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  Vimeo is the power of video at your fingertips that offers a simple tool for you and your team to create, manage and share high-quality videos and engage your audience. Vimeo also gives better insights and better performance with advanced analytics that tracks and optimizes your videos.

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Vimeo has the world’s leading all-in-one video solution with tons of powerful features for organizing, share and manage your video and published to any channel with customizing the player and add powerful marketing tools to grow your business. Video is a powerful, modern, and easy-to-use video editor that provides excellent tools including storage management, post-production and collaboration, marketing & monetization, and even live streaming to various social media platforms. 

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  • ·       Storage and management 
  • .     High quality & live streaming
  • .     Post production & collaboration
  • .     Marketing & Monetization 

 Storage and management

Vimeo provides you to upload from all your devices including computers and smartphones along with your favorite cloud storage platform to host your videos in the highest quality possible and stream in 4k Ultra HD. It has immersive 360 videos uploaded in up to 8k that offers to boosts your skills even when you are offline. Vimeo video management easy organizes, share and allow you to make bulk changes to everything from embed setting to licensing.
Vimeo seamlessly compares versions of your videos and automatically saves them in your timeline which lets your views speed up or slow down while watching your videos. It never puts ads before, after, during, or on the top of your videos.

 Post Production & Collaboration 

Post-production streamlines your workflow and makes simple collaboration with video review tools for integration with Adobe Premiere Pro that uploads the video to Vimeo & launch review pages, Final Cut Pro export to Vimeo in advanced codecs, and more. This software is also available for macOS that upload your video, adjust privacy, and share links right from your desktop. Vimeo exchanges time-coded notes and give reply in real-time to collaborate on rough cuts for video review tools. It also allows you to add up to 10 team members to collaborate on private projects within your accounts and keep your videos private with custom password protection. 

 Marketing & Monetization 

Vimeo embed your video anywhere to boost your business to 240M+ creators, viewers, fans and even start your subscription network. It empowers to engage your audience and provides customize dashboards and insights for the power of Google analytics. It also sets domain and geo-level restrictions to control where your video can be seen. With a customizable look of a video player with your colors or log, it creates an embedded playlist or a customizable album to showcase your collection of videos with the use of third-party players. Streamline adds up email capture to your videos to generate quality leads from the viewers and fans that captured emails are sync with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. 

High Quality & Live Streaming 

With Vimeo live streaming, you can live stream in full HD 1080p, get reliable tools to drive viewer engagement. Its cloud transcoding and RTMP ensure your viewers get a high-quality video with more flexibility. This powerful solution offers to review and publish post-event videos and allows editing then replacing the file as many times as you want. It can stream up to unlimited videos with zero overages and give straightforward forward inclusive pricing. Vimeo provides all in one place via giving key insights from Facebook Live and YouTube channel and enables you for extending your reach by simultaneously live streaming up to three events at once such as Vimeo and Facebook, YouTube, and other RTMP destinations. It also provides human support through email and chats within one hour of weekdays

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With free version, you get:

  •  Try any subscription plan free for 30 days. 
How can I login with Vimeo?
  1. Enter your email address on the login page.
  2. On the next page, enter your password and click Sign In.
  3. If you've already created a password, and it's not working, you can reset or set a password to log in on that page or use the email link
How to install Vimeo?
  1. You can download Vimeo videos to your computer using the download button located on the file's public page.
  2. You can also add any Vimeo video to your phone for offline viewing on the mobile app as an alternative to downloading.
Is Vimeo free?
Vimeo does offer a basic, free membership, but it limits you to 500MB maximum storage per week.
Does Vimeo have an app?
The Vimeo app for Windows 8 brings the incredible online video content from Vimeo to Microsoft's fast and fluid Metro user experience.
How do I remove a watermark from Vimeo?
Choose the video for which you want to hide the Vimeo logo. Then click on the Setting button - that symbol that looks like a little Lego wheel. Scroll down the page until you see a set of checkboxes. Uncheck the "Vimeo logo" checkbox.
How can I contact with Vimeo technical team?

Compliance Learn about the Vimeo security features and there compliance recommendations. Need more help? you can visit

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