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Skyword may be a content marketing solution designed for media companies, content marketers, and creatives, like professional freelance writers, videographers, photographers, and more. Described as a versatile, intuitive, and  SEO-focused platform; SkyWord helps users by providing tools and functionalities to enhance the scalability and sustainability of their content marketing programs. The platform also helps them create and distribute original content by enhancing the storytelling power of their digital assets to be more engaging to the audience, attracting loyal customers.

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Why Choose SkyWord?

SkyWord functions as an online community of freelancers and creatives, where users can hire and work with an international pool of freelance writers and content creators. These freelancers are organized, supporting their social influence, language, and material of experience.  Skyworld offers content marketing analytics, enabling users to gauge and improve their content marketing programs. Moreover, Skyword provides professional services offered by editors and program managers.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS independent)

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  • Content Planning

  • Ideation Management

  • Ideas to Assignments

  • Collaboration

  • Content Amplification Tools

  • Content Distribution

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Hire and Manage Freelancers and Creatives

  • Create and Optimize Content

  • Edit and Review Content


  • Content Strategy

  • Content Audits

  • Editorial & Creative

  • Data & Insights

  • Training & Support


Content Marketing Platform

Skyword360 is an enterprise content marketing platform that streamlines content planning, ideation, creation, publication, and optimization.

Talent Network:

Skyword’s Talent Network may be a vetted, global marketplace that creates it easy to seek out, recruit, and manage the writers, creators, and experts you would like to determine brand trust.

  • Measure and Analyze Performance of Content

  • Increase Search Rankings

  • Flexible Editorial and Review Workflow

  • Schedule Assignments and Publishing

  • Content Marketing Calendar

  • Extensive Tracking and Analytics Capabilities

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Integration with Marketing Automation

  • SkyWord Personalized Content Recommendations (site & email)


Build a content strategy.

Find and manage talent.

Create content at scale.

Globalize and localize content.

Prove and optimize impact.

Social Analytics Platform:

Skyword Intelligence may be a marketing analytics platform that delivers audience insight, competitive intelligence, and unified performance metrics you can’t get anywhere else.

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I only have PDF samples. How can I showcase my work on Skyword?
When setting up your Skyword portfolio, you have the option of attaching URLs to online articles or PDF files. 
Do Skyword pay on a per-assignment or per-word basis?
Skyword pay on a per-assignment basis.
How do Skyword handle videography payments?
All videographers who accept video assignments in Skyword360 are paid 50 percent up front when their bids and proposals are accepted, or when they claim the assignments. Video payments are processed at 3:00 p.m. (EST) every business day. Payments that are at least 24 hours old are processed through PayPal the next business day after the payment has been awarded.
How can I make my Skyword profile private?
  • Sign in to the Skyword Platform.
  • Click the Hello <Your Name> drop-down menu, and select My Contributor Profile.
  • In the About You section, click the toggle switch. The switch is green and shows a checkmark when your portfolio is public. The switch is gray and shows an X when your portfolio is hidden.
Who can I reach out to for assistance?
You can reach out to and provide specific details and screenshots of your technical problem.
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