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Examonline make it easy to manage online examinations from candidate registration and online proctoring to quick results and data processing. Conduct cheating free exam with ExamOnline. It is designed to assist your invigilators in remote proctoring. Remote Proctor leverages automation and live proctoring using AI to deliver secure and confidential environment to conduct online exams.

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ExamOnline is a fully integrated platform for providing end to end online computer based examination services handling everything efficiently from candidate registration to result processing. With over 12 years of experience in the assessment and examination industry, ExamOnline focus has always been on delivering cost effective, secure and efficient examination and assessment services for their clients.

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Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Full command and Focus at Candidate    Remote Proctoring as a service offers live stream, Screenshot of Malpractices in exam, Object Detection and full logs of activity acknowledged by the proctors.

  • Prevent Impersonation

On Demand Physical / Automated Approvers to physically check the IDs and match with candidate photographs and ID’s.
  • AI Calculated Proctor Core

Aids exam administrators identify at-risk students for proactive intervention by checking and reviewing candidates with AI Calculated Proctor Score.
  • Easy Integration

Wheebox Remote Proctoring Service Integrates easily into third-party technologies ATS, LMS and Assessment Solutions with a clean and easy interface.
  • Managed Service with Certified Proctors
    Providing the examination experience more personal, efficient, secured & decreases administrative burden to detect and manage proctoring with managed presented by Wheebox Certified Proctors.

  • Automated and Human Proctors
    Wheebox Remote Proctoring physical proctors yet as automated proctoring to present. Proctoring as a managed service to safeguard your existing assessment Infrastructure with ease.

  • Managed Service with Certified Proctors
    Comprehensive and detailed analytics for all the candidates with Problematic Images are filtered and highlighted to take care of academic integrity and to conduct your examination confidently and correctly.

  • Environment Check
    It check the eco-system readiness by checking the camera, microphone, browser and internet speed.

Pros & Cons:


  • Integration with ATS and AI-enabled feature of Proctoring.

  • Data security and storage of records.

  • Advance remote proctoring tools

  • Student authentication and approval

  • 360 Degree room scan

  • User-friendly system.


Custom- Based pricing

Why Choose ExamOnline?

ExamOnline could be a full featured solution for online examination - entrance test, recruitment examination, skill assessments, certifications, corporate hiring etc. It's a platform that has end-to-end assistance right from application management to conducting online examination, result processing and score card/certificate generation. ExamOnline is an AI based remote proctoring software which is extremely trusted and is additionally been employed by the most effective companies in India. It's the safest software which is extremely versatile and helps to conduct cheating free exams.

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FAQs on ExamOnline
What is Examonline?

Examonline is the Proctoring software that creates and delivers online exams and tests. Examonline is designed to support examinations that are found in higher and professional education like the extended answer, essay-style examinations. Also, its feature allows you to control online quizzes and examinations. Examonline is able to track a student's performance as he/she gives the quiz. 

How does Examonline work?

Examonline is web-based software and you can access it via any latest web browser. After accessing the Examonline you can create questions, Assemble the question into the test and make the test available to your candidates. After the completion of the examination, you can mark any extended answer and view the result online. 

Why should I choose ExamOnline?

  • It really does support higher-level assessment

  • It makes online exams Secure and reliable 

  • The interface is easy to use and easy to learn

  • It is built on industrial level strength Java web server

What are the features of ExamOnline?

  • AI-based remote Proctoring

  • Real-time Status and Analytics

  • Multi-lingual support

  • High-Level Security

  • Exam Configuration

  • Reports

What kind of user and organization does Examonline work with?

ExamOnline works with:

  • Educational Organization

  • Government Organization

  • Corporates

  • Defense

  • Skill Sector Councils

Which Mobile platforms does ExamOnline Support?
ExamOnline supports the Android operating system.
What are the supported operating systems for ExamOnline?

ExamOnline software is a web-based application and also supports Windows operating system, Linux Operating system, and Mac Operating system.

What Language does ExamOnline support in their product?

ExamOnline gives Multi-lingual support for all Unicode language fonts.

What is the deployment type of ExamOnline?

You can deploy ExamOnline On the premises or you can use it as cloud-hosted.

What are the customer types of ExamOnline?

ExamOnline works with the following type of customer:

  • Education

  • Government

  • Corporate

  • Defense

  • Skill Sector Councils

What are the support options provided by ExamOnline?

ExamOnline gives the following support options:

  • Email

  • Live Support 

  • Demo

  • Phone

  • Traning

What payment method does ExamOnline support?

ExamOnline supports an annual base payment method and the fee is based on the number of the students using the ExamOnline each year.

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