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Wheebox Advanced Remote Proctoring Suite is fortified with Microsoft AI Services, to conduct secure and scalable high-stake virtual remote proctored examinations for your Academics test. The Wheebox is integrated with REST and REST APIs that helps institutions to integrate the suite seamlessly with their existing platforms and applications.
Remote Proctoring allows Academic institutions, Organizations, and Test Prep Companies to produce assessment anytime anywhere while ensuring full security standards from your end. Candidates can further take assessments from their home with convenient, affordable, ease and security compliant to testing integrity.

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WheeBox Remote Proctoring allows Academic institutions, Organizations, and Test Prep Companies to produce assessment anytime anywhere while ensuring full security standards from your end. Candidates can further take assessments from their home with convenient, affordable, ease and security compliant to testing integrity.

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Key Modules


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Full command and Focus at Candidate    Remote Proctoring as a service offers live stream, Screenshot of Malpractices in exam, Object Detection and full logs of activity acknowledged by the proctors.

  • Prevent Impersonation

On Demand Physical / Automated Approvers to physically check the IDs and match with candidate photographs and ID’s.
  • AI Calculated Proctor Core

Aids exam administrators identify at-risk students for proactive intervention by checking and reviewing candidates with AI Calculated Proctor Score.
  • Easy Integration

Wheebox Remote Proctoring Service Integrates easily into third-party technologies ATS, LMS and Assessment Solutions with a clean and easy interface.
  • Managed Service with Certified Proctors
    Providing the examination experience more personal, efficient, secured & decreases administrative burden to detect and manage proctoring with managed presented by Wheebox Certified Proctors.

  • Automated and Human Proctors
    Wheebox Remote Proctoring physical proctors yet as automated proctoring to present. Proctoring as a managed service to safeguard your existing assessment Infrastructure with ease.

  • Managed Service with Certified Proctors
    Comprehensive and detailed analytics for all the candidates with Problematic Images are filtered and highlighted to take care of academic integrity and to conduct your examination confidently and correctly.

  • Environment Check
    It check the eco-system readiness by checking the camera, microphone, browser and internet speed.

Pros & Cons:


  • Integration with ATS and AI-enabled feature of Proctoring.

  • Data security and storage of records.

  • Advance remote proctoring tools

  • Student authentication and approval

  • 360 Degree room scan

  • User-friendly system.


Custom- Based pricing

Why Choose WheeBox?

Wheebox is one of the global leader in online remote proctored assessment. Wheebox enables academia, organization and enterprises to maximise their Talent potential by supporting their assessment, learning and compliance needs. There AI-powered assessment enables institutions conduct cheat-proof assessment at scale. Wheebox offers a highly customized and advanced platform for clients to pick out the amount that most closely fits their needs with customized proctoring and content validation. At Wheebox, our customers can depend upon and trust the foremost demanded services within the world of scalable and secured assessments. We make our customers lives easier and better in exactly some clicks and take the on-demand assessment on any device.

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FAQs on WheeBox
What is Wheebox?

Wheebox is the Online Proctoring Software which enables academic organizations, enterprises, and corporates to find the right kind of talent for the right role. Wheebox created an array of tests in areas like Cognitive Abilities, Personality Type, Information Technology, General Abilities to help companies find a perfect match for a particular role.

Why Choose Wheebox?

Wheebox brings you the remote proctoring solution which is powered by AI and highly secure and safe. Wheebox is fully automated software with strict and rigorous monitoring.

  • Object Detection and full logs of activity flagged by proctors.

  • clean and simple interface

  • Helps exam administrators

  • Checking and reviewing candidates with AI

  • Prevent Impersonation

  • Make Examination experience more personal

  • Check the camera, microphone, browser, and internet speed.

What kind of user and organization does Wheebox work with?

Wheebox works with the following type of customer:

  • Startups

  • Enterprises

  • Small business

  • Freelancer

  • Government

  • Academic Organization 

  • SMEs

Which Mobile platforms does Wheebox Support?

Wheebox supports multiple mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Android

What is the deployment type of Wheebox?

Wheebox has a Web-based installed deployment.

What are the features of Wheebox Software?

  • Full control and views of the candidate

  • Easy Integration

  • Automated Proctoring

  • Candidate Authentication

  • Facial Recognition

  • Real-Time Communication

  • Recording

  • Reporting/ Analytics

  • Prevent Impersonation

  • Managed Service with the certified proctor

  • Automated and Human Proctors

  • Environment check

What payment method does Wheebox support?

Wheebox supports Monthly and Yearly payment methods.

What Language does Wheebox support in their product?

Wheebox supports these languages: English
What other applications or services does Wheebox integrate with?
Wheebox integrated with Azure Cognitive Services.
Can Wheebox Detect mirroring?

Yes. Wheebox makes sure that the candidate is locked into the exam browser screen and cannot share the screen with any other monitor or Display.

Who are the Enterprise Clients of Wheebox?

  • Accenture

  • Asian Paints

  • Capgemini

  • Chola

  • Digit

  • HP

  • Reliance

  • Vedanta

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