Amazon Prime v/s Jio Cinema

With the lockdown locking us out from film corridors and streaming stages building up speed in regards to advances to win the crowd's hearts. You might have come across many OTT platforms and thinking which one provides more entertaining and original content. 

So here we will be comparing two mainstream OTT apps that will help you in concluding the best for you.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is more than just an OTT platform. It's a subscription service that gives members access to a variety of Amazon perks. Benefits include expedited 2-day shipping, access to exclusive deals, and many other Amazon-centric benefits. Prime Video offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes for paid or free trial. 


  • User Interface:

Amazon prime OTT platform uses clever algorithms to tailor its content to you, recommending shows and movies you might like based on your past viewing habits. 

  • Compatibility:

Amazon offers 4K content, and it doesn’t charge any extra for the privilege.

  • Video Overview:


Number of movies


Number of shows


Movies in IMDb Top 250


TV Shows in IMDb Top 250


Amazon prime

Jio Cinema

JioCinema OTT app is an on-demand video library from the house of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd where you can watch popular movies, reality shows, and TV shows online. On this cinema app, you will find movies, TV Shows, music videos, Jio shorts, documentaries & trailers, and much more. Android users can download JioCinema from Google Playstore, iOS users from Appstore, and Samsung Z2 device users from the Tizen Store. The app, for now, is free but going forward you can expect the company to charge for the services. 


My Download: It displays the list of all the downloaded movies in the app.

Available for Download: This shows the list of only those movies that can be downloaded.

Watch List Feature: You can add your favorite TV shows and movies to your watch list and view them anytime you want using this feature. You can add as many movies as you want to the list.

Auto Play TV Series: This feature lets you automatically play the subsequent episodes of a TV show without you having to search for the next episode and then hit play.

Bitrate selection: You can choose the quality at which you want the video to be played based on internet speed. Though JioCinema automatically adjusts itself to the available internet speed, it is advisable to have a minimum speed of 2Mbps or above.

Parental controls: You can set a PIN to restrict kids from the content that you want.

jio cinema

Now let's compare both the OTT App's and see which one is better to use.

Amazon Prime:


  • Stream Prime video

  • Instant access to video streaming

  • Amazon Prime Video account, you have access to parental controls, customizable captions, and offline viewing on the go.

  • Video downloads for offline viewing

  • 4K Ultra HD videos


  • Most Prime Videos on amazon streaming problems stem from a poor Internet connection. You can run a speed test using this service to see if your connection is fast enough. You'll need at least a 1.5Mbps connection to stream SD and 3.5Mbps connection to stream HD

  • Extra charges for most new shows and movies

  • Lackluster included shows and movies

Jio Cinema:


  • CONCEPT: The main concept of the JioCinema OTT app is to entertain the subscribers, so they provide us new movies to watch, their concept very genuine which help the subscribers a lot, and the main concept I liked is that all movies are separated by the base of language.
  • USER FRIENDLY: There is no difficulty to use this JioCinema, very simple to watch new cinemas, so many people like to watch this only, just we have to select a movie.
  • SERVICE & SUPPORT: The service & support given by JioCinema OTT app is very nice, in JioCinema there is no need to use of SERVICE of JioCinema but, at the first time when we are going to subscribe JioCinema, they will send us OTP as soon as possible, this will be done as soon as possible.


VALUE OF MONEY: In the JioCinema OTT app there is no need to spend money, however, if we have to pay to watch movies that are playing in theaters we have to pay a little amount, which is very less, maximum nobody will spend money.


  • The user interface could have been better. 

  • On fire tv stick due to lack of video quality adjustment setting this OTT app consumes a high amount of data.

  • Buffers to maintain the highest quality

Amazon Prime Streaming Plan:

Amazon Prime

  Monthly price


  Free trial

30 days

  Simultaneous Streams


  Offline watching available


JIO Cinema streaming plans and pricing:

The platform is exclusive to Jio users only, with no additional charges.

In our general overview, we would say that Amazon Prime has extended its services into many other areas, including offering application free streaming movies and music, rapid delivery options, and discounts on groceries. While JioCinema supports Chromecast so that you watch the content on your big TV screen. It also provides Resume Watching, Dock Player function, Bitrate selection, Voice Search, Auto Play TV Series.

And off-course like 5000+ more software you can access free trials for bothJio Cinemaand Amazon Prime here at AnyTechTrial.Com

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