uQualio is a video eLearning platform solution to secure motivated and engaged customers, employees, and partners.

Learn What uQualio Learn Can Do For You

 Using uQualio, you can create a library of modern, customizable, and digitized eLearning courses to educate and train your employees, sales partners, and potential customers. uQualio solves a good range of business and industry must enable you to make and scale the content you need to teach others.

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Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Course Creation
  • Course Authoring
  • Upload video and audio from all devices
  • Interactive Quizzes w. show the right answer option
  • Certification / Test, multiple question types
  • Multiple passing levels
  • Communication and Invitations
  • In system notifications, E-mail & SMS
  • Learner's feedback
  • Invitation scheduling following course planning
  • Reports
  • Multiple reports, dynamic, and real-time w. filtering options
  • Data export
  • User management
  • Upload or Copy user lists
  • Invite from your Channel user list

Pros & Cons:


  • It is easy to learn how to use the tool and is very intuitive
  • Easy to use, no downloads, communication internal and external very easy with tracking
  • User-friendly great functionality


Plan  Pricing

from $89/Mo.  (billed quarterly)   or $99/Mo. (billed monthly)


from $269/Mo. (billed quarterly)   or $299/Mo.  (billed monthly)


from $449/Mo.  (billed quarterly)   or $499/Mo.  (billed monthly)


from $629/Mo. (billed quarterly)  or $699/Mo.  (billed monthly)


from $899/Mo. (billed quarterly)  or $999/Mo. (billed monthly)

Why Choose uQualio?

The platform allows you to use videos to create and make training courses available. It adds measurable impact such as saving time and cost, increased sales, and brand awareness. Because of its ease of use, it can both function as an initial training tool and also fits perfectly the necessity for performance support - within the moment of need.

It can be employed by basically all industries like retail, manufacturing, construction, software, hospitality, farming, healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical, and lots of more.


How to do uQualio login?
uQualio is a cost-effective learning management system targeting small to medium organisations. Create and run e-learning courses, give centralised access. To login with uQualio visit https://www.uqualio.com/
How to install uQualio LMS?
You do not have to download anything – it is a web based app, so you just open a browser.
Can I add user in uQualio LMS account?
Easily invite users to take a course by adding them directly to each course via invitation, bulk upload or integration. Or add users to different listings and programs. You can always change, update and remove listings, programs and groups of users or individuals with a click of a button.
Does uQualio have an app?

You can with uQualio train mobile workers directly on their smartphones and tablets.

They will in the future offer offline viewing – but no yet.

How to delete uQualio account?
 Due to security reasons, there is no option for users to delete an account by themselves. Before uQualio permanently delete your account, they first ask you to confirm your intention to have it deleted and then they ask for specific personal information to certify that you are the account's actual owner.
How can I contact with uQualio LMS technical team?

Compliance Learn about the uQualio LMS features and there compliance recommendations. Need more help? you can visit https://www.uqualio.com/faq-contact

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