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Paychex, Inc. is an American provider of human resource management system (HRMS), payroll, and benefits outsourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses. Paychex technology and service solutions have simplified the complexity of running a hr operations in business. You can use it to handle your HR, payroll, and benefits on a single platform. And it is backed by U.S. based support through chat or over the phone whenever you have a query, 24X7/365. 

Learn what Paychex can do for you

Paychex can be a great help for the owners and HR managers in managing employee records, streamline talent management, and access critical data to help them make informed business decisions with confidence. 

The payroll management system of Paychex Flex is accessible from anywhere using a browser as the information is stored in that cloud.

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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Payroll and taxes

  • Small and large business payroll

  • Taxation

  • Online payroll management

  • HR services

  • Time and attendance

  • Analytics and reporting

  • PEO

  • COBRA administration

  • Applicant tracking

  • Online hiring

  • SUI and safety programs

  • Employee benefit and insurance services

  • Retirement plan management

  • Group health insurance

  • Expense management

  • Background checks

  • Employee screening

  • Payment processing


  • Payroll Services

  • Time & Attendance

  • HR Services

  • Employee Benefits Services

  • Business Insurance Solutions

  • Payment Processing Solutions

Pros & Cons:


  • Time saving
  • Cost savings - Every pay period you must calculate wages; print, sign, and distribute checks; create reports; and prepare and pay payroll taxes.
  • Improved security - Most payroll providers offer secure systems for sensitive employee and company data. They employ redundant backup systems, multiple server locations, and the latest technology to protect client data.
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Difficulty obtaining wage and employee data — Depending on your payroll service provider, you may encounter hurdles in accessing payroll figures and other employee data because the information resides on another company's server.

  • Delayed corrections to payroll errors — If mistakes occur, a payroll firm may not respond as quickly as you or your employees wish.

Why choose Paychex?

Simplify the complexities of HR, payroll, and benefits with the power of their single, all-in-one technology platform, Paychex Flex is the solution for you. Paychex made the initial reporting simple by supplying all the required data. The forgiveness calculator was critical to ease your mind by being able to include the other expenses related to the 40% loan forgiveness. 

Paychex is an all-in-one payroll, HR, and benefits platform that integrates each and every aspect of your business to make them easier to manage.

How to do Paychex HR login?
Go to your Paychex URL and click Log in with Google. If you do not allow your employees to log in with an email and password, they will not see that option on the login screen. Please note that Google Single Sign-On extends to Paychex mobile app so users can log in to the app using single sign-on through Google.
How much is Paychex HR pricing?
The longer your commitment, the more that you will save. For Paychex Express Payroll costs $60 per month and $4.00 per user. Paychex Flex Select costs $90 per month and $5.00 per user. Paychex Flex Pro costs $150 per month and $3.65 per user.
Can small business use Paychex HRMS?
Paychex understands small business and what it takes for a small business to make the transition to greater things. Small businesses can set up an account and run payroll online – all within 24 hours.
How can I create account with Paychex HRMS?
  1. How to create an account in Paychex. Go to: (let the page load – it might take a moment).
  2. Paychex → Flex. Then click “Sign-Up”on the next screen.
  3. Sign Up → You will be Prompted to log in again once your account is created.
Does Paychex have an app?

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Android Products: Requires Android OS 6.0 or higher. Compatible with Android-powered smartphones and tablets.
How can I contact with Paychex HR technical team?

Please visit Paychex customer support page for help regarding your services, including specific ways you can contact them to visit

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