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With Dovetail you'll finish your notes from home and access your practice from anywhere within the world from your computer, tablet, or phone. 

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You can write, draw, type, or use voice to make your medical notes. Use existing templates or create your own. Use unlimited two-way texting to talk alongside your clients at their convenience and save time from playing phone tag by allowing patients to instantly confirm appointments both through email and SMS.

The Dovetail Connect may be a collaboration tool that permits dental professionals to refer patients to specialists and track communications.


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Supported Operating System(s):

Windows, MAC, Web browser (OS independent)

Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Scheduling
  • Patient communication
  • Dashboard
  • Dovetail connect
  • Invoicing
  • Payment processing
  • e-Claims
  •  e-Prescriptions
  • Imaging
  • Charting
  • Progress notes
  • Treatment plan
  • Medical history
  • Patient portal
Why Choose Dovetail?

The Dovetail platform does not require a specific type of computer or device. All you need is a Windows or OS X computer or an iPad with an online connection.

Access your clinic from anywhere, anytime and on any device

Choose from well-designed workflows or use your own

Automate tasks and reminders

Get the insights you would like to satisfy your goals.

How can I get started with Dovetail dental software?

Simply sign up for a free trial or demo with Dovetail dental software. Within two business days your practice will be set up and you can start using Dovetail. It is that simple. You can view their short tutorials or get a quick demo from a practice success coach. It is up to you. They think you will find the system easy to use and will be impressed by how much it simplifies your practice management. If you have any questions, you can get help from a real person at no extra cost.

Can I scan my charts in Dovetail?
No. with Dovetail dental software just keep your paper records to refer to in case of complications from a treatment and to meet your local legal requirements. Otherwise start fresh. You may be surprised with how little you have to refer to older records. If you have to scan a document into Dovetail, take a picture with your iPad and upload it directly.
How can I switch to Dovetail dental software if I am currently using other software?
  1. You or your IT person can transfer your patients’ contact information from your current provider into the predefined CSV format. (Simply use the export feature, typically in the file menu.)
  2. Once the information is in the CSV format, contact us and they will migrate the data to Dovetail in a HIPAA-compliant manner.
  3. Then you can begin working in Dovetail or operate your old system for as long as you want. Many dentists operate the two systems for about six months, until they have seen most of their patients at least once. At that point probably about 90% of the patient records are on Dovetail and the old system can be retired.

If you are on a local server-based system, you may want to keep your records indefinitely.

How secure is the Dovetail dental system?
Dovetail dental software is 100% HIPAA compliant. Data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption whether it is in their data center or in transit over the Internet. This is the same technology most banks use for their transactional websites. All data is securely stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Your files are backed up daily to preserve an audit trail of change. 
Is Dovetail dental software is a SAAS?

Dovetail is not an app like you buy on iTunes. Dovetail is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which is accessible through your browser.

What does my Dovetail dental software subscription include?
It is easier to talk about what Dovetail does not include. Their platform includes everything except some third-party services such as e-claims, e-prescribe and SMS confirmations. These services are optional and are billed separately.
Can I use Dovetail even the internet connection is slow?

With payment terminals, VoIP phones and claims processing, most dental offices are already tightly integrated with the Internet. Today computers can be coupled with most smartphones to give you Internet access. So if your regular Internet connection goes down, use your iPad that has access to wireless Internet (LTE). 

What can I need to get started with Dovetail dental software??

The Dovetail dental platform does not require a specific type of computer or device. All you need is a Windows or OS X computer or an iPad with an Internet connection. There is no wiring to install or servers to set up.

Specifically, as of January 10, 2020, Dovetail has been tested and is supported on the stable versions of the following:

  • Windows: Chrome (v. 52.0.2743 or above)
  • OS X 10.9 & up: Chrome browser (same version as above) or Safari (9.1.2 or above)
  • iPad third generation and up, running IOS (9.3.3 or above): The latest App Store-updated version of Chrome or Safari.
How can I contact with Dovetail dental software?
  1. Email us. Contact their support team and get a response within 24 hoursGet in touch at
  2. Ask on Slack. Chat with our team and 1,700+ people in our Slack workspace. Join Slack.
  3. Ask on Twitter. Slide into our DMs or follow us for tips & tricks, articles, and more. Tweet us.
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