Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth. Epicor provide flexible, industry-specific software designed specifically to fit the needs of the manufacturing customers. More than 45 years of experience with customer’s unique business processes and operational requirements are built into every solution in the cloud or on-premises.

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  • Business Consulting Services- With Epicor Change Acceleration and Risk Mitigation consulting services you can improve your Return on Investment.

  • Education Services- Explore learning and training tools with Epicor Education.

  • Cybersecurity for Small Business- Protect your data and systems from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and natural disasters.

  • Upgrades and Migrations- Take advantage of cloud solutions today with the accelerated upgrade and migration services provided by Epicor.

  • Implementation Services- Epicor solutions are readily deployable to meet your strategic goals with industry-specific business processes tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Drive Revenue and Increase Profitability- With deep insights into the data around your aerospace and defence manufacturing processes, make better informed decisions that drive growth.

  • Streamline and Optimize Operations - Manage your day to day complex operations for highly regulated industries. This ERP solution streamlines business processes making it easier to control risk, drive performance, and reduce waste.

  • Enhance Customer and Supplier Relationships- Epicor’s solutions enables you build a better customer experience at every point and empower teams for collaboration across global supply chains.

  • Identify, reward, and retain your most profitable customers.


  • With features such as inventory, stockroom, and back-office tools, plus specialty tools for firearms compliance and equipment rentals run operations smoothly.

  • Protect margins by leveraging purchasing power and making smarter buying decisions

  • Optimize inventories (and inventory costs)—despite seasonal and trend-based demand swings, and compliance demands in specialty areas like firearms sales

  • Improve overall business performance by making fast, informed decisions using intuitive on-screen analytics and dashboards.

How it works?
  • Epicor links a worldwide network of health professionals to verify information on disease outbreaks.

  • When evidence of an outbreak is found, local information is requested from EpiCore members.

  • Epicor members are able to quickly provide expertise, speeding up outbreak verification.

Pros & Cons:

  • Responsive, knowledgeable and helpful consultants.

  • Good little manufacturing system. 

  • They put on really nice annual conferences.

  • Easily mass upload and update data.

  • Easy to customize for reporting and data storage.


  • Inability to print invoices

  • Epicor ERP is expensive software

Why choose Epicore?

Epicor ERP delivers the ultimate choice and flexibility. Epicore is built from the ground-up from service-oriented architecture (SOA). The platform empowers businesses to configure their ERP instance to comply with business processes without touching the codebase. This flexibility also enables modifications and integrations so your ERP can develop as your company expands. Furthermore, Epicor is the first provider to offer multiple deployment options for their ERP system. Epicor ERP empowers the business conversations driving innovation. Inspired by the easy connectivity of social media platforms, version 10 of Epicor includes Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) to encourage greater collaboration throughout your business.

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How can Epicor ERP help you?
Greater Profitability Through Efficiency
If you want greater insights, control and visibility into mission-critical processes. Epicor ERP for manufacturing simplifies global supply chain management processes so you can enhance the customer experience and stay competitive.

How to install Epicor ERP?
To install the Epicor ERP application help, click the New button. Enter the Deployment Name for this application help release. Be sure to enter a name that helps you identify the specific Epicor ERP help release on your system.” on pg 104. The new button is grayed out on my test system.
How does Epicor ERP system work?
The Epicor ERP Project Management module uses detailed logistics to manage projects from the ground up. Using Epicor ERP's detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing and supply chain logistics, the system helps project managers analyze and take control of their project.
Who uses Epicor ERP?
Companies usingEpicor ERP for Enterprise Resource Planning include: PhRMA, a United States based Healthcare organization with 22000 employees and revenues of $103.30 billions.
How much is Epicor ERP pricing?

Epicor Pricing starts at $175 per user per month. But with a modular architecture, you can avail only of features and components that you need. You can contact the vendor for a quote.

How can I contact with Epicor ERP technical team?

More than 600 support analysts with deep industry expertise have an average of six years of experience. These Epicor ERP employees serve as customer advocates and are responsible for seeing cases from submission to resolution in 30 languages across our 12 global support centers through the EpicCare support portal. For further contact you can visit https://www.epicor.com/en-in/company/contact-sales/

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