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 Salesmate is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) hosting solution. The solution helps businesses to capture more leads and manage their sales pipelines. It is used to analyse past sales data, generate business-relevant insights and address pain points, whilst the sales forecasting. Salesmate offers additional functionality for sales management, business automation, and acceleration. 

Learn what Sales mate can do for you ?

Sales mate helps you to import contacts from Google, mobile, and Excel files and store them in a central data repository. The solution allows users to view, organize, prioritize and automate the creation of follow-up tasks for various stages of a deal. It offers tools to create new leads and to capture lead details as well. 

It enables sales teams to have multi-channel communication with their customers, supporting the exchange of information through notes, emails, calls, and even social media interactions. It supports integration with various third-party applications such as Microsoft Calendar, AWeber, Mad Mimi, and more. 

Supported Operating System(s):

Mac, Web browser(OS Independent).

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • Activity Tracking 
  • Built-in-calling
  • Deal and contact management
  • Sales Report 
  • Sales Forecasting               
  • Secure & Reliable 
  • Mobile CRM 
  • Workflow Automation 

Activity Tracking   

Activity tracker  helps you to plan ahead, track your team’s activities, and automate your sales process steps. Get a personalized sales to-do list that conveniently syncs with your calendar and mobile devices. It plan and track your meetings, calls, demos, lunches and emails for every deal, contact, and company.  Activity tracker keeps you informed about past and future actions for each deal and contact using the built-in sales management tools. It let you take the right action at the right time.    

Sales mate CRM allows you to stay in touch with your contacts via call and text messages to provide seamless communication. You can make and receive more sales calls with Sales mate single-click calling and stay in touch with your customers. Users can directly make calls from their laptop or smart devices. You can use cloud-based phone system to call any person located in any specific area code using virtual phone numbers. From Sales mate CRM you can purchase multiple local and toll free virtual phone numbers and assign them to your sales reps.

Deal And Contact Management

With Sales mate deal management software, you can easily sort and organize deals by categories and view the deal’s progress. It is easily drag and drop a deal from one stage to another and save your precious time. Through a  deal dashboard, you can reach your prospects in the fastest way. Contact management from sales mate helps you to give your customers complete attention. Sales mate business contact manager helps you to    manage all your contacts on a single page.  It provides a unified view of your contacts and their activities.  Contact manager generates a graphical timeline consisting of complete information of the contact history.   

Sales Report

It improve your entire sales funnel by using interactive, pre-built, and customizable sales reports. Actionable sales intelligence comes in very handy with sales mate extremely easy-to-use reports. It helps to make Report monthly sales summary with pipeline conversion, team effort, and each deal that contributed to your sales. Sales reports give you a clear picture of what you’ve achieved and what actions you should take the following month. Reports will help you to visualize how  your deals are moving through each stage of the sales process.   

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting    helps you to estimate your revenue and optimize your sales performance. Use Sales forecasting software to boost your sales performance. This  helps in taking timely actions by giving a clear view of the sales funnel. It provides statistical analysis by unveiling predictive insights from your data. It helps management in applying better judgment while using various resources. It splits the forecasts in reps, team, periods, and pipeline. It forecast summary, identify the topper of the team and keep a track on the strength of your sales.   

Secure & Reliable

It products reflect our dedication and efforts to deliver secure and reliable products that help you focus on the business with peace. serves thousands of its customers worldwide to help their business grow at the required scale and speed without compromising any security aspects. Products reflect our dedication and efforts to deliver secure and reliable products that help you focus on the business with peace. Every change request or a new feature has to pass through a security checklist before going to production. 

Mobile CRM 

Sales mate Mobile CRM keeps your sales, marketing, and customer service teams in alignment with the immediate access to key information in real-time without any boundaries. Cloud storage in mobile CRM is an added advantage as sales reps are accessing centrally held information around the world. salespeople can update and sync information in real-time, increases overall sales productivity. It     keeps you  to connected with an  opportunities by giving you 24X7 access to crucial information. With the help of Sales mate mobile CRM you can instantly interact with your clients from any geographical location

Workflow Automation

By using workflow automation from sales mate helps to eliminate manual tasks and focus on closing more deals. It helps you  to get more business closure. You can enhance your productivity by taking the wise route of workflow automation software. Use workflows to update records, assign & rotate deals, notify internal users and send emails automatically. Use workflow automation software to automate lead assignment to salespeople. 

Try Salesmate For Free
With free version, you get:

  • Try any subscription plans free for 15  days. 
Is Salesmate free?
Enjoy amazing features with our affordable subscription plans. Try Salesmate CRM free for 15 days. After your trial, pick the best-suited plan for your growing business. Save 20% on the annual subscription.
How can I setup my Salesmate CRM account?

1. Open your web browser and go to the Salesmate

2. Click on Sign Up on the top right corner

3. You will now be on the ‘Let’s Get Started!’ Page. As you don’t have a Salesmate account yet, you need to create one.

Click on ‘Sign Up with Google’ OR Enter your Name and Email to Create an account.

4. Check your Email Account to Confirmation your registration. (Skip this step if your Sign Up with Google)

5. Salesmate will ask you for some basic details and choose a subdomain to Get Started with your 15 days Free Trial.

You can subscribe any time during your Trial to enjoy the unlimited benefits of Salesmate.

How To Export Your Google Contacts in Salesmate?
As a Gmail/GSuite user, you may have the need to export your Google contacts. Whether you are importing them into a different application like our Salesmate, or just backing them up, this post will walk you through the process. Exporting your Google contacts into a .CSV file is an easy process and only takes a few clicks.
How can I search my records in Salesmate?
  • To begin using the search, click on the search box beside the magnifying glass icon on the top bar and begin typing the name of the record you wish to find in Salesmate.

    • Once you click in the search box, you will be shown anprevious searches you made and recently viewed records.
    • You can search based on Contact, Company, Deal, Activity or Notes. 
    • Type in the search box and you will be suggested results as you type. Suggested results will be grouped by record type (contacts, companies, activities, deals, and notes) and will display 5 of each record type.
    • Once you hit Enter the detailed results will be displayed, which you can further refine based on the type of record.
How much does Salesmate cost?
STARTER$12per user/month
GROWTH$24per user/month
Boost40Per User/Per Month
How can I contact with Salesmate CRM?

Salemate are ready to help you grow your business. Reach out to thier friendly staff at Salesmate today! Contact Salesmate now for any query

What can we integrate with Salesmate CRM?

Salesmate CRM can be integrated with 700+ business apps including google apps, Microsoft and more.

Does Salesmate have a mobile app?

Yes, Salesmate app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Which operating system does Salesmate Sales CRM support?

Salesmate Sales CRM Sales Management Software is compatible with Windows, IOS, Android operating systems.

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