NotableTalks with Mark Opao, Kaspersky

​#cybersecurity #mediaplanning #communications

Mr. Mark Opao is Communications Planning Partner at Kaspersky for Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Talks about The Future of Marketing, Media Planning & Marcom, Cybersecurity, Secure Hybrid Workplace and a variety of more hot topics.

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NotableTalks with Anshul Rustaggi, Totality Corp.

#web3 #nft #blockchain #virtualgaming #defi 

Mr. Anshul Rustaggi is Founder of Totality Corp and developing a truly decentralised full blown meta verse gaming system ZionVerse. Talks about DeFi, Web3, Blockchain, Virtual Gaming and a variety of topics.

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NotableTalks with Emily Tippins, Chief Marketing Officer at Avantra

Rapid Fire with Emily Tippins

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Talks about: Ai for marketing, automation, future ready organisations, brand awareness & more!

NotableTalks with Dan Roche, Scoro

#workflowmanagement #automation #futureready #saas

Mr. Dan Roche is Vice President of Marketing at Scoro. Talks about  The Hybrid Work Model, Companies Culture, Workflow Management and a variety of other hot topics.

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NotableTalks with Ms. Radmila Blazheska, CMO at SecurityHQ

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Rapid Fire with Radmila

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Talks about: Cybersecurity, hybrid workplace, b2b marketing, zero trust policy, automation, future ready organisations, & more!

NotableTalks with Mr. Neeraj Lal, Group Senior Vice President at Medicover Hospitals.

Rapid Fire with Neeraj Lal

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NotableTalks with Erik Munoz, Chief Commercial Officer at Lybra

Rapid Fire with Erik Munoz

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NotableTalks with Mr. Arun Goyal, CIO at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Ex. National Health Authority Of India, Paras Health Care, CBI, Doordarshan & Quest Diagnostics

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Rapid Fire with Arun Goyal

NotableTalks with Ms. Hatla Færch Johnsen, Chief Executive Officer at uQualio.

Rapid Fire with Hatla Johsen

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Shuvankar Pramanick
Chief Information Officer at Columbia Asia Hospitals 

Shuvankar is an expert on digital transformation for healthcare industry with long experience in Artificial Intelligence , Process Automation by using BOTs & Process transformation in critical areas like ICU , Machine learning, EMR and Clinical Data Analysis, among other IT operations strategic areas.

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Venkat Srinivas
Chief Information Officer at RA Chem Pharma Ltd.

Venkat (Srini) is an Digital Transformation leader & Digital Strategist with decades of experience across Global IT Systems & Operations with defining, building and optimizing best-in-class IT onshore & offshore operations.

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Anand Sinha
Chief Information Officer & Director at OCS Group 

In the context of the global pandemic, responsibility of FM companies in keeping people and assets safe is now more than ever. Several companies have come up with digital innovations that can help in COVID risk mitigation within a workplace. Companies are now using technology for ensuring social distancing using IoT and AI. 

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Vikas Arora
Chief Information Officer & VP-IT  at IMGC

We live in extraordinary times when technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Intelligent automation, Autonomous vehicles, Quantum computing, Biotechnology etc are being revolutionized to change orbits and create transformational innovations.

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How Tech Has Empowered Equality & Work Life Balance

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