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QAD Cloud ERP may be a global, full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning platform built for the manufacturing sector. Its current crop of corporate customers is opened up everywhere on the planet-spanning production and manufacturing industries like automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech, industrial, and life sciences.


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The combination of best manufacturing practices and advanced technology was put into the QAD Cloud ERP to come up with a flexible suite of manufacturing solutions to address the needs of specific industries.

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Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • ERP for manufacturing

QAD Cloud ERP is designed exclusively for manufacturers; hence it supports and manages all kinds of manufacturing processes.

  • Light, flexible and scalable

Unlike other ERP suites caught up by a rigid system of top-heavy features and applications, QAD Cloud ERP may be a light platform that will be configured to your business requirements.

  • Enhanced efficiency

    QAD is meant to adapt to diverse manufacturing processes. Some of its features include quality metrics, automated data collection, and central model management that help ensure accuracy in processing information for products, materials, and inventories.

Pros & Cons:



  • Easy to manage/configure
  • Reliable

  • Offers good transaction traceability

  • Has a good compliance model

  • Interfaces well with other apps

QAD provides custom-based pricing


  • Need more flexibility to add/configure new indexes

  • Need a far better network for the TMS/Precision interface

  • Need better Knowledge Base articles to understand the innards of Pricing functionality.

Why Choose QAD?

QAD Precision provides industry-leading global trade management, transportation execution, and multi-carrier shipping software solutions from a single, integrated platform. With QAD Precision's integrated solution you can satisfy compliance requirements, minimize regulatory exposure, perform due diligence and ensure documentation accuracy by automating trade documents and electronic customs reporting.

How much is QAD Pricing?
Company:QAD Enterprise Applications
Pricing:starts at $1,000 per year
Typical customers:Small, medium and large size businesses
How can I log into QAD?
QAD manufacturing is a provider of flexible, cloud-based enterprise resource software and services for global manufacturers. Use innovative ERP, MRP, supply chain and lean. To login with QAD manufacturing
How can I create account with QAD?
To create a account with QAD you need to visit all in one web portal of QAD here
How to install QAD?

  1. Installing QAD on the Deployment Server.
  2. Install QAD Upgrade Patch Bundle on Deployment Server.
  3. Converting Databases to Format.
  4. Configuring QAD on Deployment Server.
  5. Configuring the Delivery Server.
  6. Splitting UI and Backend Programs on the Deployment Server.
How to delete QAD account?
  1. Go to Account settings in QAD Manager. 
  2. Click Deactivate QAD Account, below the ad agency header.
  3. You'll be asked to confirm the deactivation and provide a reason why (optional).
  4. Click Deactivate Ad Account.
Does QAD have an app?
QAD Adaptive ERP is a cloud-based solution for manufacturing businesses in the food and beverage, automotive, consumer products, industrial, life sciences, and high tech industries.
How can I uninstall QAD app?
Take into account that this path can differ being determined by the user's preference. The entire uninstall command line for QAD Manufacturing ERP. 
What database does QAD use?
In fact, QAD Manufacturing ERP uses our own proprietary in-memory database technology.
How can I contact with QAD technical team?

Customer service is QAD highest priority and they respond very quickly to any questions or issues there customers may have. Use the form visit

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