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SecurityHQ is a global managed security service provider (MSSP) that monitors networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure complete visibility and protection against cyber threats. Threats can come from both the outside and the inside. To proactively and efficiently manage, detect, and protect your environment against all harmful activity, the correct combination of tools, skills, people, and processes is required.

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Complete visibility of your digital world. Visualise and understand malicious or anomalous activity. Analyse, prioritise and respond to threats in rapid time. Safeguard your data, people and processes.

The platform interface was created with the goal of introducing new data-driven documentation standards, allowing information to be presented fast and intuitively. 

Powered by Real-Time Analytics and IBM QRadar.

24/7 Incident Response Supported by GCIH Certified Incident Handlers

Contain Threats via Incident Playbook and SOAR Platform

Detect Complex Threats with Advanced Correlation & ML

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Supported Operating System(s):

OS Agnostic

Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time data representation to understand and deliver the current status and actions required.

IBM Resilient SOAR 

Orchestrated playbooks for incident response and automation for quick threat containment and system isolation.

Notification of Incidents in Groups

Analysis, recommendations, chronology analysis, and activity monitoring are all included in the notifications.

Automate Containment

Automate the response to threat containment by blocking communications and isolating compromised machines.

Interactive Visualization

Inspection and representation of data that identify dangers and problems using data-driven interactive visualisations.


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Why Try SecurityHQ?

At no cost, experience the Benefits of MDR. Analyse, prioritise, and respond to threats 24/7. Get full visibility and measurement of your organisation’s environment and security posture.


How can I log in to SecurityHQ?
Try a 30-Day no-obligation trial, POV or Audit, each designed to demonstrate specific capabilities, and provide you with the opportunity to experience services first-hand, and in the context of your business.
How can I log in to Security HQ?
You must register your account for two-factor authentication the first time you use the app. This is a one-and-done procedure. After that, you will be logged into SecurityHQ.
How to raise a new ticket on the SecurityHQ app?
Tap the floating + icon in the bottom right corner of the app's main screen to see two options: "Create Incident" and "Create Request."
How to contact your SOC team using SecurityHQ Response App?
From the Home screen, go to the upper left corner and hit the menu bar icon. The menu bar will display on the left side of the screen. To contact a member of the SecurityHQ team, use the "Contact SOC" button from here.
How to install SecurityHQ?
SecurityHQ empowers you to manage and respond to your security operations smarter, faster and from anywhere. Security HQ app can be easily downloaded and is available for all the platforms for PC, windows, MAC.
What is SecurityHQ app is used for?
The HQ app provides a modern and easy to use way to keep an eye on your location activity, access critical notifications in real-time, manage employee access to your systems, test your systems, and submit service requests for your alarm systems serviced by STANLEY Security-anytime and anywhere. 

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