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  Salesflare is an intelligent CRM for small and medium sized businesses. It automates the data entry user would normally have in a CRM by gathering data from social profiles, emails, calendars, phones, company databases, and professional email signatures. It is fully integrated into G Suite and Office 365.

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 Salesflare CRM is the smarter, modern-day CRM for small business. This software is focused on accelerating B2B sales and is primarily used by marketing agencies, software companies, startups, consulting companies, commercial real estate agencies, non-profits, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies.

Salesflare CRM automatically tracks customers across email opens, clicks and website visits.  It helps to send  an automated email sequences, so  that you can easily reach out at scale in a personal way.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS Independent).

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

Get an easy to use CRM 

Salesflare  is equipped to be simple to learn and powerful when it used. It is easy to find your way around Salesflare CRM software, and therefore the different features are designed to be extremely intuitive.  

Integrate seamlessly  with your whole toolset

Salesflare integrates with G Suite and private Google accounts, synchronizing emails, meetings, email signatures, email tracking and more. It is available right in your Gmail with a sidebar that gives the complete functionality of your CRM. You don’t even got to open an additional tab. you will be ready to integrate your whole tool set and automate your sales work with ease.

Be able to do everything from your smart phone 

You can access the complete functionality of Salesflare from your smart phone on the go. Salesflare is formed for people on the go who don’t want to get bogged down with needing their laptop with them at all times to perform basic CRM functions.

Always get quality and personal support 

Salesflare  helps to believe you  in personal and quality chat and email support for everybody, despite of your plan or company size. 

Simple & Affordable Pricing 

Salesflare offers simple and affordable pricing scheme, so  that you always know what you are end up paying.

Fully Automated Company & Contact Info

Salesflare helps you to acquire an  information from emails, email signatures, social profiles, and more. Everything automatically appears in your address book.  

Automatic Loggings of Meetings & Phone calls 

Salesflare connects to your calendar and mobile phone to log your meetings and calls with customers for you without any hassel. 

A Handy Document Folder Per Customer 

Salesflare automatically organizes the documents (and other files document ) for you and your team so that  you can exchange it with the customer. 

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With free version, you get:

  • Start organizing contacts, 
  • Importing  email signatures and showing email timelines
  • Track individuals emails  
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How to perform Salesflare login?
To do Salesflare login :- Go to and click LOG INEnter your email and password > Sign In. Or you can contact your administrator to be able to log in. If the email or username is not recognized. You can create account instead.
How can I change my login email address?

Your primary email address is the email youlog inwith

To change your primary email address, connect with the new email, Once connected, press the 'Make Primary' buttonto change it to your primary email address.

How much Salesflare cost?

Yes, you can. Licenses for Salesflare are either billed monthly or annually. Monthly pricing is slightly more expensive, so if you are committed to improve your sales.
1. For Growth:-  $29 per user / month (billed annually) 
2. For Pro:-  $49 per user / month (billed annually)
3. For Enterprise:-  $99 per user / month (billed annually) Contact us (from 5 users)
How can I contact with Salesflare team?
You can reach us on the chat or by email at [email protected] We respond within a couple of hours and normally, even faster than that!
How can I create a account on Salesflare?
Create an account: Select a contact from your 'My Contacts' list and click on 'Create Account'. Salesflare will then create an account for the company that contact works for and add that contact to the account.
How can I delete my Salesflare account?

You can cancel your subscription/delete your team by messaging us on the live chat or via email to and Salesflare take care of it! They would never stop you from cancelling your subscription but they would love to know why you are leaving us.
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