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Overview, Comparison, & Features

OnPay is a cloud-based payroll management solution that helps small businesses automate tax filing and payment workflows. Important features include employee self-onboarding, new hire reporting, automated payroll taxations and scheduled pay runs. OnPay allows an employee portal for updating information, onboarding and accessing past pay stubs and tax forms.

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  • Unlimited monthly pay runs

  • All tax filings and payments

  • W-2 and 1099 workers

  • Pay by direct deposit, debit card, or check

  • Multiple pay rates and schedules

  • Garnishments

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  • Run payroll in minutes: Intuitive payroll entry and integrations speed up the operation of small business.

  • Fast processing: The software is even speedy on mobile (whether you have three people or 300) with Onpay you can mange it all with ease.

  • Employee self-service and onboarding: The team can enters information and pulls paystubs themselves.

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to use the tools.

  • Multi-step jump hooping.


  • Customer support is not good

Why choose onpay?

OnPay is quite easy to use and handles all payroll responsibilities. Businesses can run an limitless number of payrolls in the system each month and pay both W-2 and 1099 workers by direct deposit or printed checks. The software also takes care of your company's payroll tax obligations by calculating, filing and paying payroll taxes on your behalf. Given that OnPay is a cloud-hosted service, there is no software that need to be installed or maintained. You can access the payroll software from any web browser which give you liberty to use it.


                                        Pricing(1 person)                                                             $40/month

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How to do Onpay Payroll login?
  1. Go to the login screen.
  2. Under the "Log in with" section, select the account you want to use to log in.
  3. Use your Google, Intuit, or Xero credentials to log directly in to OnPay.
How much is Onpay Payroll pricing?
After a one-month free trial, OnPay charges $36 a month — plus $4 per person per month — to access its payroll, HR and benefits capabilities.
Can small business use Onpay Payroll?
There are no extra fees if you need our payroll service to handle taxes for employees in more than one state. OnPay can serve any small business, accountant, or nonprofit, anywhere across the country. Streamline your access to OnPay by using your Google, Intuit, or Xero login.
How to do payroll on Onpay?
  1. Get started. Set up your business. Choose a pay schedule. Figure out how much your employees have earned.
  2. Withhold & Deduct. Subtract pre-tax deductions. Calculate taxes (federal and local) and FICA. ...
  3. Make tax payments. Calculate any additional employment taxes. Pay your employees.
Does Onpay have an app?
OnPay doesn't offer a separate mobile app, but rather allows access through a mobile browser by using responsive website design.
How can I contact with Onpay Payroll technical team?

Please visit Onpay customer support page for help regarding your services, including specific ways you can contact them to https://www.paychex.com/contact

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