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MilGrasp is a tailor-made software made to improve the efficiency of school management. With the help of MilGrasp there are less chances of human error and the school performance goes high.

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MilGrasp is compatible with all types of educational institutes be it a pre-school, day school, hostel/boarding school, college & university & coaching institutes. MilGrasp has made a mobile-ready cloud-based ERP for all the educational institutes. MilGrasp tries to make communication between school and parents much easier. And also the internal coordination of the school can be easily managed by Milgrasp. Every minute details related to school will be updated to you through this app even if you are not within the school premises.

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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Dashboard:

    Dashboard is the overview of all the features provided by Milgrasp. Dashboard consists of statistics, census, demography, figures and data. It will give you an easy to read, one page summary of the analysis of the information.

  • My profile:

    My Profile is a feature which stores all your personal information. Information such as your name, designation and profile picture is recorded in this feature. The user also has to set his username and password here.


  • Dynamic search:

    Dynamic Search filters the search result according to your requirement at the blink on an eye. This feature helps you get the profile or any other information needed from your dataset.

  • My Attendance:

    My Attendance has been designed to automate the system of maintaining attendance entirely. With this feature, the end user can keep a track of their attendance and cover up for anything they have missed.

Pros & Cons:



  • Incredible features admission enquiry
  • WhatsApp integration
  • SMS email 

MilGrasp provides custom-based pricing.

Why Choose MilGrasp?

MilGrasp as a product has been designed to atomize the entire School Management System. it is dynamically customisable where admins can assign activity rights to users as per the organization's hierarchy structure and workflow. Also users can customize important things as per their personal preferences. As a result you can restrict any user from accessing any feature or specific rights related to any feature. With an aim to cater maximum audience, Milgrasp is available on Web, Android and iOS platforms.

How much is Milgrasp Pricing?
Milgrasp has custom based pricing. They do not have a free version. Milgrasp does not offer a free trial.
How can I log into Milgrasp?
Milgrasp is the best School which works as an operating system for Connect with them for free demo and experience best campus management software. To login into Milgrasp account visit
How to delete Milgrasp account?
  1. From your home screen or app drawer, tap and hold the Milgrasp app you want to delete.
  2. Click the part of the screen that shows "Uninstall".
Does Milgrasp have an app?
Yes, Milgrasp do have an app available on IOS, Android.
How can I contact with Milgrasp technical team?

Customer service is Milgrasp highest priority and they respond very quickly to any questions or issues there customers may have. Use the form visit

What if I forgot my password of Milgrasp account?

You can contact with your school administrator or get in touch with them to change password.

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