Donor Perfect

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive donor management solution that helps organizations strengthen donor relationships and grow their mission. It’s a strong tool to save lots of many administrative hours annually and exponentially increase the donor database. The solution helps non-profits reduce their workload and build stronger relationships with the constituents.

Donor Perfect

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All types of donations are often effectively tracked, including gifts, soft credits, pledges, corporate sponsorship, grants, and more. The accounting interface (optional) allows easy transfer of transactions directly into the accounting without requiring double data entries. It also offers comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to assist organizations better understand their donor segments, allowing them to manage their campaigns more effectively.

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Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Management and tracking of unlimited donor/prospects
  • Constituent Contacts Management and Donor Development
  • Personalized communications
  • Special events
  • Grant and volunteer tracking
  • Social network fundraising
  • Donation tracking
  • Payment processing
  • PCI Compliant
  • Reports and analysis
  • Unlimited forms, event registrations
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Information management
  • Nonprofit Payment Tools
  • Custom report writer
  • Targeted Mailings & E-Mail

Pros & Cons:


  • Donor management
  • Ease of running a variety of reports
  • Great customer support
  • Tracking donations



  • Some reports are difficult to run
  • The program closes timely during inactivity prompting the user to login multiple times daily.













Why Choose Donor Perfect?

Double the Donation is the leading provider of matching gift software to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.These tools are designed to help your organization increase revenue by informing donors about the matching gift programs they qualify for and simplifying the process of requesting those matching gifts. With Double the Donation, organizations can track the status of their match-eligible donations in real time

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What does Donor perfect offer me?
Donor Perfect provides an easy, convenient way to donate to their mission, and reduces our fundraising costs. Plus, by donating with your credit card, you can use your credit card statement for taxes/receipts, earn credit card rewards, save time and reduce postage costs.
How Donor Perfect work?
In Donor Perfect, you can simply fill out all the fields on our secure donation form, click “Submit” and your donation will be processed immediately. A summary of the donation will appear on the screen for you to print, plus you will be emailed an acknowledgement.
Is my personal information is safe with Donor Perfect?

Yes, with Donor Perfect the service operates on a secure server and complies with Visa/MasterCard regulations for real-time credit card processing. Unless you are participating in their Recurring Gifts program, your credit card information will not be kept on file. Your other personal information is entered into a security-protected donor management system that only authorized users may access.

Are there any additional charges with Double the Donation fundraiser?

Double the Donation fundraiser try to be as transparent as possible with their pricing. For their Premium Plan, there are no additional fees outside of the annual subscription fee. So all you pay is the annual subscription fee with no additional setup fees, no percentage of any transactions or matching gift revenue, and no fees for technical support.
Do Donor Perfect accept credit card?
Donor Perfect accept credit cards.
What will happen if my credit card limit has reached and the payment charged by Donor Perfect?
On Donor Perfect, the service depends on you having enough available credit for the charge to be accepted. If your credit card does not have enough available credit, the donation could be denied by your credit card company and your donation may not be made
Will I receive a receipt from Donor Perfect?
 Yes. Donor Perfect will mail you an acknowledgement / thank-you for your records. You can also print the authorization information on the final screen after your donation. The donation will appear on your credit card statement.
How does Donor Perfect work?
Donor Perfect equips your nonprofit team to accomplish just about everything on your plate, from routine daily tasks like data entry to big picture initiatives like annual campaigns. Effortlessly collect online, mobile, and monthly gifts through integrated forms and processing.
How can I contact with Donor Perfect technical team?

Engage your donors on the online platforms they know and love. Cultivate Donor Relationships. Target donors with precision. Contact supporters with relevance. You can visit

How much does Donor Perfect pricing?

Express$159per month
Essentials$289a month
Premier$479per month

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