Hotstar_vs_ALT Balaji

Hotstar v/s ALTBalaji

With the advancing of the OTT apps,  It would be very tough for you to conclude any of them.

So here we will compare two OTT apps that will help you in concluding the best for you.


Disney+ Hotstar (pronounced Disney Plus Hotstar) is an Indian subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned and operated by Star India, a subsidiary of  The Walt Disney Company India. This OTT app in India features two paid subscription plans — "VIP", which focuses on domestic programs and sports content (including Indian Premier League ), and "Premium" featuring premium international films and television series (including HBO, Showtime, Disney+ original series, and other original series from Disney Television Studios).

The Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription plan comes with a vast library of content across various languages including Hindi and other Indian regional languages.


  • In the Hotstar ott app with the Premium subscription, you will get access to all the Disney+ original content including titles under Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars. It also includes Hotstar Specials and the entire English movie and TV shows library.

  • A wide range of Disney+ content is available in 4K resolution. Also, there are reports that the streaming service will get support for Dolby Atmos audio via an update in the near future.

  • Hotstar ott app is easy-to-navigate, with personal recommendations and high-quality viewing and streaming


Pros &Cons:


  • Without login, you can watch content.

  • The picture quality is very good.

  • Hotstar OTT app provides free online Streaming for 1)Sports 2)TV 3)News

  • Hotstar OTT platform allows quick availability of TV serials and other news in different languages.

  • Layout and Design are average.


  • In the Hotstar OTT app, some specific tv shows available

  • Hotstar app takes time to load the website and application.

  • Even if your internet speed is high the website takes time to load.


ALTBalaji OTT app is a subscription-based Video-on-Demand app that offers never seen before online web series. ALTBalaji OTT app offers fresh, original, and exclusive stories. Tailored especially for Indians across the globe, the platform hosts premium, high-quality shows featuring popular celebrities, acclaimed writers, and award-winning directors, making ALTBalaji a true alternative to mainstream entertainment. This OTT app is available across multiple interfaces ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones to internet-ready television, ALTBalaji has state of art technology with gripping storytelling.


  • ALTBalaji has stories for everyone: With stories from different worlds, in genres ranging from thrillers, mystery, and crime to drama, comedy, and romance. ALTBalaji has shown for everyone from college-going youngsters to professionals with families.

  • Region no bar:  ALTBalaji OTT app host shows in various languages, catering to our regional language speakers, both in India and Abroad.

ALT Balaji

Pros & Cons:


  • In terms of ease of use and navigation (except while exiting, a confusing option for confirmation) this app is good. Also, the cost (which could be due to the initial launch and limited content for now) is incredibly affordable.

  • ALTBalaji offers best picture quality 

  • ALTBalaji provides a great collection of Quality Content.


  • The main drawback is, there is no option to choose the quality level.

  • ALTBalaji OTT app consumes pretty huge data

  • Navigation is pathetic, they start showing all episodes in all possible languages and you need to keep scrolling till the end to find content relevant to you.

Now let's compare both the OTT App's and see which one is better to use.



Plan name 

Monthly Subscription Cost with number of screens 

Annual Subscription cost with a number of Screens

Disney+ Hotstar premium



Disney+ Hotstar VIP




ALTBalaji three-month subscription


ALTBalaji annual subscription


In our general overview, we would say that hotstar OTT app content varies by region and may change over time and there are so many different categories to look through, and then shows and movies within those categories to continue scrolling into. While ALT Balaji has extended its services into many other areas, including offering application free streaming movies.

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