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  ZOHO People is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution suitable for business of all sizes. This allows user to create custom modules by adding forms and tabs based on needs. It includes leave management, attendance management, time tracker, employee self-service, form customization and more. 

Learn what ZOHO People can do for you

 Through Best human resources software ZOHO People intuitive and easy-to-use software, you can manage employee attendance, time off and time sheets more efficiently.

 It enables you to step away from manually updating spreadsheets and instead, maintain all your HRIS data in a single location. This allow users to create custom modules by adding forms and tabs based on needs. And it offers you drag and drop functionality. It helps to create custom forms for all the information that you like to collect and make sure all your data stays up to date.

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Zoho People
Zoho People

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

·       Employee database management

.     Time off management

.     Time sheets

.     Employee onboarding

.     Attendance tracker

.     Corporate LMS

.     HR process automation

.     HR analytics

.     Time & attendance management

.     Performance management

.     HR chatbot

 Employee Database Management

 ZOHO People helps to sync user from GApps, ZohoMail, or Office 365. You can easily create groups, share ideas, and process information to get work done efficiently. ZOHO People enables the seamless sync of data both within and between multiple integrated systems. All changes are automatically captured, eliminating manual entries. 

 Employee Onboarding

 ZOHO People helps you effortlessly to get a new employees up to speed. It describe objectives, cover procedures, introduce the team, and more the moment your candidate is converted to an employee. Use workflows to create and assign checklists so that you don't leave out tasks like generating official email addresses, assigning seating locations, distributing employee equipment, and more. You can use filters to look into a new hire's files and track each step's completion status. 

 Attendance Tracker 

 It enables your mobile workforce to mark attendance from anywhere with IP and Geo-restrictions. Integrate with biometric devices and other APIs to regularize your employees' attendance and generate reports that help you make better decisions. With the help of remote work to being embraced by many organizations, facial recognition empowers your workforce to mark their presence from anywhere. ZOHO People captures the faces through our mobile application and auto-verifies the image with the profile image using AI. This HR software assist to makes it faster and easier for your employees to clock their hours.

 HR Process Automation  

 ZOHO People can let any third-party website to know the instant your data is updated. ZOHO People lets you to create report, emails, and custom schedulers, so that you can be sure you've sent the right info to the right people, right on time.  

 HR Analytics   

ZOHO People integrates with ZOHO Analytics to help you know the details that matter the most, and to make sure nothing goes overlooked. It assist to make report, analyze your employee growth rate.

 Time & Attendance Management   

ZOHO People handles every aspect of attendance with efficiency, enabling your employees to focus on things that require the most attention. It provides a well- integrated employees time tracking solution, that organizes work and simplifies your processes.

 Time Off Management 

 ZOHO People flexible leave management system, lets you to handle complex tasks with easy-to-use automation tools. For both compensatory and paid time off (PTO), create and customize all leave policies and entitlements according to your organization's needs. With ZOHO People, it helps you to manage holidays for multiple locations from a centralized application. This HR software provides a detailed reports on things like employee availability, payroll, and lost pay days. Access reports for employee leave records as well as daily and overall employee availability, so that you can schedule accordingly. 

 Time Sheets 

Automatically record your employee's daily, weekly, or monthly time logs online. ZOHO People time tracker allow your employees to log daily, weekly, or monthly work hours. It helps you to maintain timesheets which is easier thanks to the link between the time tracker and attendance modules. This HR software enables you to schedule employee timesheets for approval automatically, and facilitate smooth payroll processing and timely paychecks. ZOHO People's time tracker allow employees to add hours to their timesheets even when they're working on the go.

Corporate LMS

ZOHO People LMS is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management system that streamline training across your organization, enabling faster and better e-learning experiences. A combination of learning styles that combines self-paced, virtual, and traditional classroom methods into a holistic learning experience. Through LMS, it helps you to communicates so fluently with ZOHO People performance system that when a course is completed, the linked skillset scores increase automatically.    

Performance Management 

With ZOHO People, employees, admins or managers can set goals and track their progress. Employees can also get ratings from their managers about completed goals. You can tag the skills required for various jobs and allow employees to highlight their own skill sets. You'll be able to utilize the most proficient employees for a given project, eliminating the need for a tedious search.    

HR Chatbot 

At ZOHO People, it helps to create a technology that enables your HR department to be more efficient and deliver a better employee experience. 

Try ZOHO People For Free

With free version, you get:

  •  Free for 5 users
  • Employee Database
  • Time off Management 
  • Try subscription plan free for 30 days 
How can I add employees to Zoho People?
From your home page, go to Settings (gear icon) > Organization > Employee Profiles. Click Add Employee Profile, enter the mandatory details and click Add.
How can I change my Super Admin in Zoho People?
  1. Login to mail.zoho.com as Super Admin.
  2. Click Control Panel >> Dashboard.
  3. Click the Edit button in the Dashboard.
  4. The other members of the organization with Admin role will be listed in the drop down.
  5. Select the Admin, whom you want to make as Super Admin from the drop down.
How can I add users to my Zoho account?
  1. Click on the settings icon at the top-right corner near your user name.
  2. From the drop down menu click 'Admin Panel'.
  3. In the popped up new window, Click on 'Users'.
  4. Click on 'Add User' and enter the email Address of the recipient you want to add/invite.
  5. Click on 'Save' to add/invite users.
How much is Zoho People pricing?
Standard$14Per month/per user
Professional$23Per month/per user
Enterprise$40Per month/per user
Ultimate$52Per month/per user
What features can I get with Zoho People free trial account?
  • Employee Database Management.
  • Employee Onboarding.
  • Attendance Tracker.
  • Time off Management.
  • Timesheets.
  • Corporate LMS.
  • Performance Management.
  • HR Process Automation.
How can I contact with Zoho People technical team?

The Zoho People Customer Center is an online case management system accessed by Named Support Contacts to report customer issues and enter tenant management, customer care, office hours, or professional services requests. You can visit https://www.zoho.com/contactus.html

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