Bitdefender VS Symantec

Bitdefender v/s Symantec Endpoint Protection

With the rise in cybercrimes, everybody needs to ensure that their security is guaranteed. In this way, here we will talk about 2 famous antivirus software that are quiet productive in guaranteeing your security.


Bitdefender antivirus app develops and markets cybersecurity products and services for companies and consumers including endpoint protection (with hardening and risk analytics capabilities), extended detection and response, multi-cloud security, and managed detection and response, antivirus software, IoT security, VPN, and privacy.

Bitdefender offers 4 types of scans:

  • Quick Scan. A lightweight scan of core system files and temporary files where viruses are often stored.

  • System Scan. An in-depth analysis and scan of the entire system for malware and vulnerabilities.

  • Custom Scan. Scanning in any system location where there might be potential threats.  

  • Vulnerability Scan. Scanning for privacy risks in application settings as well as critical software updates.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) could also be a fully automated computer security program, managed remotely by your network administrator. Once installed, it protects you against all types of malware (such as viruses, spyware, and trojans), network attacks, and phishing and data theft.


  • Complete data protection 

  • Advanced threat defense 

  • Multi-layer ransomware protection 

  • Rescue mode 

  • Anti-phishing 

  • Anti-fraud 

  • Secure browsing 

    Features of Bitdefender Endpoint Security:

    • Endpoint detection and response
    • Hyper Detect blocks attacks at pre-execution
    • Sandbox analyzer enhances targeted attack detention
    • Endpoint control and hardening
    • Advanced anti-exploit
    • Endpoint control
    • Smart scanning technology
    • Real-time process monitoring
    • Web security filtering
    • Advanced anti-exploit



    Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software is an all-in-one security software for businesses of various sizes and includes anti-malware, firewall, and intrusion prevention features. The security suite also offers features that help prevent data loss and fuses AI with critical endpoint technologies.

    Endpoint Security Solutions:

    • Endpoint Security Enterprise: Extends industry-leading SEP to all operating systems and devices, including mobile. Offers cloud management.
    • Endpoint Security Complete: Extends Endpoint Security Enterprise with attack surface reduction, endpoint detection and response, threat hunting, active directory defense, and other advanced technologies for complete protection and the best return on investment.

    The Symantec Email Threat Isolation solution stops advanced email attacks by insulating users from spear phishing, credential theft, and ransomware attacks. Symantec Email Security offers the strongest protection against malicious links and downloads using Email Threat Isolation to contain sophisticated email threats such as spear phishing and ransomware. Symantec gives customers strong isolation and protection against advanced email attacks through the industry’s first isolation solution.

    Features of Symantec Endpoint Protection:

    • Advanced Machine learning.
    • Desktop firewall.
    • Central management console.
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • Antivirus and spyware.
    • Intrusion prevention.
    • Security audit reports.
    • Device and app control.


    Now let's compare both the antivirus and see which one is better to use.


    Security & Firewalls:

    Activity Log, Anti Virus

    Application Security, Behavioural Analytics

    Device Management, Encryption, Signature Matching

    Install & Updates:

    Web Threat Management, Whitelisting/Blacklisting

    Protection for Multiple Apps, Auto-Clean.

    Stop hackers from accessing computers.

    Keeps home network safe, Safely store and prefill passwords, Encrypt photos.


    Scans for Security 

    The software regularly scans endpoints for security threats and prevents unauthorized applications from running, while strict firewall policies help monitor network traffic more efficiently.

    Administrative Console:

    The administrative console allows IT admins to create and modify security policies for all departments such as excluding specific programs and files from regular and on-demand scans

    Block Malicious Traffic

    It automatically blocks malicious traffic coming from a browser or corporate networks and takes advantage of the aggregate information obtained from other users to identify potential threats.

    ML Technology:

    The machine learning technology and real-time cloud lookup results in better detection and accuracy and significantly reduces scan times.



    Starts from $49.99

    Symantec: Symantec has custom-based pricing

    And off-course like 5000+ more software you can access free trials for both Bitdefender and Symantec  here at AnyTechTrial.Com

    Before finalizing any one of them, try out the free trials of both at

    In a nutshell, we can say that Bitdefender offers  Device control, web filtering, exchange mail protection, intrusion detection, and free 24-hour support, and many more services. While Symantec software is more than antivirus as it provides end-to-end protection of laptops, desktops, servers, mobile devices, messaging, and Web infrastructures with more than traditional antivirus and antispyware.

    FAQs- Bitdefender

    Will Bitdefender share my IP address and personal data shared with third parties?
    No, with Bitdefender VPN your privacy is 100% safe. Nobody (advertising agencies, ISP’s, insurance companies, etc.) will have access to your online logs
    How many devices does my Bitdefender Premium VPN subscription cover?
    Premium VPN can be used on maximum 10 devices at once.
    Where can I see details about the Bitdefender application’s activity?
    • Tap More on the bottom navigation bar.
    • Tap Reports.
    • In the WEEKLY REPORTS window, you can access the reports generated every week. In the ACTIVITY LOG window, you can view information about the activity of your Bitdefender app.
    How can I change the Bitdefender PIN code I set for App Lock and Anti-Theft?
    • Tap More on the bottom navigation bar.
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Security PIN CODE in the Anti-Theft area.
    • Type in the current PIN code.
    • Type in the new PIN code you want to set.
    Can I change the Bitdefender account linked to my device?
    • Tap More on the bottom navigation bar.
    • Tap your email address.
    • Tap Log out of your account. If a PIN code has been set, you are prompted to type it.
    • Confirm your choice.
    • Type the email address and the password of your account in the corresponding fields, and then tap SIGN IN.

    FAQs- Symantec

    How does the Symantec Mobile app affect network data usage?

    The SEP mobile app generates minimal traffic and therefore has a very small data usage. 

    How does the Symantec Mobile app affect battery consumption?

    The SEP Mobile app battery consumption is minimal and is less than 3% of the total battery usage; it has a negligible effect on the mobile device.

    What to do if a device is stolen or lost?
    If a device is stolen or lost, simply remove the device from management console. Removing the device automatically un-enrolls the device from the SEP mobile app.
    Does Symantec Mobile continuously track the device location?

    No. SEP Mobile uses the device location only when a network threat is detected and during the time the threat persists.

    What kind of information does the Symantec Mobile app share with the organization's admin?
    • Your name and email address.

    • Device model and general device details.

    • Security incidents the device is exposed to, including the Wi-Fi network name and location (only if authorized by the user and the admin).

    • Malicious and unwanted apps installed on the device.

    • Malicious URLs in SMS messages - SMS Phishing (only if authorized by the user and the admin).

    • Malicious URLs accessed by the device browser or applications.

    How to uninstall Symantec mobile app on android devices?
    1. Go to the device Settings > Security > Device Administrators.

    2. Clear/disable the relevant device admin configuration.

    3. Tap Deactivate or Force Stop.

    4. Uninstall the app like you normally do.

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