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 Sage Intacct is the best-in-class provider of cloud-based ERP software. With the help of Sage Intacct small and midsize businesses reach top levels of performance by empowering finance professionals with extensive functionality, real-time financial and operational insights, and the ability to automate critical processes. 

Sage Intacct boosts finance professional’s efficiency and drives growth for their organizations. 
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Sage Intacct Services:

  • Ready, set, ROI-With Sage Intacct, it is faster to develop a customized project plan, integrate applications with your key business systems, and execute your deployment. Get a solution that's optimized to deliver high ROI for your business. 

  • Beyond deployment- Don't want to go the DIY route in order to make changes to your financial system—please contact Professional Services for a Sage Intacct business review or consulting. 

  • Connect with colleagues- Get and give advice and recommendations, join groups and collaborate with other Sage Intacct users.

  • Resolve product issues-  Quickly get answers in the knowledge base, take advantage of in-product help, or submit a support case.

  • Browse helpful resources- Dive into white papers and product datasheets, and check out the ongoing series of hot-topic webinars.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Windows, MacOS

Key Modules:


First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

  • General ledger- Streamline your chart of accounts, reduce transaction tagging errors, and slice data in new ways. Sage Intacct’s GL is the most innovative and flexible architecture.

  • Contract and subscription billing- Tailored pricing and billing schedules to fit your business model. Automate pricing and billing, integrate with your automated revenue recognition, or create a seamless data flow between your CRM and financials.

  • Dynamic allocations-  Easily allocate indirect costs and revenue contribution across products, projects, departments, or other dimensions.

  • Salesforce integration- Get a full picture of every customer, automate the quote-to-cash process, and enhance communication between sales and marketing with the Sage Intacct integration to Salesforce CRM.

Pros & Cons:

  • Ability to attach documents to each transaction.

  • All the features, and integration capabilities with other software.

  • Offers a learning curve.


  • A few functions are restricted in scope.

  • Seems to be a fair amount of glitches and errors.

  • Errors while preparing reports.

Why choose Sage Intacct?

With increased efficiency and sharper insight, you can be in a position to drive growth and not just cope with it. Sage Intacct automates the complete array of accounting processes from basic to complex. Sage Intacct can improve productivity, provide compliance, and grow without hiring. Sage Intacct’s multi-tenant foundation delivers robust technology infrastructure to your organization, without the high costs, maintenance, or complexity that would be involved with an on-premises solution.

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Is Sage Intacct an ERP system?
Cloud-based ERP software from Sage Intacct ERP automates accounting processes, so you can increase business visibility and drive growth. More cost-efficiency, more agility—with Sage Intacct, you can run your business better, faster, and smarter.
Is Sage and Sage intacct the same?
Sage Intacct offers several ERP and accounting software products to help you run your business. While they are both ERP and accounting solutions, they are very different platforms with different features. Sage Intacct ERP is a cloud solution with features more focused around\ Core ERP capabilities.
How can I create account with Sage Intacct ERP?
In Sage Intacct ERP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Accounts. Choose Create Account. The system opens the Create Account wizard. In the Account Details step, enter the general properties of the account and provide the details of the cloud provider described in the table below.
How to install Sage Intacct ERP?

  1. Download the Customization Package to your desktop. 
  2. In Sage Intacct ERP, go to Customization Services/Platform Services > Customization Packages > Add.
  3. Select the saved file from your desktop.
  4. Select Import.
How to delete Sage ERP account?
  1. From the Maintain menu, select Chart of AccountsSage Intacct ERP displays the Maintain Chart of Accounts window.
  2. Enter or select the account ID you want to remove. 
  3. Select the Delete toolbar button to remove the account.
Does Sage ERP have an app?
Sage Intacct ERP accounting software is browser-based, there is no need to install software or an app, simply open a browser on your favorite device, navigate to, click the sign-in link in the upper, right-hand corner, and login.
Is Sage Intacct safe?
You can trust Sage Intacct to be secure and reliable. They guarantee 99.8 % uptime, airtight data security, and comprehensive disaster recovery. They have completed both SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II, as well as SOC 2 Type II, audits.
What is Sage Intacct ERP used for?
Sage Intacct ERP is a provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Sage Intacct ERP's software solution is suitable for small to midsize accounting firms and can provide financial reporting and operational insights as well as the ability to automate critical financial processes.
How can I contact with Sage ERP technical team?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email address and password > Login > if prompted, select the company you want to use.
  3. Support > Help Centre > choose your product > Search.
How much does Sage ERP cost?

Sage Intacct ERP pricing subscription can run from $15,000 a year for a single user system for a single entity company to $60,000 or more for organizations needing to manage multiple entities, projects or contracts (i.e., subscriptions).

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