​​​Overview, Comparison, & Features

Crest Manfacturing ERP may be a system that comes equipped with a comprehensive list of tools to assist you and your access, track, and manage your business operations anywhere and anytime. you'll prefer to deploy this technique over a strong cloud infrastructure or through your servers for better security control and visibility.


Learn What CREST ERP Can Do For You

CREST is one among if not the sole, ERP which has POS and E-commerce Module integrated with it. For Online Tax Compliance, it's integrated with Clear Tax. It also has integrated ChatBot technology in it. CREST is  a full-fledged ERP Solution that connects with multiple modules focusing mainly on Manufacturing and Trading Business verticals.


Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • All-in-One Platform

    Crest ERP enables you and your team to manage multiple business operations on one platform. you'll manage your inventories, sales, and projects

  • Productivity and Collaboration Tools

    Crest ERP also offers productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Deployment Flexibility

    Crest ERP provides deployment flexibility and scalability. If you don’t have your servers or IT professionals, you'll cash in of this platform through the cloud

Pros & Cons:



  • Customer support
  • user-friendly software
  • complete modules for any Manufacturing & Trading Industry

CREST ERP provides custom-based pricing. 

Why Choose CREST ERP?

Considering its target market, Crest ERP offers flexibility and scalability. you'll use this platform to manage your inventory, warehouses, and procurement. It also can assist you to achieve forecasting and sales tracking. Finally, this platform integrates with Clear Tax, which ensures that you simply and your team is government tax compliant... CREST ERP may be a powerful tool that frees up your resources, increases employee productivity so that you'll specialize in growing your business.

How do I create a Crest account?
In order to open a Crest account you have to go through a stockbroker who sponsors you – it's not possible to deal directly with Crest. The broker will manage your account while the eligible holdings in your portfolio remain in your name with Crest.
How to install Crest ERP?

  1. Install the software out of the box. 
  2. Pick an industry-specific package, if possible. 
  3. Utilize industry templates. 
  4. One-click Cloud solutions.
  5. Free up time for your staff to participate.
How to delete Crest ERP account?
Go to Gateway of Crest > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Alter > Press Alt+D .If you want to delete a ledger for which vouchers have been created, you have to first delete all the vouchers from that ledger and then delete the ledger account.
How can I uninstall Crest ERP?
  1. Go to Crest.  installation folder in your computer.
  2. Double-click the Setup.exe icon.
  3. Click Uninstall in the Crest Installer 
How much is Crest pricing?
Crest ERP has custom based pricing. Crest does not have free version but offers free trial.
How can I contact with Crest ERP technical team?

The internal customers (users or reporters) can also create support messages from any Crest system. You process these support messages centrally in the Solution Manager Service Desk. You can visit

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