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  Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution. It help organizations across retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking, and various other sectors manage employee details, payroll, expenses, and performance on a unified platform. This offers an integration with multiple third-party applications, including QuickBooks, Upside LMS, ZestMoney, Stashfin, and Plum.

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Keka HR software enables you to track employee attendance and overtime, schedule shifts, configure leave policies, and set up leave approval workflows. By Using Keka timesheet, supervisors can determine revenue generated on current projects, calculate billable/non-billable hours, and allocate resources. It includes GPS, pulse surveys, document storage, helpdesk, role-based permissions, workflow management and asset tracking.

 It lets HR manager to track employee’s overtime, prepare leave policies and create organizational hierarchies. It also helps recruiters to manage the talent pool, conduct pre-employment tests, and visualize results via a scorecard. Hiring teams can automate job offer releases, interact with candidates by sending emails, and design offer letters using predefined templates.

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  •     Payroll & Expenses
  •     Hiring & Onboarding
  •     Performance & Career
  •     Modern HR
  •     Time & Attendance
  •     Project Timesheets 

Payroll & Expenses 

 Keka payroll HR software revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. Keka is a HR payroll software in the industry that facilitates an easy participation of non-finance roles such as HR members in salary operations. It allows you to easily compare changes from the previous pay period and identify changes at a micro-level. You can easily track leaves, attendance of employees and have the calculations done automatically with zero manual effort. Keka lets you to configure an approval workflow for expenses and schedule expense reimbursements across multiple payroll periods. It provides MS Excel and CSV downloads that can be imported to other financial software such as Oracle Netsuite etc.

 Modern HR 

 Keka HRMS software ensures your employees lose no time groping for information. It lets you to digitize every process in your organization and helps you transform into a paperless organization. This HR software covers every HR workflow you will need to manage your people processes.  HRMS provides you insights into various aspects of your workforce and generate instant reports, helping you to make smarter and data-driven decisions.

 Hiring & Onboarding 

 Keka helps to create and make instant changes to the workflow that keeps you on track and lets you do the best of the candidate’s evaluation. The cross-platform link allows you to perform robust actions such as salary breakup, creating an approval chain for the requisition and interview process.

 Performance & Careers 

 Keka PMS is a tool designed and developed extraordinarily to monitor, analyze, track, and evaluate the performance of employees to ensure that goals are met, and desired ROI (Return on Investment) is accomplished. It accelerates your team’s growth by tracking each employee’s progress and enables you to discuss the issues one on one. HR software gives you accurate insights into your employees based on which you can nurture the teams.

 Time & Attendance  

 Keka PMS HR offers a most configurable and flexible leave management system to manage any kind of leave - paid, unpaid, sick, statutory or any leave type. Lets Keka Leave Management Software handle all the leave encashments of employees when integrated with Payroll engine.

 Project Timesheets 

 Keka timesheet helps you to track time on your projects and identifies billable and non-billable resources in your services business. It helps you to measure the utilization rate of your professional staff and allocate resources effectively. It creates an approval chain where multiple levels of approvers can be defined. This HR software keka gives you a single snapshot view in dashboard form where you can view actual client wise and project wise insights which enables you to gaze at monthly billable and non-billable hours on a dashboard view.

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With free version, you get:

  •  Try subscription plan for free 
How to do Keka HR login?
Once you have enabled Google authentication option, your employees will see 'Login with Google' button on the login screen as well, and they can use this to login to their Keka account using their Google Account. In case you are not able to enable 'Google Sign-On' for your organization.
How much is Keka HR pricing?
Keka uses a pay-per-employee per-month pricing model. It starts at $95.80 per 100 employee per month.
Can small business use Keka HRMS?
Keka is a Modern HR and Payroll software for small and medium sized businesses that manage employee engagement, it has time tracking, attendance management, and leave management system.
How can I create account with Keka HRMS?
Employee needs to login to the email account that has been registered with Keka. Employee will find an email from 'Keka ([email protected])' with subject line 'You are invited by [Your Organization Name] with Keka Platform'. Click on the 'Accept Invitation' button in this email to register.
What features can I get with Keka free trial?
  • Payroll & Expenses. Our industry redefining payroll system automates your payroll and saves time for everyone.
  • Modern HR. All your people information in one place to create a connected digital workplace.
  • Performance & Culture. 
  • Hiring & Onboarding. 
  • Project Timesheet. 
  • Time & Attendance.
How can I contact with Keka HR technical team?

They have an entire support team available to help you. There on-site Keka support heroes are all well trained and capable of solving any problem. You can contact them between 6 AM and 6 PM MT Monday through Friday or visit there help center to contact

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