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Ireava helps to reduce paperwork and record books. Ireava makes strong communication between school and parents.

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ERP converts people-driven to process-driven ensuring streamlined day-to-day school processes... Ireava comes with 30+ modules that will help to manage all school activities seamlessly. Ireava is easy to use, giveaway pricing plans, and secure platforms. 100% complete school ERP that helps to manage every section of the varsity.

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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Get an android application for parents and students.
  • Get separate application login for staff.
  • Web login for all staff members, parents, and students.
  • Get admission queries from the school website.

  • Customized ADD-ONS on demand.
  • Monthly software updates.
  • Student login details

Pros & Cons:



  • Customer Support
  • Customization
  • Plugins

Ireava pricing starts only at $200.72 for 100% complete ERP features, all modules, unlimited students, and mobile applications. 

Why Choose Ireava?


Ireava is developed on the secure and most trusted language framework. Ireava software has a smooth interface, faster data transfer, and a better optimized secure platform.


Ireava provides various enticing packs for school ERP services at giveaway prices. A user can also select several modules in a customized package that suits to work and pay as you go.


Ireava is that the Craftsman of beautifying branded user experience. A user can access everything in one click with an easy and conductive design of faculty management software.


To provide more safety, a user will get an easy backup option in school ERP to create a backup of data and import it anytime.

How much is Ireava pricing?
Ireava pricing has starts only at $200.72/year. They do not have a free version. Ireava does not offer a free trial.

How can I create account with Ireave?
Download the mobile application or you can create account via web sign up too. Account creating is free. You can signup as:

1. Student - Wants to learn
2. Teacher - Teach or earn with Ireava E-learning
3. School - Teach your school students with Ireava E-learning.

Does Ireava has free learning content?
Yes, some of there content is free of cost. You need to signup to access free content and without buying a full class course you can engage with some free available content.
Can I get refund If I am not satisfied with Ireave?

Yes, they provide 10% content trial. If you found there content quality compromised then you can cancel subscription any time.
How can I get coupons Ireava E-learning?
In your account setting you will found referral coupons. You can access more free days subscription with your successful referral.
Can I learn Ireava E-learning application?
Yes, you can access complete content on web portal too.
How can I uninstall Ireava app?

  1. Open Google Play
  2. From the menu icon, go to "My Apps & Games".
  3. From the list of available apps on your device, click on Ireava.
  4. Next, tap "Uninstall".
Can I delete Ireava account through email?
Yes, you can delete your Ireava account through email, you can visit their website to know more or email them at Send your email there website.
How can I contact with Ireava technical team?

Customer service is Ireava highest priority and they respond very quickly to any questions or issues there customers may have. Use the form visit

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