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   Voot OTT (Over-the-top) software is the Indian subscription based video on demand (SVOD) site that streams varieties of shows, web series and originals. Voot app services cover popular TV channels including Colors, Nickelodeon and MTV, other.

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 Voot Viacom 18’s advertising led video-on-demand platform offers thousands of hours of shows for all types of consumers whether Little Kids only (Content suitable for all age groups), older kids & bellow, Teens & below and All maturity levels.

Along with it hosts a variety of blockbusters movies, original production and kid’s shows.  At the same moment it also cover to watch in multiple languages such as Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali and Tamil, means an entertaining hub for the entire family or the individuals. This system offers over 40,000 hours of content that makes you watch the stuff without running out.


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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS independent)

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

·       Voot select for kid

.     Voot select

.     Learning app

.     Voot originals

.     Parental control 

 Voot select for kid

Voot kids have boasted of the biggest bouquet of kid’s content that has most popular kids series, shows, and cartoon play with the most popular cartoons characters such as Motu Patlu, Chhota Bheem, Pokemon, Kung Fu Panda, Dora, Mr. Been, and Sponge Bob all in one place and can be watched any time. With streamlined Voot, kids are an array of local and international content, Voot kid’s entertainment platform become the most popular OTT platform list.

  Learning app

 Voot kids learning app all-new-platform not only offers an book reading of 500+ best-selling children’s books from the world’s top authors but also have a handpicked library of 150+ audio stories to fire up your child imaginations. This OTT platform gives you a smart learning app through 5000+ exciting educational quizzes and makes learning fun for your child. That means it provides you to choose a wide range collection of popular toons, evergreen E-books, inspiring audio stories, and engage your kids with the fun-learning games.

 Parental control

Voot app has offered parental control with a special security Pin while browsing the app that will help to protect the younger once from the unsavory stuff, if any present in the show. Voot kids platform also allows you to track the skills that your child and supervise their activity on the app through a Parent Zone Voot setting.

 Voot select

Voot Select is Viacom 18’s newest foray into the subscription-based services have across platforms house of the edgiest and disruptive stories crafted by new age and imaginative storytellers. Voot select is the first Indian industry that brings the best of content from Viacom 18’s extensive portfolio of channels on the digital platform 24 hours before the episodes debut on TV.

Voot select login brings its vision for how digital India view content, house path breaking Original, global content through partnerships with some of the biggest international studios. It contains 1500+ cult blockbuster movies with Voot streaming over 35+ live TV channels such as Colors, MTV, News18, Firstpost, nick, and many more.

 Voot Originals 

Voot originals provide fresh, new aged content on a fresh new aged destinations that means it involves everything such as engaging in dramas, comedies, spoofs, and many more. This Voot original show lists have  first hand gripping, unique and binge-worthy content in multiple languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, and Gujarati. The  Voot original web series has hundreds of web series to binge-watch that can enjoy with your friends and family including, Time Out, It’s not that simple, courtroom-sachai Hazir ho, Untag, Feet up with starts and so on.

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Is the streaming free on Voot? I am getting a 403 error everytime.
Most definitely free! Send them pictures of the error messages you see on the TV screen at support@voot.com
What should I do if any specific episode is not working on Voot?
Mail them the episode details at support@voot.com
Why is there no sports content available on Voot?
Right now they are only providing movies and series.
Why is my search bar not working on Voot app?
If the search bar in your app isn't working, try clearing the saved app data as well as cache on the device and then restart the device.
In how many languages Voot offer content?
They have a huge library of content available in multiple languages. Visit the App homepage and browse for your favorite shows in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Kannada, Tamil!
How can I see Voot for free?

Voot offers free content which can be watched easily but to watch premium content you need to buy a subscription.

Is Voot a paid app?

Voot was a free streaming platform, but now it is a fully paid platform at subscription charges 99/month & 999/year.

Is Voot free with JIO fiber?

Jio Fiber offers free subscription for over 12 OTTs including Voot.

What is Voot?

Voot is an Indian OTT platform, launched in 2016, owned by Viacom 18’s, available as an app for mobile devices.

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