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Ameyo is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Suite that lets companies deliver an omnichannel customer experience. Ameyo's contact center software also enables customers to work remotely. This solution is ideal for E-commerce, Banking, Finance, & Insurance, BPOs, Education, IT products & Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media & Publishing houses, Government, Startups, and many more. 

With Ameyo Mobile Agent App, it is easy for the supervisors to monitor remote Agent KPIs in real-time and agents can manage inbound & outbound calls over PSTN or WebRTC, just from a Smartphone. Additional Mobile App features include- Predictive Dialers, CTI integration, Callbacks, Dispositions. Available on Cloud & On-premise.

Why Choose Ameyo ?

Ameyo is a solution designed to resolve all the customer experience problems offering them a robust Contact Center Solution. The software strives to enable all organizations – SMEs or Enterprises in managing their customer interactions alongside getting rid of workforce management. 

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS Independent).

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Blended Call Center

  • Call Logging

  • Call Recording

  • Call Scripting

  • Campaign Management

  • Escalation Management

  • Inbound Call Center

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Manual Dialer

  • Outbound Call Center

  • Predictive Dialer

  • Progressive Dialer

  • Queue Management

  • Real-time Chat

  • Reporting/Analytics


  • Fusion CX

  • Omni

  • Voice

  • Collect

  • Emerge

  • Engage

Pros & Cons:

  • Secure 

  • Customizable (IVR) 

  • Good support 

  • Omni-channel (Integrated with FB chat, post, Website chat, Email, voice channels) 

  • Integrated with most core banking systems. 

  • Able to create a workflow

  • Integrated with CRM system 

  • Both On-premise or cloud solution is available.


  • Lack of basic functionality.

  • Trust deficit in data being received at Dialer.

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What capabilities do I get with Ameyo?
You can get complete inbound and outbound capabilities including Predictive Dialer, ACD and IVR system, Voice Logger, and pre-integrated database, CRM and reporting capabilities. Some other capabilities that Ameyo adds to your business
Can the Ameyo be installed remotely?
Yes, the entire installation and configuration can be done via the internet.
Can Ameyo integrate with my existing systems?
Ameyo is designed in such a way as to easily integrate with legacy and current 3rd party system like PBX’s, CRM solutions etc.
How can I use Ameyo?
Agents can simply click-to-dial and even dispose the call from the floating button itself. Additionally, allow the customer service reps to copy and paste data in the toolbar which they can then access in Ameyo.
Can I record all customer interactions with Ameyo, How is it possible?
For quality and training purposes, Ameyo is also equipped with an inbuilt voice logger that records all calls (as configured) to be scanned later for useful quality and performance data. Ameyo Voice Logger pre-compresses the voice logs to lower storage requirements, and also archives earmarked or old calls. Automatic and backup management further free up administration’s bandwidth to perform other activities than manually backing up all voice records.
For security considerations what level of encryption is supported by Ameyo?
AmeyoJ supports encrypted data exchange between client machines and AmeyoJ server to ensure higher level of security. All modules including the Application server, management server, reporting server can be configured to be accessed via only Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which uses RSA encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This provides protection from packet sniffing and eves-dropping. AmeyoJ's integrated solution offering supports voice encryption and decryption fully.
How can I install Ameyo?
  1. Go to the Download Ameyo page.
  2. Select your device and start the download.
  3. You can launch Ameyo after it is installed on your device.
How can I delete Ameyo account?
  1. Launch the Ameyo app on your Desktop.
  2. Click your Ameyo name, in the top left corner, and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the right-side panel, scroll down and click Close your account.
  4. Re-enter your password to verify your account.
How can I contact with Ameyo technical team?

Support Center requires you to already have Ameyo for VoIP. Once you've deployed Ameyo, getting started with Support Center is a snap. Contact there sales associates to get started

How does Ameyo calling work?
Ameyo Auto Dialers enable you to optimize your outbound calling process by reducing the average call handling time of agents and increasing the number of connected calls. Choose from Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer to accelerate operational efficiency while reducing call drop rate.
What functionality does Ameyo offer in terms of call routing and reporting?

Ameyo Provides pre-routing and post-routing functionalities. The telephone facility manages incoming calls and handles them based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions policies.

How many agents can I have on a single setup of Ameyo IP Telephony?

You can have about 5 to 10000 agents on an Ameyo single setup.

What is the list of features Ameyo IP telephony gives?

Ameyo gives an array of features such as:

  • Blended Call Center

  • Call Logging

  • Call Recording

  • Call Scripting

  • Campaign Management

  • Escalation Management

  • Inbound Call Center

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Manual Dialer

What are the alternatives of Ameyo IP Telephony?

There are some options to choose other than Ameyo IP Telephony like:

  • 3CX

  • SolarWinds 

  • ZoiPer

  • Skype

  • 8X8

  • Micro SIP

  • Jitsi

What does AmeyoJ offer in terms of application level security?

AmeyoJ follows the multi-tier data access approach to enable multi-layer security. Database Layer: This contains the raw data and is not exposed to any other services except for the next application layer Application Layer: Consist of various AmeyoJ applications like ACD, CRM, Dialer, Management, Reporting each of which follows a strict security policy to ensure authentication, authorization and secrecy.

Can AmeyoJ integrate with my existing systems?

AmeyoJ is designed in such a way as to easily integrate with legacy and current 3rd party system like PBX’s, CRM solutions etc.
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