Sirvoy v/s Revinate 

Finding the ideal Hotel Management Software for your firm is crucial for developing your organization's adequacy. However it is quite difficult to finalize any one hotel management software as software has their positives and negatives. However, it solely depends on an individual hotel business to choose a software that fulfills its requirements. 

So to help you in finalizing here we will be comparing two popular hotel management softwares.


Sirvoy is a hotel management system packed with feature-rich tools that furnish accommodation providers with everything they need to run their hotel business effectively and efficiently.

Sirvoy is an easy-to-use front desk software for hotels and other types of accommodation: motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses. With Sirvoy’s easy bookings that are accessible anytime and anywhere, you can reach millions of potential guests. No installations or updates needed.


  • Property Management System
  • Booking Engine

  • Channel Manager


  • User-friendly platform

    Customer service is responsive and answers questions clearly 

  • Ability to create group bookings and separate booking engines

  • Allows customers to see the whole schedule


  • MS alerts only work on reservations from your own website and not for channels

  • If you cancel a reservation by mistake it is impossible to re-activate it 

  • Channels available seem to be for English speaking websites only


  • 20+ languages supported
  • Booking engine on your website
  • Customized input fields
  • WordPress plugin
  • Review-your-booking feature
  • Alerts on new bookings
  • Create multiple room types
  • Multiple booking engines


Revinate is a hotel reputation management tool, with email marketing tools, surveys for customer feedback (to drive reviews to Google and TripAdvisor), and a dashboard to monitor all online reviews and social media mentions. Boost your marketing with the power of Revinate’s Hotel CRM. Integrate with your PMS to pull in data and create Rich Guest Profiles which allow you to smartly segment your audience to maximize your marketing’s power. It partners with 40+ PMS Partners to deliver you a seamless integration experience. 

It uses guest data combined with reputation management, surveys and marketing automation technology so that hotels can understand and engage their audiences.


  • Marketing

  • Guest Feedback

  • Hotel CRM

  • Multi-Hotel

  • Send timely, relevant and personalized email marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your hotel guests.

  • Work smarter with email automation-Automate the guest journey with lifecycle drip campaigns that run in the background, from inspiration to post-stay and back again.

  • No coding or design skills required-Our drag‑and‑drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful, responsive hotel emails.

  • Send the messages that matter-Easily send segmented emails to hotel guests based on engagement, stay history, geography and much more.

  • Get the word out quickly for all hotel promotions, discounts, special offers and other one-time emails with our easy-to-use solution. 


  • The email design area is a little cumbersome at times.

  • Can’t integrate Revinate with Facebook Ads.

  • It doesn’t create Landing Pages linked to automation.


  • Email Marketing

  • Make upsells easy

  • Brand your upsell landing pages

  • Never miss a request

  • Edit upsells in minutes

  • Measure your success

  • Get noticed in a crowded inbox

  • Send promotional emails in minutes

  • Find the perfect picture to make your emails pop

And off-course like 5000+ more software you can access free trials for both Sirvoy and Revinate here at AnyTechTrial.Com

In our general overview we would say that Sirvoy saves your time with two-way integrations to all the important booking sites and automatically keeps your availability and bookings up-to-date. You can not only access all your data from any device but also act on it by replying to guests, confirming bookings, charge deposits, etc. While  Revinate assists inns with finding out about their visitors so they can convey customized encounters that make important connections and deep-rooted clients.