio
> Offers price history graphs
> Charts with high holders
> It has a database of metrics

With the help of the "stats" table, one can identify collections that are on the rise or have sound fundamentals, like a large holder distribution.

The paid edition has a number of features and costs 0.14 ETH every quarter.

3. Moby

Moby is a drop calendar tool that offers rapid NFT feeds and data in a very efficient manner. Moby helps customers who want to make quick investment decisions by allowing them to keep an eye on their assets and notice new NFTs to speculate on. One can get more thorough analysis tools by purchasing the professional version of this programme. For NFT investors, Moby proves to be very beneficial and makes it easier for them to view the assets.

Key characteristics:
> A user-friendly website that everyone may use
> Provides accuracy in an hour.
> There are both free and paid versions.

A wealth of useful data, including historical assortment data, periodic feeds, and NFT signals, is available to subscribers.

Some choices are free; the monthly fee for the paid version is 0.1 ETH.

4. Crypto.com

Undoubtedly a well-known cryptocurrency platform is Crypto.com. Users can also access some helpful tracking tools through it. When someone is keeping tabs on a specific NFT, they can obtain statistics on the degree and cost of that NFT. People who want to trace and invest in the highest NFT assortments can sort by floor price, sales, collection price, total quality, and volume. Additionally, Crypto.com provides a list of upcoming NFT collections so users can organise their portfolios for upcoming investments.

Key characteristics:
> A platform for tracking cryptocurrency and NFTs
> The website is simple and easy to use.

Every NFT collection also includes other information such as asset worth, minting price, and knowledge of forthcoming NFT dumps.


5. Rarity.Tools

Due of its extensive tracking and analysing capabilities, Rarity.tools is one of the most popular NFT drop calendar and tracking tools. The average price, collections, and volume of NFTs are sorted. Users of the Rarity.tools platform have a choice for each group of NFTs as well as access to more detailed attributes for each individual NFT. Each NFT also has a rarity score and associated advantages.

Key characteristics:
> Simple interface
> Every NFT has a rarity score.

Not necessary to demand the transfer of a different software system


6. OpenSea

A very common site called OpenSea enables users to buy, sell, trade, and track NFTs. This platform offers its users comprehensive tracking and analysing tools and was created as an NFT marketplace. With all the data and NFT search combined, OpenSea has effectively developed a reliable system. Finding the most efficient new NFTs has gotten a lot easier and more plain for everyone now that everything is in one location.

Key characteristics:
> There are extensive filter options available.
> The website provides basic tracking tools.
> There is a time analysis given.

Contact the sales staff to receive a quote.

7. Icy.Tools

Icy.tools is a useful NFT drops calendar that emphasises the most popular NFT collections. The highest trending NFTs from the previous 15–30 minutes can be shown when the wallet is connected. When tracking NFTs, it is also possible to obtain the floor value, sales, average price, and volume. Each NFT collection has limited portions that may only be accessed with a paid subscription. This can include price histories and graphs for every NFT. Additionally, it is possible to obtain NFT project breakdowns that support the rarities and characteristics of the projects.

Key characteristics:
> There are many different analytical options available.
> The software programme is continually being developed and enhanced.

Beginners can use this tool very easily, and it allows wallet tracking.

This tool's premium version costs $75.

8. NFT Drop Calendar

NFT Calender
When consumers first enter the NFT market, NFT Drops Calendar is a tool that helps them establish NFTs. The purpose of this tool is to make it certain that a person is prepared to invest in an NFT before its value rises excessively. There are active notifications for upcoming NFT giveaways, events, and drops. The portal enables searching for certain collections using a variety of filters, including price, volume, and minting dates. Additionally, this platform's extensive search tags enable users to look for any specific NFT assortments.

Key characteristics:
> Alerts are given for NFT sales, occasions, and giveaways.
> The NFT Drops Calendar frequently lists one's own NFTs as being available for purchase.
> Users of NFT Drops Calendar can also submit their own NFTs and put them for sale on the website. So, once NFTs are involved, it's essentially a one-stop solution.

One can sort all NFTs supported by the typing feature according to a variety of criteria, including minting date, price, volume, and more.

For a quote, get in touch with the sales staff.

9. DappRadar

DappRadar has served as a go-to platform for tracking the sales data of NFT collections for a considerable amount of time. DappRadar is a useful application that is primarily intended to help customers track sales data from various NFT collections. A portfolio hunter that gives consumers the ability to execute period monitoring on Ethereum wallets was also added one or two years ago. To find out the wallet's NFT balance and overall internet worth, all one needs to do is enter the ENS name or Ethereum wallet address.

Key characteristics:
> DappRadar's robust portfolio tracking features are complemented by the ability to filter an NFT selection by sales, volume, or traders.
> Users of the tool can keep tabs on sales activity and trending NFTs.
> Allows for tracking of time.

Use of it is free

10. Upcoming NFT

Upcoming NFT
Another useful resource for staying up to date with NFT releases is Upcoming NFT. People will be able to obtain any information regarding any impending NFT events, drops, auctions, or giveaways using this site. Additionally, users can learn about the mentioned NFT projects' popularity, addition date, and even planned projects.

Key characteristics:
> The live feed tool from upcoming NFT enables investors to examine the popular NFTs that are being issued on the blockchain and discover more information about them in real-time.
> In fact, upcoming NFT can help users promote their NFT projects.
> Even before a project is launched, it can get attention through advertising in order to secure better terms once it is introduced.

On this platform, users can simultaneously obtain insights and up-to-date knowledge for all upcoming NFT events.

For a quote, speak with the sales staff.

11. NFT Evening

NFT Evening
A calendar is included in NFT Evening to keep readers informed about upcoming drops and NFTs. On the NFT Evening platform, there is a lot to learn, especially regarding NFT drops. People will be able to obtain all the information regarding NFTs with the facts presented in a highly entertaining and approachable way. A one-stop shop for developing, gathering, merchandising, and financing in NFTs is NFT Evening. In addition to NFT news and commentary, it also enables access to blockchain games, collectibles, crypto art, and the platform's metaverse.

Key characteristics:
> People can also promote their event or NFT project at NFT Evening to receive awareness prior to launch. This greatly aids in giving one's endeavour a boost.
> The platform enables users to conduct analysis using a wide range of filters, including blockchain and classes.

On this platform, one can also read about any new NFT projects that are emerging in the market.

For a quote, speak with the sales staff.

12. Coin Rivet

Coin Rivet
Customers can list every NFT on the efficient platform Coin Rivet. Additionally, it displays if the NFT is currently indexed in line with its pricing. Each time a new NFT is released, users who have created Coin Rivet accounts receive indicators. This could be helpful if one wants to invest in NFTs before their price skyrockets.

Key characteristics:
> It is simple and quick to track NFT income.
> Every time an NFT launches, notifications are sent.
> Users are given up-to-date details about Defi, NFTs, and laws.

For a quote, speak with the sales staff.

13. Etherscan Token Tracker

Etherscan Token Tracker supports all Ethereum-based coins. This programme can keep track of each of the more than 21,000 NFTs that are already ERC-721 compliant. Its NFT toolbox has gained new capabilities like pricing data, transfers, minting, and distribution.

Key characteristics:
> The system also functions as a block browser.
> More than 21,000 tokens are being watched.
> All tracking features can be used for free.

For a quote, get in touch with the sales staff.

14. Nansen

Nansen was created in 2013 with the express purpose of being used as an analysis tool for NFT wallets. The most valued and successful NFT wallets are listed on a scorecard that users can access. The findings confirm how much money has accumulated in the wallet over time. The monitoring tools include NFT search fees and minting fees in their detailed information on ERC-20 tokens.

Key characteristics:
> It's one of the first NFT tracking devices.
> A thorough examination is given for each NFT.
> Additionally, Nansen is employed as an investment tracker.

Standard is $116 per month, VIP is $1250 per month, and Alpha is $2500 per month. Each subscription level offers a different set of features.

15. Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer
One of the simplest NFT trackers on this list, Rarity Sniffer replaces calendar tools. This is due to its capability to classify new NFT initiatives according to their general rarity. For users that download the free edition, the programme only keeps track of the most recent collections.

Key characteristics:
> Simple to use
> The rarity ranking is the main topic.
> Rarity Sniffer provides a tracking service for all recent collections.

One must purchase a membership through the tool's Discord channel for 1.5 ETH in order to receive an analysis of current NFT projects and their rarity.

16. NFTBank

NFT Bank
The goal of NFTBank is to give people in-depth knowledge about NFT investing. It allows for the examination of spending, return on investment, and alternative activity for a certain NFT or collection. The NFTBank tool can also be used for portfolio management. Users have access to a wide range of features, including a portfolio hunter, analytics, and a simple user interface. Because it can present customers with fresh NFT investment prospects, the Analysis and Signals feature is quite helpful.

Key characteristics:
> User interface basics
> Various NFT analytics tools and a thorough portfolio tracker
> Provide quick insights into NFTs

For a quote, get in touch with the sales staff.

17. CryptoSlam

Excellent NFT dropping calendar software that concentrates on analysis and research for non-fungible tokens is called CryptoSlam. There is a specific website for each NFT assortment that shows recent minting activities and sales data. With CryptoSlam, every piece of NFT data that must be traced is visible.

Key characteristics:
> Options for intensive NFT filters
> Exclusive NFT rare section
> Detailed description of each NFT


18. NFT Stats

NFT Stats
A straightforward and uncomplicated NFT tracker with a number of NFT analytics tools is called NFT Stats. You can use sale volume or rarity rankings to focus on the trending collections that NFT Stats ranks, notwithstanding how simple they are.

Key characteristics:
> Simple NFT pursuit tools that deliver incredibly insightful analysis
> With the use of NFT Stats, hot collections can be sorted according to sale amounts or rarity rankings.

Additionally, this aids in filtering the highest collections that have been sold out over the last thirty, seven, or twenty-four hours.


19. Rarity Mon

Rarity Mon
The top NFT Drops Calendar app on the list is considered to be RarityMon. Before providing a total rarity score, this tool highlights how uncommon each NFT trait is using a standard statistical formula. Finally, this fully supports networks like Ethereum and Cardano.

Key characteristics:
> On its Discord server, 10 rarity tracker tools are available.

Here, new collections are frequently listed.

For a quote, speak with the sales staff.

20. Trait Sniper

Trait Snipper
Trait Sniper is a well-known tracking tool that offers comprehensive details about ongoing and upcoming projects that people may want to speculatively invest in. Each NFT can be analysed by the Trait Sniper tool to determine how rare it is. The latter additionally provides rarity scores and real-time alerts for fresh collections. Using this tool, selecting an NFT will give you the highest offer, rarity rank, rarity score, and current price.

Key characteristics:
> It allows one to view recently launched, affordably priced projects.

There is a helpful Discord channel for users.

For a quote, speak with the sales staff.


What are the main characteristics of NFT?

NFT's salient characteristics include:
  • Digital asset - NFT is a potential name for a digital asset that, thanks to the blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency, represents online collectibles like music, art, and related degree games with a legitimate certificate.
  • Unique – It cannot be made solid or modified in any other way.
  • Exchange - On specific websites, NFT exchanges with cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin take place.

Why should someone advertise their NFT drop using an NFT calendar?
  • Make sure to keep track of your NFT drops to avoid missing any deadlines.
  • Setting reminders for significant dates, such as the day your tokens will be delivered, is helpful.
  • Keep everything related to your drop in one location to maintain organisation in general.

How can I take part in token drops that are not fungible?
You must first own the proper cryptocurrency in order to participate in an NFT drop. On the official website, you must then register for the drop. Most of the time, a task must be finished before receiving NFTs. After finishing the task, you will receive your NFTs. NFT drops are a useful technique to acquire unique digital items. Make sure you visit the official website for information on how to take part in upcoming drops.

What advantages come with taking part in non-fungible token drops?
They offer a means of encouraging exposure to novel and intriguing ideas.
  • NFTs offer a way to obtain free tokens.
  • They offer a means of financing fresh initiatives.
  • They provide a means of obtaining first access to fresh initiatives.
Finally, they provide a means of obtaining unique tokens. Unique tokens that are exclusive to certain token drops are available. This will be a fantastic opportunity to obtain a valuable token that will undoubtedly appreciate in value over time.

What are the best ways to locate NFTs?
  • Check to see if the community is included in the NFT creator. Determine the community's location and tracking if the answer is yes.
  • Examine the NFT's present value.
  • Identify the market's share of the total number of the NFT's items.
  • Analyze to see if you can spot the NFT on those platforms.

What is an NFT drop calendar?
Investors may quickly search drops using NFT Drops Calendar, and the results can be sorted by the mint date, price, or a creator's Twitter or Discord followers. It is also a useful website for keeping up with NFT freebies and admission conditions.

How do I set up my NFT drop?
The following are a few phases that successful NFT initiatives have nailed and that you should think about before dropping your NFT:

  • Tell an interesting tale.
  • Select your marketplace and blockchain.
  • Establish smart contracts.
  • Create buzz and community. 
  • Make fans and consumers feel fair.
  • Know your audience.
  • Get your crew ready.

Is NFT calendar legit?
NFT covers the entire "environment," including music, video games, collectibles, and digital art. The NFT therefore contains something for everyone, whether they are investors, collectors, or just curious people. Naturally, the calendar that is displayed there is quite reliable. Your event can be added for free to the calendar.

How can I add the NFT to my NFT calendar?
  • Add Your NFT Event to the NFT Calendar
  • Include the supply and mint price if your event is an NFT drop.
  • Verify that the source link leads to an official statement: a certain tweet, Medium post, webpage, etc.
  • To get your project authorised, please include a description of at least 300 words.

How can my calendar be added to NFT?
The best strategies for promoting your NFT project
  • Your drop will be added to the NFT Calendar.
  • Utilize your social media platforms.
  • Make a captivating teaser for your NFT project.
  • Get to the marketplace's featured drops.
  • Request the support of your friends and coworkers for your release.
  • Open a discussion on Bitcointalk or Reddit.
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