After so many data security and cyber laws across nations, Is women’s safety still a myth on Social Media / Internet.

How comfortable are women posting their thoughts on internet.

It all started in 1960's

Work environments frequently place an unbalanced weight on women across all industries. That incorporates responsibilities just as enthusiastic and social work inside the work environment. Generally, women have likewise been answerable for most of work at home. During the 1960s, White ladies started entering the labor force. Recognize that ladies of shading, especially Black and Latina ladies, working in the homes of White families permitted White ladies to enter the labor force. 

As of now, ladies of all racial foundations are in the labor force. Be that as it may, this has expanded duties regarding ladies—both working expertly and still generally worrying about the concern of work in the home. These double obligations can expand pressure, bargain physical and passionate wellbeing, and lead to burnout and bring down work profitability. has pledged to provide women, equality and work life balance in today’s era. Here in 21st century women are also supposed to get a good life in terms of professional and social life. 

Technology & Innovation

Innovation is progressing at a great rate, as is its effect on society. Current innovation impacts each and every part of the world including government issues, social developments, institutions, wellbeing, business… the rundown is interminable. This new skyline has become a need, we use innovation for essentially everything. Innovation addresses a stunning open door for speeding up specific cycles, including women strengthening. 

Around 42% of the total populace presently approaches web, and 28% of those individuals associated with the web are utilizing online media. There are around 2.4 million PCs, tablets and cell phones being utilized all throughout the planet, and numbers continue rising. As indicated by the World Advancement Record, the measure of innovative instruments will copy every year somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2020. Innovation is an obvious piece of our everyday lives, and all things considered, it can possibly add to the prosperity of humankind. 

Out Loud 

Deeksha an TV Actress stated that every single individual out there no matter gender or their orientation or whatever, should have feeling of safety across all world whether is virtual or physical, she feels we definitely need more safety as even today during a pandemic it is still not as safe as she would imagine the world to be.


RJ Megha on technology said “Technology does makes the work easier provided we know how to use it efficiently, like being aware of travel, cab booking apps or video conferencing etc certainly makes the life easier” 

Lifestyle influencer Deena Pinto feels that the industry is slowly realizing women are hardworking, multitaskers, and all-rounders.

Debopriya Tanwi Paul an actor & open supporter of LBQGT, believes that gender equality needs more publicity and we have to be bolder in our way.

Akanksha who is model and tech geek says Technology is not like humans so definitely it has empowered equal rights to survive, whatever we faced in 2020 during Covid pandemic that actually changed the mindset of people about technology, even non-technical people adopted tech with significant impact in their life.

And On

Movie & Tv Actor Melanie Pais says "women safety is an absolute myth on social media, today, being an actor, influencer I keep my profile open to view but unfortunately I cannot filter the comments...people make fake accounts to hide their identity and bully us as they wish, just to gain attention. I don't want to be judged by people nor do I want to think twice before posting any pics or videos"

Makeup Professional Anshy quotes

 "नारी को दुनिया ने जबसे सम्मान दिया हे ,

नारी ने खुद की ताकत को पहचान लिया हे,
अबला से बन गई है सबला देखो,
यह सच हे नारी ने जग पर बड़ा एहसान किया हे !"

She feels very positive and optimistic about the future, saying "If you compare today's India with the India 50 yrs back then you will see how things have changed drastically. Girl are going to school college, they are getting into jobs. They are into research, art, movies, journalism. My manager(boss) is a women. Today women go party, drink and wear clothes which they like."

On the other hand Muskaan Agarwal a clinical psychologist turned social influencer has all together different views, she feels narrow mindedness of people has overcome any advancements that technology has made in past years, its not just women who has to suffer but everyone in total can be a victim of ongoing trolls and cyberthreats. 

Road Ahead

Tackling gender inequality is an intricate and lengthy process, but digital technology can help fast-track progress. Digital transformation gives women the possibility to access finance, integrate into national and even regional and global value chains, as well as access knowledge.


Also, AnytTechTrial and all its sister concern organisations are committed to equal opportunities policy at the workplace. To further support the cause we felt obliged to reach out to female influencers, celebrities, scholars and models to get involved and speak out their views on different tech world aspects. Today a lot of women around the world are leading in different fields like sports, politics, education, acting etc we all need to commit our self and make sure it docent stop at a few examples but should become a normal day to day thing where we see women leaders around us.


1) Majority of women we interviewed felt their is a lot to be done to make technology safe for women.

2) As a positive, almost all our respondent felt that we are correct course of achieving equality, but at the same time all felt the need of expediting this process.

When discussing the pervasiveness of the web, recollect that entrance actually stays an issue in rustic regions and surprisingly metropolitan low-pay regions. However, generally, web access, robotization, and other advanced devices have assisted with eliminating a portion of the obstructions holding ladies back from seeking after instructive freedoms, taking part in the working environment, and having their voices heard.

This whole women equality segment deals with the interviews of women telling about Data Security, Cyber Laws, Crimes, Internet and Social Media. You can go through all the interviews to understand what different women in different fields have to say. Thank You!

How Technology Has Empowered Equality & Work Life Balance For Women

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Shutapa Paul

Author | Media

The best things in this life takes patients to process

I wish to see a positive outcome in the next five years on gender equality.

After so many data security and cyber laws across nations, Is women’s safety still a myth on Social Media / Internet.

In my mind, right now, they are goin parallel to each other.

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How Technology Has Empowered Equality & Work Life Balance For Women

Conversations with women across the globe on how they see technology empowering gender equality & work life balance.

Deeksha K Sonalkar
RJ Megha Banot
Deena Pinto
Shutapa Paul

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B Like Me
Shilpa Kathait
Seema Kapoor

After so many data security and cyber laws across nations, Is women’s safety still a myth on Social Media / Internet.

How comfortable are women posting their thoughts on internet.

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