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Avantra assists businesses in becoming self-healing by improving the efficiency of complicated system processes. Avantra is SAP's AI Operations platform that leads the industry. Providing services on-premise, in the cloud, as a SaaS, or in a hybrid environment. Avantra enhances performance visibility and lowers operating costs. It gives you unrivalled insight into the health of your landscape.

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Take stress away from your SAP Basis team and stay ahead of your system performance. With Avantra, your team can fix problems with confidence, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. 
Automate best-practice SAP Operations management across your entire landscape, Avantra frees up IT operation resources by automating best-practice SAP performance management and enforcing compliance across the entire SAP stack.
Avantra can be set up in less than a day. Avantra speedy setup is so simple that its customers can get started without involving them at all, lowering Avantra's overall cost of ownership dramatically compared to its competitors. 

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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


Intelligence Alerts

Avantra understands which concerns are genuinely critical. It detects signals before they become significant and allows you to tailor notifications to your specific needs. What if a long-running task quickly fills up a tablespace? Avantra notifies the appropriate persons as soon as possible. Avantra sifts through the noise and finds critical issues early by integrating several alarms, such as CPU spikes, batch task delays, and SQL queries giving erroneous data. This gives IT professionals plenty of time to react before something goes wrong.

Root-Cause Analysis using Intelligence

Have you ever overlooked a critical issue because you were sifting through irrelevant alerts? Co-dependent system elements are wreaked havoc by false signals. Avantra quickly identifies the causes of incorrect critical-condition alerts triggered by non-urgent issues and corrects them, shortening the time it takes to resolve the issue via fast root-cause investigation.

Forecasting Resources

You can always remain ahead of the game with Avantra's unique predictions. Avantra anticipates resource consumption by studying previous landscape-wide resource utilisation, allowing your organisation to plan forward with confidence.

Governance and Audit

Avantra understands that your system's security is a vital priority. With extensive audit and governance capabilities, Avantra protects enterprises.

It keeps track of modifications and makes them available as needed, saving time and effort. Furthermore, reports can be adjusted to auditing requirements if you need to prove the state of a system at any particular time.

Dashboards that are interactive

Avantra put real-time data at the fingertips of your team.

Customizable dashboards provide stakeholders across businesses with a customised picture.

Executives gain a comprehensive picture of overall system health, while IT personnel gets the precise data they need to keep systems working smoothly.

Automated Reporting

Your teams can acquire reports quickly and confidently with Avantra, rather of having to create them from scratch. Avantra's custom templates generate reports (such as SLA reports) that provide insights based on typical system performance information, saving you time and money.

Pros & Cons:

  • The ease with which the portal may be accessed, as well as the information that the tool delivers, is incredible. For the customers, the reporting feature is quite useful.

  • Saves a lot of time by automating SAP daily checks. Furthermore, everything is documented in a report that is ready to be presented to management.

  • The ease of implementation and customisability of this software are its strongest features. 


  • SAP solution manager problems and notifications are difficult to grasp, troubleshooting is difficult.

  • Reports are not customizable. It cannot add comments to the reports.

Why choose Avantra?

Avantra enables you to compare and assess the performance of various clouds in order to optimise your cloud expenditures for optimal efficiency. Avantra also lets you develop and administer secure multi-tenant environments that can accommodate numerous departments and even customers.

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What is the procedure for obtaining my Avantra ID?

Please make a request to [email protected] from your company's email address.

Will this have an impact on me if I'm already a subscriber to the Avantra Support Portal?

If you're already utilising the Avantra Support Portal to generate and respond to issues, you'll notice that your ticket update message contains a link to more information on their portal rather than a complete response.

How is the Avantra price calculated?
The price model for Avantra is based on the number of 'Avantra License Objects.' These objects represent various technical elements in your landscape. Avantra will fully map your environment once it is installed, and you will only be paid for the elements you have in your system.
Does Avantra provide training?

Yes, Avantra offers typical multi-session remote or on-site training programmes suited to your organization's needs.
What kind of support Avantra offers?

Depending on your demands and price point, Avantra offers different layers of service, ranging from normal 9-5 (Monday to Friday) to 24x7.

Avantra’s team is available to you through their online support ticketing system, which also includes access to their extensive knowledge base and online forums.

Can I manage different SAP environments using one Avantra system?
Yes, Avantra is a real multi-tenant system that allows you to effortlessly differentiate access to different clients or departments.
Can I see it before I buy?

Of course, Avantra’s expert SAP architect team will be happy to share with you all the amazing things Avantra can do. Just click on try now to arrange a demo, or watch a short free demo.

What kind of implementation timeline should I expect from Avantra?

Avantra may be set up in minutes without the need for projects or consultants. Depending on the system, database, and operating system type, Avantra's system identification intelligence will automatically apply industry best-practice checks and criteria.

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