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  Bitrix24 is a free web based Human Resources system.  It provides a platform for businesses to manage, engage and reward employees. Bitrix24 is a powerful employee self-service portal which lets your workers request services and access HR documents without bugging your HR staff. 

Learn what Bitrix24 can do for you

 With Bitrix24, users can store and find all HR documents and employee contracts in one place. It includes a social intranet, which helps with employee training and workflow management. This allow Users to set up and manage access permissions for employees, and they can keep a record of their organizational charts in the system.

 It simplify communications with social features such as liking and comments and automated processes such as notifications, subscriptions to discussions or groups, and assisted reporting. Bitrix24 is available as self hosted software for on premise deployment for additional free.

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Bitrix 24

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

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By Role 

 Bitrix24 makes the HR process simple and transparent. It’s the only tool you need for increasing productivity, nurturing leaders, and building a healthy, value-driven company culture. This is a fast-forward training and handle workflow with Social Intranet. You can easily find HR documents and employee contacts, all in one place. It enables you to make report easy and evaluation transparent and you can also track time to introduce discipline without pressure. This HR software creates and prioritize tasks - for impeccable organization.

By Industry 

You can collaborate with clients and manage relationships. It improve business process mapping to optimize efficiency. Deliver more absorbing, immersive, and personalized experiences. Bitrix24 enables to meet customers where they are with multiple communication options. This features all the tools you need to run your business online and achieve maximum efficiency wherever you are - at home, in the office, or on the go. By using Bitrix24 it helps to Create, edit, and share all your documents and files in a single and secure space.

 By Need 

 Bitrix24 helps you boost performance, increase productivity, complete projects with ease, and eliminate wasted effort. Access all files and documents from a central entry point. It helps to eliminate a repetitive tasks and supercharge your growth with automated workflows. This Prevent you miscommunication and get everyone on the same page in a group chat or Activity Stream. Boost efficiency on an individual and company-wide level. 

 By Tool

 Bitrix24 helps to track progress and introduce transparency with Gantt Charts. It manage and automate workload to dodge scope creeps. This improves user experience with a live chat, callback requests, and instant messengers. Keep everyone from the department on the same page. 

By Business Size 

Bitrix24 will keep you company while managing projects, time and billing. Streamline collaboration from the comfort of your home office, then rise to the top without ever leaving it. It helps to remain organized and productive with checklists and a time tracker. HR software capture and convert with email marketing. Automate sales & marketing and manage relationships better and smarter. Empower employees to collaborate and deliver exceptional customer experience. 


Try Bitrix24 For Free

With free version, you get:

  •  Company structure
  • Employee directory
  • Knowledge base import
  • Project knowledge base
How to do Bitrix 24 login?
Enter your Bitrix24 account address, email address (phone number or login), and password > click the Log in button. Alternatively, you can sign in to your Bitrix24 Network account using the Log on using login and password option to access any of your multiple Bitrix24 accounts and open it in the desktop application.
How much is Bitrix 24 pricing?
Bitrix24 pricing starts at $24.00 per feature, per month. There is a free version. Bitrix24 offers a free trial.
Is Bitrix24 safe to use?
Bitrix24 is the most secure collaborative cloud solution. Your data is highly secure and accessible only to you and your colleagues.
How can I create account with Bitrix HRMS?
  1. Log in to your Bitrix24 Network Profile.
  2. Click Create Bitrix24.
  3. Done! Your Bitrix24 account is created.
How can I setup Bitrix 24 HR?
  1. Select and download your Bitrix Virtual Appliance (Bitrix24. assembly).
  2. Deploy your Bitrix Virtual Appliance on your server (installation instructions).
  3. Enjoy the product!
How can I contact with Bitrix24 HR technical team?
Get in touch with Bitrix24! For technical support, please visit the Support section of our website. For sales and partner program questions, please send your message to
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