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Dentrix software gives you unparalleled dental technology built specifically to enhance your practice management.

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With industry-leading business, clinical, and front office tools, including electronic prescriptions, electronic insurance claims, monthly business metrics, mobile computing, third-party products, and more, our dental technology enables you and your team to enhance patient care while growing your business.

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Key Modules:



First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Password Security
  • Claim Validation
  • Month End and Task Scheduler
  • Streamline Patient Check-ins
  • Store and Retrieve Documents

  • Dentrix Mobile 
  • Dentrix Practice Advisor

  • Business Management
  • Clinical Efficiency
  • Patient Communication
  • Dentrix Pay Payment Agreements

  • Manage the payment process

  • Simplify Scheduling

  • Dentrix Profitability Coaching
  • Daily Huddle

  • Billing and Collections 
  • Integrated Products
  • Training and Staff Education
Why Choose Dentrix?

Dentrix helps you build your practice with integrated eServices dental software that adds new capabilities to your system. You can easily track progress by comparing your current performance to previous monthly numbers.

Is Dentrix dental free?
Dentrix dental software pricing starts at $248.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Dentrix dental software does not offer a free trial.
Is Dentrix Dental easy to use?
Dentrix dental software is easy to book appointments, easy to invoice your work, pretty straightforward when writing your clinical note and reviewing your daily schedule.
How can I login in Dentrix dental software?
Dentrix dental has integrated collections activities directly into your practice system. Virtual Payment Terminal. Process credit cards. To visit  Dentrix login
How can I learn Dentrix?
Visit to learn more about Dentrix Mastery Tracks training and the courses that are available. Read “Become a Dentrix Clinical Specialist,” “Become a Dentrix Financial Specialist” and “Become a Dentrix Front Office Specialist” to learn about more advanced Dentrix Mastery Tracks training.
Can I access Dentrix from home?
Dentrix Mobile login by browsing to from your mobile device, enter your username and password, and select Login. After you have logged in, you can search for and view patient information. From the Home screen, select Patients
How can I search a patient in Dentrix?

  1. From any patient-specific Dentrix module, open the Select Patient dialog box.
  2. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  3. Enter the phone number for the patient in the Phone field.
  4. Click the Search button.
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