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SpeedExam is flexible online exam software offers several advanced features like automatic grading and instant reports. SpeedExam allows you to make assessments with just three simple steps and helps you customize assessments for better evaluation, better security, quick selection, and simple certifications. The best a part of SpeedExam is that they provide a free version that's not time limited with 25 free exams monthly forever. And it’s pricing is that the best among all the competitors within the market.

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SpeedExam multifaceted assessment platform has been extensively utilized in sectors like recruitment, education, manufacturing, banking, logistics, insurance, aviation, and healthcare. SpeedExam’s comprehensive database allows you to try and do more with fewer resources and its robust customer service makes the experience utterly smooth.

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Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Automated Proctoring
  • Automatic Grading
  • 30,000 concurrent tests
  • Assessment Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Screen Recording
  • Candidate Verification
  • Online Tests
  • Question Randomisation
  • Test Scheduling
  • Feedback
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Certification & Licensing
  • Quizzes
  • Time Limit
  • Weighted Questions

Pros & Cons:


  •  Easy to use

  • Email notifications for registration

  • API Integration

  • PDF downloads

  • Questions can be imported through spreadsheets

  • Detailed Performance Reports

  • Dashboard

  • Customizable

  • Affordable

  • Quick set up

  • Easy to learn

  • White-labeled

  • The interface could look a bit better
  • The image inclusion process could be improved
  • Scope for improvement in proctoring


PlanPricingExam Attempts
Free300 per year25 exam attempts per month
Professional$37 per month, $240 per year500 exam attempts + 50 free Proctor Credits
Why Choose SpeedExam?

SpeedExam is compliant with GDPR regulations and allows encrypted storage of data. SpeedExam has 10000+ happy customers like Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon, Samsung, Mc Afee, IBM, Astra Zeneca, Marriott, Ericsson, Maruti Suzuki, Hitachi, University of Toronto, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and many other big names.

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FAQs on SpeedExam
What is SpeedExam?

SpeedExam is a remote Proctoring Software that provides an easy and logical way to create exams. You can add questions and build your own question bank and you can create an exam from it whenever you need.

How to create an Exam in SpeedExam Software?

There is two way to Create an Exam in SpeedExam Software:

  1. Group-Based Exams

  2. Link Based Exams

In Group Base Exams the candidates solely allow of the respective group and you can select while creating the group. You can easily Create the Group Based Exam by going to the dashboard and selecting Create New Exam option in which you can select the group option while creating the Exam.

In Link Based Exams the candidates take the Exam by registration or by non-registration. You can also create the Link Based Exam by going to the dashboard and selecting Create New Exam option and then Select the Link Option While creating the exam.

Why Choose SpeedExam?

Speed Exam is an Online testing tool that helps you in design, selling, and running the exams. SpeedExam has over 20,000 satisfied customers and some of the clients on the list are Microsoft, Samsung, Maruti, Hitachi, and many more. SpeedExam enables you to create an unbiased test to find and reward deserving candidates. And many multinational companies use SpeedExam to get their employees training certifications for professional advancement.
What kind of Company and Education institutes use SpeedExam?

SpeedExam gives lots of features like designing tests and it has easy to use UI for Examiners, candidates, and exam makers. And it is used by the following industries:

  • Education

  • Logistics

  • Banking 

  • Healthcare 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Aviation

Is speedExam offer integration with surveillance Devices?

SpeedExam Offers Integration with Devices like Webcam and microphone to provide the live coverage of the Exam.

Which Desktop platforms does SpeedExam Support?
SpeedExam Supports Windows Operating System, Mac Operating System
What is the Deployment type of SpeedExam?

SpeedExam has a Cloud-Based, SaaS, and Web-based installed deployment.

What are the Features of SpeedExam Software?

SpeedExam has the following features:

  • Multi-User login & Roll-based access

  • Online Tests & Psychometric Tests

  • Time & Attendance Management

  • API Integration

  • Data Security

  • User Management

  • Assessments

  • Onboarding

  • Surveys & Feedback

  • Scheduling

  • Accessibility

  • Time Reminder

  • Result Release

  • Powerful Reporting

  • Generate Reports

What payment method does SpeedExam support?

SpeedExam Supports both Monthly and yearly payment methods.

Can SpeedExam detect screen mirroring?

Yes, if you have a second screen connected to your computer, you will immediately be detected by the SpeedExam Software and you will not be able to start the assessment.

Does SpeedExam have a user-based payment?

No, In SpeedExam you have to buy the subscription package for a single time and you do not need to pay for the users who join and work on this Software.

Can I use the SpeedExam on Smartphones?

Yes, you can use SpeedExam on SmartPhones, it’s available for Android SmartPhones as of now.

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