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Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software is an all-in-one security software for businesses of various sizes and includes anti-malware, firewall, and intrusion prevention features. 


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 The security suite also offers features that help prevent data loss and fuses AI with critical endpoint technologies.

The software not only actively blocks security threats but also acts as a shield against more advanced threats of the future. Integrated cyber defence and multi-layered protection cover everything needed for endpoint protection, including behavioural analysis, file reputation, and advanced machine learning. Symantec claims the software to offer the lightest and strongest endpoint protection that detects threats more accurately.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Windows, Mac, Linux

Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • The software regularly scans endpoints for security threats and prevents unauthorized applications from running, while strict firewall policies help monitor network traffic more efficiently.

  • It automatically blocks malicious traffic coming from a browser or corporate networks and takes advantage of the mixture of information obtained from other users to spot potential threats.

  • The administrative console allows IT admins to make and modify security policies for all departments like excluding specific programs and files from regular and on-demand scans.
  • The machine learning technology and real-time cloud lookup end in better detection and accuracy and significantly reduce scan times.

Pros & Cons:




  • It is easy to configure and push out to your endpoints

  • Zero day protection is best in the industry because of its huge sensor net and rapid remediation

  • Available on all major platforms, Microsoft, Linux/Unix and Mac

  • Outstanding flexibility in configuring group and individual policies for all aspects of the product. 

  • Endpoint Security Enterprise: Extends industry-leading SEP to all operating systems and devices, including mobile. Offers cloud management.

Server Security Solutions:
  • Cloud workload protection
  • Data center security
  • Cloud workload protection for storage
  • Protection engine for cloud services
  • Protection for SharePoint Servres


  • Management UI is Outdated and Complex to Use

  • It is very difficult to get any complex technical problems resolved.

  • Removing Endpoints Completely is time-consuming and difficult.

  • Endpoint Security Complete: Extends endpoint security enterprise with attack surface reduction, endpoint detection and response, threat hunting, active directory defense, and other advanced technologies for complete protection and the best return on investment. 

Endpoint Management Solutions:
  • Client Management Suite
  • Asset Management Suite
  • Server Management Suite
  • Ghost Management Suite 

Why Choose Symantec?

Symantec protects all your traditional and mobile endpoint devices with innovative technologies for attack surface reduction, attack prevention, breach prevention, and detection and response. Symantec antivirus app now offers multi-layered protection from endpoint to the gateway in this new security solution. Endpoint Protection can be seamlessly integrated using the programmable APIs with Symantec Blue Coat ProxySG Web gateway and various other security controls.


How can I log into Symantec Endpoint Security?
  1. If you click. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. Web Console. 
  2. - If you click. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. Console. 
  3. The other option is not a remote management solution. You can click. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.
How can I create account with Symnatec Endpoint security?
On Symantec endpoint security, click the Create new user tab. In the Login name box, type a unique login name. The login name must have a length between 5 and 25 characters. In the Display name box, type a display name.
How to download Symantec Endpoint Security?
  1. On the Broadcom Support Portal, go to the Broadcom Download Center.
  2. Log in using your myBroadcom account.
  3. In the search box, search for your product by name, or browse the list of products.
  4. Click the product you are looking for.
How can I uninstall Symantec Endpoint?
  1. Use the Windows key or icon to open the Start Menu.
  2. Go to Settings (icon looks like a gear). 
  3. Select Apps. 
  4. Locate and select Symantec Endpoint Protection in the list of apps. 
  5. Select Uninstall
  6. Continue to follow prompts to allow the application to uninstall.
How can I contact with Symantec Endpoint Security technical team?

Get technical support for Symantec Enterprise or Business products. Search the knowledge base, or access partner program and premium support services. For that you can visit

Is Symantec Endpoint Security free?

free trial of the Symantec Messaging Gateway Virtual Edition is available for download on the vendor's website. The Symantec EndpointSecurity.

How to disable symantec endpoint protection?

Navigate to the Start menu type Run or press Windows key +R. Click OK after typing "Smc -stop" into the Run menu. Endpoint Protection from Symantec should now be disabled.

Where is the Symantec endpoint protection manager console?

The Symantec Management Console can be accessed locally by using the following method:

To view the Symantec Management Console, go to the Start menu and select All Programs > Symantec > Symantec Management Console.

How does Symantec Endpoint Works?
A firewall such as Symantec Endpoint Protection stands between a computer and the Internet so that unauthorized users can't access them or their networks. It can detect potential hacker attacks, protect personal information, and eliminate unnecessary network traffic.
What is the latest version of McAfee Endpoint Security?

The Symantec Endpoint Protection software suite includes intrusion detection, firewalls, and anti-malware capabilities. In addition to preventing unauthorized programs from running, it also applies firewall rules to block or allow network traffic.

Is Symantec Endpoint Security an antivirus?

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a software suite of security features for servers and desktop computers including anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and firewall capabilities. It is more than just an antivirus.
Is Symantec Endpoint Protection good?

In enterprises with multiple computer systems, servers, and users, Symantec Endpoint Protection is an excellent first-line security solution.

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