NotableTalks with Radmila Blazheska, CMO at Security HQ

10.01.22 07:07 AM By Aishwarya

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Ms. Radmila Blazheska, Chief Marketing Officer at Security HQ | Tech | Helping B2B companies accelerate performance, productivity, and profitability | Keynote Speaker | Branding Strategist | Lead Demand Generation

NotableTalks By AnyTechTrial

In this NotableTalks episode, we got a chance to have an amazing interaction with a very talented marketer Ms. Radmila Blazheska, CMO at SecurityHQ. Here is her wonderful and interesting conversation with us on the Hybrid Work Model, Zero-Trust Policy, and a variety of Marketing topics. Stay tuned for more such kind of interviews in our Notable Talks Series with cross function thought leaders from across the globe.

Rapid Fire Round with Radmila Blazheska

NotableTalks full session with Radmila Blazheska

What keeps her motivated at SeacurityHQ?

Working at Security HQ

Since 2004 you have been at front lines of rapidly evolving technology space, with so many first hand experiences across different aspects of brand communications, What are the primary factors that keeps you motivated about your role here at SecurityHQ?

At first I would probably go back to where I start by accepting the role in Security HQ. It was an already established and a good brand which has great and happy customer list, handsome revenue and lot more. But after getting deeper into it I found that they don't have much of Digital imprints of the brand. Basically it did not exist that much in the digital world. So, yes it was a great challenge for me, because I am specialize in digital transformation, rebranding exercise. So, when I took up the role at Security HQ I knew what was I was getting into. So far It was and exiting journey for me to see the transformation of the company itself from rebranding the company to structuring the entire marketing. 

Basically the success itself shows within not just in the public but the customer and the partners that we work with and how they perceive us our brand and our company. So, what drives me I probably say is that motivation of a whole transformation and seeing this success. And the people that I work with because if they were not there I would not be here. The trust that I have in my team, the trust that I have in my management and the trust they have in me so, yes I would say it’s the mutual trust that we have, and the excitement that we know that we can do certain things really well. And Of course the technology behind it because we believe in technology and what we deliver to our customer and they believe in us. So, I would say it is a combination of all of this.

Whats the Impact of Zero Trust policies on marketing communications?

Zero-Trust Policy

Their’s a lot of buzz about Zero Trust Policy in context to cybersecurity and data protection, as a marketer at a leading cyber security organisation, how do you see these policies impacting your brand communications?

I am a strong believer in cyber security ever before joining a company like SecurityHQ. I was always driving my fellow marketers, first of all to clean our data and to make sure that our data is protected because that is the only way of we marketers actually protect the brand and the company. I always was in forefront of cyber security since joining SecurityHQ I learned a lot about behind it and how we actually use it and how we can protect as companies and as well as marketers how we can use this tools. So, In lieu with the zero trust and how it impacts our brand communication, I wouldn’t say that it impacts a lot because I always been in that terms very forefront in using Zero trust policy obviously we have GDPR here in UK, although that is changing with the new regulations that are coming on board. 

But in that sense, making sure that the data is protected and the customer profile and the data is protected. It is very important as a marketer, because we know if things go wrong. All marketing department should be well aware of what’s happening with the data and what’s happening in terms of cyber security because if you are not and the things go wrong , you will be the one picking up with the bad results from the PR let’s say negative when something bad happens. 

Cybersecurity guidelines for a future ready hybrid workplace

Cyber Threat in Hybrid Working Model 

With more focus on hybrid work models, future of work looks more vulnerable to cyber threats, what kind of core shift is expected to be seen in B2B & B2C end user space?

The Pandemic has already shifted the way we work at the core. I think the tech companies including ours had the hybrid working model but not others. Also as the marketers, lot of marketing department have already been very use to have been digital presence attending speaking or organizing webinar. When the pandemic hits us as marketers also were teaching and training the rest of our staff. How to conduct these online and digital meetings or events and at the same time teaching how to do the hybrid working model. 

In terms of cyber security, I would say that we have seen that quiet often in the last year and the half unfortunately to say that the hybrid working model or remote working model companies are being more vulnerable and they have to protect endpoint, they have to protect the devices of their staff not just in a company because right now it could be anything. So, obviously you have to make sure that all of your endpoint devices are protected. If you have in place all the right technology but as well you have the right policies that you also allow your staff to work remotely, but as well as that they are protected in any way, because anything can happen.

Tips & tricks for an optimised marketing campaign

Marketing Strategies

Would you like to tell our viewers some must have tricks under your sleeves to drive successful marketing strategies?

It’s not really a trick up my sleeves, it’s not a big secret, I have always been a strong sales and marketing alignment fighter in a way. So, in some point in career, I have also worked in sales, so I know exactly how it is to persuade the person the other hand on the phone call or the meeting as to buy that product or the service. So, I know how my sales colleague what they need to achieve. So, in that terms, we at SecurityHQ we work very closely aligned with all are marketing activities are aligned with the sales people. And as a matter of fact, it’s all business compliance, whatever a business plan and our objective is, we work along that. And that would be you can call our secret. The other thing what we use and is something that I have implemented in this role and my previous roles is quick evaluation of as well as when you start a campaign, you need to make sure that the results are happening really fast you cannot wait for 6-12 months or that long term when marketers were setting up a five years marketing plans are long gone, you cannot do that.

 The world is changing and shifting to fast then especially in digital world. And in that sense you have to implement the right marketing technology so that you always know where your dollar ends up. So you know that you have the right return on investment. So, that means you have to implement the right solutions and analytics and obviously have the right team as well behind you. So, I would say hire the best of best, trust them as much as they trust you and as well as don’t hold back on implementing some marketing technology solutions because they will help you in the long run for understanding where to invest or how to peruse a certain campaign and align with your sales team. 

Views About AnyTechTrial.Com

Thoughts about "AnyTechTrial.Com"

We would love to hear your views about us “AnyTechTrial.Com”

Well I must admit that obviously when I was approached, I was amazed that at the concept and the website and as well as the company itself. I instructed a digital marketer manager to setup a profile on and It’s a very positive concept because I believe a lot of anyone who go through our website that first of all we offer free trials to our customers because we believe in different concept and any solution that I would setup or I would like to purchase first of all that I asked is basically a trial of how to use it. 

The way and the concept I personally like it a lot and I found this very interesting. Talking to your colleagues and understating a bit more about the concept that you also involve is something that is innovative and as well as vague which is good. 

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