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Drift vs SAP Conversational AI

Compare the two most popular Chatbot Software

With the development of AI in each field, You might be thinking which chatbot software is more astute to lead an online conversation through content or text-to-talk.

So to answer this query here we will discuss two popular chatbots software.

So, here are some facts about these chatbot apps:


Drift service software is a cloud-based live chat, in-app messaging, and email management solution designed for sales and marketing teams. Drift offers customizable live chat widgets, email follow-ups for abandoned chats, conversation histories, email campaign automation, and an AI-powered chatbot. Drift service software is a popular chatbot application. Drift’s in-app messaging allows users to target their customers with full-page takeovers and slider messages.



  • Pop-up Chat

  • Notifications

  • Targeted Emails

  • In-App Messaging

Internal Use

  • Customization

  • Conversation Archiving

  • Lead Development

  • Knowledge Base

  • Team Inbox

  • Customer Profiles

  • Live Chat


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Pros & Cons


  • Widely regarded as the easiest-to-use, most-functional chatbot software available now.

  • Many customers state that the interface makes it easy to organize and archive chat.

  • The robust analytics elements of Drift allow your team to make new decisions about how to approach sales; chatbots amount to rearranging your schedule to suit your qualified leads, resulting in better sales in less total sales team work-hours.

  • The customer service team specifically works with you to figure out what will make your chatbot appealing to website visitors and what will help them ask the right questions.


  • No solutions for messaging on major marketing channels
  • Cannot use Drift for multiple teams unless you’re on the Enterprise plan

SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI service software helps users efficiently manage business tasks. As the conversational AI layer of SAP's Business Technology Platform, it enables users to build and monitor intelligent chatbots in one interface to automate tasks and workflows.
SAP Conversational AI provides a powerful building platform that allows the building of end-to-end chatbots as well as the customization of your digital assistant.


Native low-code chatbot platform
It allows users to deploy chatbots easily and securely in SAP solutions and achieve a faster time to market with SAP Conversational AI services in SAP Business Technology Platform.

High-performing natural language processing (NLP) technology

It builds human-like chatbots in any language by using world-class NLP technology to analyze text inputs and enrich key data.

Intuitive UI for business power users and developers

It enables developers and non-developers to build and deploy chatbots as teams by leveraging enterprise-grade features in an intuitive interface.

SAP Conversational AI

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Pros & Cons


  • SAP Conversational AI in addition to providing the chatbot features also integrates bot analytics without the need for much setup/deployment work.

  • It is possible to code SAP Conversational AI chatbot in multiple coding languages (Node.js, Python, PHP, iOS, etc.) that makes it easy to both implements as well as integrate with existing IT stacks (eg. Analytics, AI, Databases).

  • SAP Conversational AI service software is easy to implement and get it running especially if you are already using SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


  • SAP live chatbot software can certainly provide better and more clear documentation on how to customize and deploy the chatbot/use SAP Conversational AI.

  • There is a lot less developer community around SAP Conversational AI so it is hard to get help from outside developers and experts on best practices, hacks, and existing applications/integrations.

  • It is hard to use SAP Conversational AI outside SAP S/4HANA Cloud, for example on AWS or GCP or in a multi-cloud environment.


Pricing packages for Drift start as low as their feature-rich free subscription, then move up to the standard $50/month, but they scale up based on the features you need and the number of operators who will be responding to messages. Pro and Premium accounts allow for many operators, complex playbooks, advanced routing, and custom bots. Pro accounts start at $400 per month with additional chat seats at $40 per month and additional calendar seats at $20 per month. Premium accounts have greater feature expansion moving toward full marketing integrations, start at $1500/month, and add chat seats at a rate of $80 per month and calendar seats at $40 per month.

SAP Conversational AI:
SAP Conversational AI provides custom pricing for their software. Moreover, SAP Conversational AI does not offer a free plan.

And off-course like 10000+ more software you can access free trials for both Drift and SAP Conversational AI here at Anytechtrial.com

Before finalizing any one of them, try out the free trials of both at Anytechtrial.com

Taking everything into account, we can say that SAP Conversational AI provides a powerful building platform that allows the building of end-to-end chatbots as well as the customization of your digital assistant. While Drift is designed to help people accomplish their business goals, especially B2B business goals, which is super helpful.

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SAP Conversational AI
SAP Conversational AI