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  Flowdock is a real-time team chat software that brings all of your workplace conversations, work items, and tools in one place. It allows you to prioritize work, solve problems across teams, locations, and timezones. Flowdock works with flows which are open-source spaces for teams to converse and collaborate allowing you to ask project stakeholders to participate in discussions and see updates from tools.


  • Organized conversations with the help of threads
  • Message tags, bots, 100 plus integrations, and file-sharing
  • Add gifs and custom emojis to add humor to conversations
  • iOS and Android apps let you stay up to date anytime, anywhere

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  •  Emoji
  • Drag and Drop Feature

  • Team Inbox

  • Audio Notifications for Desktop/Mobile Users

  • Threaded Chat

  • List of Online Contacts

  • 1-on-1 Chat

  • Uploads

  • Storage

  • Image/Video Previews

  • Comments


  • Editing

  • Status Updates

  • RSS Reader

  • Custom Content

  • Full Text Search

  • Notes

  • Tagging

  • Manual/Automated Data Backup

  • Top Grade Security


  • Flowdock is exclusive because it combines communication and collaboration features during a single product, and it broadens the company’s capacity to follow trends beyond the reach of its software development team.
  • Flowdock was Rally’s innovative solution for handling modern information streams, which is why it is made to respond to IMs, emails, and social feeds, while it doesn’t exclude even traditional requirements.


  •  Flowdock eliminates the challenge of handling global teams and brings expenses to minimal levels.

Why choose Flowdock?

Flowdock may be a hub for social team collaboration that permits a spread of inbox and chatting features for business teams or development groups. Flowdock can boast an advanced Team Inbox that saves all topical and contextual discussions to be accessed by all participants.

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Can I use Flowdock on mobile?

Yes, Flowdock app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Flowdock web UI should also be usable on most mobile platforms. To use it, simply point your mobile browser to flowdock.com/app.

Can I export all my data if I decide to stop using Flowdock?
Of course. You can export your 1-to-1 messages and flows' contents by opening your Export data page. When you export your data, you'll receive an email message with a link to the data once the export is complete.
Can I install Flowdock on my own server?
No. Flowdock is designed to be a highly scalable service that lives in the cloud. They may consider adding the option for very large clients of thousands of users. If you're interested in such an installation, contact [email protected]
How can I invite my co-workers to Flowdock?
People can be invited directly into a flow. Invitations can be sent directly by email or you can share a flow’s invitation link manually. Click “+ Add people” on top of a flow’s chat area to invite people.
Can I see when my users have logged in to Flowdock?
Organization admins can see when a user has last been active from the organization’s Users list, which is accessible from the Account page.
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