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Overview, Comparison, & Features

Curve Dental is a Award-Winning Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software is used by over 38,000 dental professionals and with good customer reviews to streamline their scheduling, charting, imaging, billing, patient engagement, data security, and more helps your to manage all work related to dental management .

Learn What Curve Dental Can Do For You

Curve Dental strives to form dental software less about computers and more about user experience. Their creativity is often seen within the design of their software, which’s easy to use and built just for the online. 

Curve Dental

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Curve Dental

Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Charting
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Smart Forms
  • Patient Portal
  • Reporting

  • Files and Letters
  • Payment Processing
  • Imaging
  • Perio Charting
  • GRO™ Patient Engagement
  • Business Intelligence



  • Implementation

  • Training

  • Data Management

  • Data Conversion

The pricing starts with $3.5/hour.

  • Support

  • System Requirements

  • Imaging Compatibility

Why Choose Curve Dental?

Hassle-free technology: Anywhere access to practice admin and patient records on any internet-connected device.

Personalized patient engagement: Smart Forms automatically upload patient information into Curve Hero through a portal or via a tablet in your office.

Trusted strategic business partner: Curve Dental invests during a single platform, leveraging the foremost modern technology to drive your profitability and enhance your patient experience.

Brilliantly designed user interface: Easy for any member of your team to find out and use no matter their practice management experience.

How much does Curve Dental software cost?
Curve Dental pricing starts at $350 per month per dentistPricing is based on the number of dentists in your practice and the functionality you need.
How can I login Curve Dental management software?
 Are you looking foCurve Dental Login? You can get all the access to your account in one-click using the official links provided visit
Is Curve Dental free?
Curve Dental management software starts ranging from $3.5/hour. However, Curve dental management software does not have free version. But Curve Dental management software offer free trial.
How can I create Curve dental management software account?
If you want to start working with Curve Dental management software is one of the best software you can choose. You can visit their website and fill all the details. You can also opt for  a free trial.
How can I change the password of Curve dental management software?

In Curve Dental management software, click on the Administration section of Curve Hero, in the Practice Information Setup screen, you will see some additions. The very first addition is the ability to reset all users’ passwords. When used, this feature will require all users to change their password upon their next login.

Can I use Curve Dental management software remotely?
With the Curve Dental software you have the ability to login remotely from inside or outside your dental practice. You can visit and fill login credentials.
Do I require any training to use Curve Dental management software?

Once implemented, Curve Dental's management software platform is simple and intuitive enough for temps and new hires tuse with minimal training.

How can I contact with Curve Dental management software?
Curve Dental managements software offers customer support and training because they are there to help. Call us at any time or send us an email. You can visit 
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