Demio could be a cloud-based solution that helps the presenters to make interactive sessions using polls and improve engagement by distributing handouts, gifts or bonuses.
This platform comes with white-label capabilities, it enables organizations to personalize webinar rooms using custom logos, colours and themes to establish brand identity. With the assistance of Demio, marketers can easily design and send customized webinar registration pages.
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Demio provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for you, as well as all the marketing tools that you need to generate better results.

Demio enables its managers to gain insight into the performance of webinars, with stats including attendance rate, attendee focus, average time per session, and more. Demio comprise customizable branding, registration management, video streaming, screen sharing, analytics and reminders. 

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS Independent)

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

Product Overview

Demio host engaging events in the browser and builds a real relationship with your leads, prospects, and customers at scale. Demio helps you to join in the browser with one click. And it is easy too. Apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials and eliminate any kind of distractions during the session. Deliver HD content in real-time on a truly reliable platform. You can upload your presentation slides or share videos directly from a demo. Demio automatically records your sessions in HD quality in the cloud. So that You can download the recordings in MP4 format. Your recording is automatically hosted on a beautiful page that you can easily share with your audience for continued engagement.

Watch a demo

You can host live webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions, pieces of training, and more with a real-time, Live Event on Demio. Easily set up your Events to run one time, multiple times, or recurring at regular intervals. Demio supports zero-delay streaming, so you can get immediate responses from your audience in the interactive room with crystal clear, HD quality live streaming. you can share up to 3 active webcams at a time. Live and automated webinars, registration pages, webinar replays, and everything else all in one place.

Automated Events

Demio put your webinars on autopilot with a pre-recorded presentation and other simulated elements. While you upload your video if you want to make any changes or updates, you can swap it out at any time. 

It creates polls, handouts, and featured actions with preset times to completely automate engagement and increase audience interaction. Easily join your scheduled automated sessions and chat with your audience in real-time while the recorded presentation is running to keep interaction high, answer questions, and appear live.


Demio helps to integrate your email marketing automation solution to capture leads, save registration data, update contacts based on webinar behaviour, and more.

Lead generation

Demio feature upcoming Events on your website or blog to turn new visitors into leads. Put your lead generation on autopilot with automated and on-demand events. And Provides value upfront and build strong relationships with your new leads. 

Brand awareness & Partnership

Demio helps to build a strong community through interactive events. Invite co-presenters and interview experts with a live audience. Host thought leadership events to build brand value and bring your company’s story to life. And provide a consistent brand experience from start to finish.

Demand generation 

Demio engage your prospects, launch polls, get feedback, answer questions, and build relationships to turn more leads into customers. It automatically segment your leads by their actions with our integrations, So that you can Track and measure results to improve engagement across your events.

User activation

It drive higher adoption rates and increase your trial conversion by guiding your new users. Demonstrate your product in real-time to help users . Answer common questions and kill objections in order to increase trial conversion. Custom brand the entire experience, so your new users never feel out of place.

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With free version, you get:

  • Limited to 20 attendee room size
  • 1 hour session limit
  • All features as per Growth Plan Subscription offered by Demio 
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What does Demio offer in a free trial?
Their 14-Day Free Trial would include all of their Growth plan features. The only limitation would be the room size which is capped at 20 Attendees and session duration which is capped at a 1 hour duration.
What's the largest room size available in Demio?
The largest room size they offer is 1,000 attendees.
Will there be training on how to use Demio?
Yes! They have created an entire knowledge base, a getting started video, and they’ll also personally 1-on-1 onboard you with a demo if you want it. 
Can I upgrade/downgrade Demio at any time?
Yes! Upgrades will happen immediately, while downgrades will occur automatically at the end of the current billing cycle.
Can I cancel Demio subscription at any time?
Yes, you can leave at any time. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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