Qgiv is a web event management tool and a fundraising platform that permits donors to send their gifts to a specific cause. The software is commonly used by non-profit organizations, faith-based establishments, political parties, and private and government sectors to raise funds. To do so, it features like customizable donation forms, app-based auctions, peer-to-peer fundraising, and text giving with outbound messaging.


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Additionally, it offers event registration that permits users to line up and manage events.

Organizations can customize the appliance to suit their specific needs. The system tracks individual donations and new sign-ups. It gives donors access to a web portal where they will see their individual contribution history. Donations are often made online, through text message and various mobile device channels. Qgiv also can generate receipts for each donation alongside other financial reports.

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Supports branded fundraising pages
  • Ultimate fundraising software solution
  • Donations through credit cards accepted
  • Receipting donations and transaction rec
  • Recurring gift schedules
  • Gifts can be received via texts mobile application channels
  • Event setup and sign

Pros & Cons:


  • Great donor/user interface, very appealing and intuitive
  • Excellent reporting on transactions
  • Strong customer service
  • Great features for non profit starting new and wish help



  • The Qgiv integration with Blackbaud is still pretty clunky
  • Qgiv's ability to work with WordPress is sometimes problematic




Mobile suite


Peer to peer




Why Choose Qgiv?

Qgiv exists to assist people fulfill their passion to form a difference. A personal connection exists between the organization and volunteers by using this software which integrates with other social communication applications. It also has integrations with email marketing software and CRM solutions to assist you segment your donors, analyze your donation data, and modify your communication. This way you'll personalize and improve engagement together with your donors. Furthermore, fewer resources are required to be spent drumming up support for a given event. You can use the present donor database for your future fundraising base. It is a secure system that doesn't alter the design and feel of your organization’s website. From a single donor account, a donor can manage, print, and review donation history.

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How can I raise funds with Qgive?

Now, multichannel fundraising is all the rage — and for good reason!

You can (and should!) ask for donations in a variety of ways, including:

  • In person;
  • Over the phone;
  • Through letters;
  • With emails;
  • Via social media sites;
  • On your website and online donation form;
  • At events;
  • And more!
Are there any rules about how much fundraising a nonprofit has to do Qgiv?

Actually, yes! With Qgiv,

Public charities have to receive at least a third of their support from the general public.

This means that your organization can not rely too heavily on contributions from your staff members, founders, or board members.

How can a nonprofit promote their online donation page on Qgiv?

There is no shortage of ways to get the word out about your online donation form.

Some traditional ways include:

  • Promoting it on your “Ways to Give” page on your website;
  • Incorporating info about your donation form in your emails;
  • Including a link in your social media posts;
  • Mentioning your online donation page at fundraising events;
  • Including the URL in your direct mail materials;
  • Mentioning your online donation form during your in-person meetings;
  • And more!
What goes into registering a nonprofit for fundraising with Qgiv?

There are a ton of legal requirements that apply to nonprofits who raise money in different states. While Qgiv will not attempt to answer every single question, Qgiv can give a brief rundown of what goes into fundraising registration.

A general timeline for registration goes like this:

  1. Register before you start fundraising.
  2. Register in your home state (state of domicile) first.
  3. Register in every state where you ask for donations.
  4. If you accept online donations, register in New York and Florida; even if you don’t actively solicit there, as they require registration for any donations made.
Where can a donor find financial information about a nonprofit on Qgiv?

Before donating to an organization, it’s only natural that a donor would want to know how that nonprofit spends its donations.

Donors can:

  • Ask for the past three audited financial reports.
  • Ask for the unaudited year-end financial statements (if audited financial reports are unavailable).
  • Ask whether the nonprofit has previously received federal grant dollars.
Is it safe to give donation on Qgiv?
Online giving is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to donate to a nonprofit. Qgiv assured that your credit card and personal data is safe by giving on a secure donation form that follows PCI standards.
Does Qgiv provide peer to peer fundraising?
Peer-to-peer fundraising is for supporters who want to get more involved with the fundraising process and raise money for the nonprofit that they’re passionate about. Yes, Qgiv provide peer to peer fundraising.
Can Qgiv ensure that funds are allocated to organization's mission?
One of the easiest ways to make sure that Qgiv allot your contributions and being used to accomplish specific projects and campaigns is to give to those specific projects and campaigns.
How can I contact with Qgiv technical team?

Engage your donors on the online platforms they know and love. Cultivate Donor Relationships. Target donors with precision. Contact supporters with relevance. You can visit https://www.qgiv.com/contact

How much does Qgiv pricing?

Start Package$0/month
Data Package$15/month or $30/quarter
Mobile Suite$129/month or $297/quarter
Peer-to-Peer Package$229/month or $597/quarter

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