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Semrush SEO management software is billed as a complete marketing toolkit for SEO professionals. It is the aim of the company to make online marketing tools easy and handy to use as online marketing itself is not easy. Thus, the platform provides powerful SEO features for marketing professionals housed in an easy-to-use interface for smooth experience of the user. Key features include modules for analytics reports, advertising research, keyword research, backlinks research, market explorer, and traffic analytics, best among others. It even includes a tool set for tracking social media statistics. And, you can even use it to create scheduled posts for all your social media channels with ease. 

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The interface is highly visual to the user. The graphs are automatically generated according to the data. Additionally, you can compare various domains and conduct competitive analysis with just a numerous clicks. There is an option SEO Writing Assistant feature that helps you optimize your content based on your Google Top 10 rivals. With this, you can finetune your content’s readability, maintain your brand’s voice, and check your content for originality and to avoid plagiarism

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


User Friendly Monitoring and Management of Online Visibility

Semrush makes it easier for you to gauge how visible your brand and content are on the internet. With it, you can see your traffic and the keywords you can compete with your competitors.

Enhanced Content Marketing

Semrush also aids you optimize your content marketing. Firstly, it does this by letting you know which keywords you “own” and which ones you can compete for in the long run. Secondly, it has this Content Analyzer feature that does not only measure your content’s SEO can measure social performance also.

Integrated Social Media Marketing with SEO Solutions

Semrush has various social media tools within its system. Hence, it encourages digital marketers to incorporate social media marketing with their SEO great efforts by default. 

Better PPC Campaign Management

Semrush does not just let you monitor organic search results of the website. It also helps you strategize, prepare, and execute PPC campaigns according to your need.

Pros & Cons:

  • Help identify keyword gaps between your site and a competitor's one.

  • It enables you to quickly grasp related searches and questions related to your target search term

  • Semrush API has helped you to build several great productivity tools

  • Keyword Research Analysis

  • Content creation method

  • Support aid


  • The SEO Content Template is a cool idea but the data/UX does not seem as good as other tools that focus on that particular feature.

  • Local Visibility

  • A wider range of keyword tracking

  • Opportunities for local search

  • Multiple location position for tracking




                              Guru                       $229.95/month   


Why Choose Semrush?
Semrush SEO management software allows you to get a deeper look at your competitors as well as at the keywords that they get most of their traffic for. Semrush enables you to build a successful content marketing strategy that is based on understanding your competition and targeting the traffic that they get for their best keywords. Moreover, to top this, Semrush offers SEO-related services, such as webinars, ebooks, and a lively SEO marketing community to aid you learn further about SEO and stay abreast of evolving best practices for your business.
How do I change my Semrush password?
You can change your password either from your profile or from the login page.
  • In the account, go to your Profile drop down and select My Profile. Then go to Profile Settings -> Password.
  • Also, you can reset the password from the login page. Click on “Forgot your password?” and proceed to enter your email in the popup window to begin the process of resetting the password.
How do I upgrade my Semrush account/subscription?
To upgrade your subscription, contact their sales team at +1-800-815-9959 (United States).  If you are outside the United States, you can find the phone number for your country in the footer of the website, call your local sales rep or mail them at [email protected]
How can I downgrade my Semrush account?
To downgrade your account, contact their support team by sending a request to [email protected] There are no restrictions on the number of downgrades, but you might lose your existing Projects.
How can I start a project in Semrush?
--Set up a Project on a domain that you want to analyze or improve online visibility for. If you work with clients, enter a client’s domain in the Project setup window. If you work in-house for a website, enter that domain.
  • Audit your website with Site Audit
  • Track your website’s visibility with Position Tracking
  • Gather on page SEO ideas with On Page SEO Checker

--Discover & Analyze Your Competitors 
--Dive into Keyword Research
--Create Content Optimized to Rank
--Build Reports Quick and Easy
Can Semrush help me improve my rankings?
With an Semrush subscription, you’re able to research profitable keywords, conduct deep competitive backlink analysis and track a website's daily rankings. With a Site Audit, you can discover all of the problem areas of your website that are potentially hurting your SEO potential. They have tools for tracking social media competitors, brand mentions, external content, and more so you can get the full picture of how well a brand performs online. 
How to configure the Semrush Social Media Tracker tool?
To start the Social Media Tracker, click on “Set up” next to one of your Projects, or if the Project hasn’t been created yet, use the “New Project” button in the upper right corner.
  • Connect a personal account from each channel to activate the APIs.
  • “Select your pages to manage” or “Add competitors to track”
  • Add your competitors’ domains and confirm their social media profiles that you want to analyze. 
How to analyze your competitor's Advertising Strategy with Semrush?
Semrush has the perfect tools to help you in analyzing your competitor's Advertising Strategy. The steps in this workflow includes:
  • Identify Your Competitors in Paid Search
  • Google Ads Competitive Analysis
  • Compare Keyword Profiles
  • Google Display Network Analysis
  • Google Shopping Competitive Analysis
  • Create a PDF report of your Competitive Analysis
How to Disconnect a Google Account from Semrush?
  • Go to your Google Account (the one that you want to be removed from Semrush) and find the section labelled Security.
  • From the security screen, find the Third-party apps with account access panel and select Manage third-party access. 
  • Select the site or app you want to remove.
  • Select Remove Access.
Can I use Semrush for free?
You can, but only in the down-sized version but there are some limitations, which are:
  • You can perform 10 searches a day in their Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases
  • The maximum number of requests made to the Analytics reports per day is limited to only 10
  • You are unable to save any of your recent searches in the Keyword Magic Tool
  • You can create and manage one Project
  • You are given a total of 10 SEO Idea units per month
  • You are limited to just 2 search queries in Topic Research
Where can I update my payment information in Semrush?
You can update your payment information (credit card and billing information) from the Billing Info section in the Profile menu.
If you cannot edit your billing information from this page (due to an expired credit card), you will need to re-subscribe from the Prices page with an updated card and billing information.
What is Semrush software?

Semrush is a tool which helps you improve your online visibility. Semrush provides its users SEO, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Campaign Management and various other services.

Who should use Semrush?
SEMrush allows its users to get a deeper look at their competitors as well as at the keywords which will let them get most of their traffic for. SEMrush allows its users to build a very successful content marketing strategy that is based on understanding their competition and targeting the traffic that they get for their best keywords.
Which company uses Semrush?

Major companies such as Philips, Forbes, PayPal, Hyatt, etc. use this tool.

How can we use Semrush effectively?

By considering these few points in mind you can use Semrush Effectively.

  • Identify your Competitors. 

  • Identify your Competition's Top Content. 

  • Identify your Top Ranking Organic Keywords. 

  • Find News Ways to Monetize Your Website. 

  • See the Breakdown of your Competitors.

  • Find High-Quality Link Building Opportunities.

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