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  BambooHR is a cloud-based HR management software. BambooHR offers small and growing companies a human resource information system (HRIS) that includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), time tracking, payroll processing, benefits administration, employee engagement and employee satisfaction tools, automated reminders, and workforce data analytics to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle operations.

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Bamboo HR helps you to keep track of all human resources activity not only through reporting, but also through email alerts. This HR software can be used to create and publish job openings and record, review and track the status of incoming applications.

Bamboo HR put forward a single system to consolidate all employee and human resources related data and to manage a number of human resources activity. It provides a customization services, multiple administrator roles, user support, and inactive employee management.

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  • People  data & analytics
  • Culture
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding 
  • Compensation

 People Data & Analytics 

Bamboo HR helps to move your HR database away from scattered spreadsheets and paper files forever, putting organized, centralized data at your fingertips whenever you need it. Your data lives in one central HR database thaat communicates with every other feature of the software—including third-party integrations—so you can enter, update, and check employee records in an instant.


Bamboo HR recruiting software gives you the advantage, keeping applicant information organized through every phase of hiring so that you can focus on finding the right talent for the job and creating a great candidate experience. It makes the hiring process easy on candidates and ensures timely communication at every step of evaluation. This includes reports and analytics to measure your time-to-hire, identify bottlenecks, and spot inconsistencies along the way. Bamboo HR recruiting software lets you share job postings on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Bamboo HR onboarding tool helps you to complete a paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, it lets you to gather an electronic signatures with customizable pre boarding packages, and make it easy to set new hires up in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists. Which ensures your employee onboarding process is organized and efficient, which makes you and your organization look great to new employees. HR onboarding tool helps in promising the candidates to be more engaged, and productive employees.


With the Bamboo HR time-off calculator, you can check your current PTO balance and any upcoming time off which you have scheduled right on your phones. Bamboo HR allows many policies to be created on your account as you need. With the help of HR software, it helps to generate several different reports with just a few clicks. HR system keeps everyone up to date with automatic reminders. HR payroll hours reports and timesheet approval workflows give you confidence and convenience to run payroll quickly and accurately, every time.


Performance Appraisal HR software cuts to the heart of effective performance management, using a few brief questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. Employees and managers helps to set and track multiple goals right inside our performance appraisal software. With Bamboo HR, you can simply select the method and frequency, and it will send an automated reminders to you and your employees.

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How to do Bamboo HR login?
Go to your BambooHR URL and click Log in with Google. If you do not allow your employees to log in with an email and password, they will not see that option on the login screen. Please note that Google Single Sign-On extends to BambooHR's mobile app so users can log in to the app using single sign-on through Google.
How much is Bamboo HR pricing?
BambooHR uses a pay-per-employee per-month pricing model. It starts at $6.19 per employee per month for the Essentials package and $8.25 per employee per month for the Advantage package.
Can small business use Bamboo HRMS?
BambooHR understands small business and what it takes for a small business to make the transition to greater things. They also have an award-winning customer support team ready to guide your business through the implementation process and provide ongoing support. And if you need more endorsements.
How can I create account with Bamboo HRMS?
  1. Click the icon in the Bamboo header and choose Overview.
  2. In the left-hand navigation panel, click Users.
  3. Click Create user.
  4. Complete the 'Add User' form: Username. Username cannot be changed after the user is created. Full name. User's full name. Email. ...
  5. Click Save.
How can I install Bamboo HR?
  1. Download Bamboo HR. Download the file for your operating system - 
  2. Create the installation directory. a) Extract the downloaded file to an install location. 
  3. Create the home directory. 
  4. Start Bamboo
  5. Configure Bamboo.
How can I contact with Bamboo HR technical team?

They have an entire support team available to help you. There on-site BambooHR support heroes are all well trained and capable of solving any problem. You can contact them between 6 AM and 6 PM MT Monday through Friday or visit there help center to contact

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