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Eaglesoft is that the proven practice management system dental practices depend on to successfully manage front office workflows, clinical processes, patient experience, and business performance. 

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Eaglesoft provides the most complete digital integration package. Conveniently acquire and store all image types – from video to digital X-rays – in one patient record. Eaglesoft’s user-friendly platform hosts features that instantly gather your administration, clinical, and business operations for an unmatched office management experience.

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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Charting: Comes with an intuitive chart that's integrated with the treatment plan, imaging, and billing modules.
  • Treatment plans: Eaglesoft enables dentists to simply create treatment plans, and present them to patients alongside cost estimates and insurance information.
  • Imaging: It integrates with various digital image solutions.

  • Document storage: Eaglesoft provides a feature called SmartDoc, which essentially serves as a digital file cabinet, and helps staff manage various documents entirely within the software.
  • Scheduling: When patients are due for another visit, you can send automatic reminders, which greatly helps patient recall.
  • Reporting: The software comes equipped with many comprehensive reports to assist you analyze various aspects of your practice.
Why Choose EagleSoft?

Eaglesoft has a strong track record of helping dental practices run smoothly it has many features to help optimize your practice from end to end. Eaglesoft also makes it easy to import images, and share them through email.

Is EagleSoft dental free?
Eagle soft dental software pricing starts at $200 per month for a single practice. They do not have a free version. Dentrix dental software does offer a free trial.
How can I stop eaglesoft server?
  1. Double Click the Patterson Server Icon in the System Tray.
  2. Select Stop Server in the bottom left Corner of the Patterson Server Status Window.
  3. Ensure all Icons turn red indicating the Database Engine is stopped. You are ready to perform a backup, reboot, etc. at that time.
How can I integrate with eaglesoft?
Dexis Software Integration with Eaglesoft
  1. Navigate to Utilities | Manage Integrated Applications.
  2. Select the Imaging Application button (camera icon)
  3. Fill in the Application Name and Port Number: Application Name should be Dexis and the Port Number should be 8081. ...
  4. Ensure the Active option is checked.
  5. Select OK and close the Integrated Applications window.
Does Eaglesoft have an app?
Eaglesoft dental software are completely compatible with Android and iOS phones. They currently do not support Windows Phone devices. Is the app secure? There full platform, including the mobile apps for patients and staff, is completely HIPAA-compliant.
What database does Eaglesoft use?
Careful consideration needs to be given when deciding on a backup strategy for this software. The biggest problem is that Eaglesoft dental softwareuses Sybase for its backend database and not SQL.
How can I install Eaglesoft?

  1. Open the Downloads folder. Run the file named: EagleSoft_Eaglesoft 19.00.11_Eaglesoft Setup.exe. ClicInstall Eaglesoft.
  2. Windows 10 Users: If there is no. response, select Alt | Tab to see. if an Eaglesoft message box is.
  3. open. If so, click OK to close the. message box and continue with. the installation.
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