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Keap is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution. It helps small businesses to grow with three highly customizable plans. 
It offers integration with QuickBooks, Salesforce, Outlook, Gmail, plus more. 
It lets you organize everything in one tool.
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Keap provides all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software designed for service-based businesses. It helps to segment contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, as well as run campaigns with personalized communication triggers based on emails opened, clicks, and more. 

Keap offers repeatable sales processes and marketing campaigns that will keep your business moving forward. It helps you to manage e-commerce, from inventory management to payments and purchase fulfillment, set up online shopping carts, track digital storefront activity, send quotes, invoices. 

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Supported Operating System(s):

Mac,Web browser (OS Independent).

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.

·  Keap Grow

· Keap Pro

· Infusionsoft

· Marketing Automation

· CRM Client Management

· Sales pipelines

. Appointments 

. Messages

Keap Grow  

Keap grow helps you to grow your business. It Organizes everything in one tool, automatically follow-up, and delivers the service that wins more business. Easily pull contact details into Keap from your iPhone, a spreadsheet, a form on your website, even from business cards, for an up-to-the-minute picture of your business relationships. Keap includes a business phone line that works on your existing iPhone for calling and texting. With your messages and contact info together, you always have the information you need and are quick to respond. Keap prompts you to take the next best action with your leads and clients. Keap updates the software in real-time so that you and your clients are always on the same page.

Keap pro   

With this, you can  Grow your business with all-in-one CRM, sales, & marketing automation software designed for service-based businesses with custom needs. Use Keap Pro to create a repeatable sales process and marketing campaigns that will keep your business on its upward trajectory. Maintain a personal touch with Keap Pro while automating your sales and marketing process and converting leads into customers. You can use Keap’s Easy Automations which is the fastest way to save your time by automating repetitive tasks in just minutes with simple templates to capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails that turn your leads into paying clients.


It is the industry’s longest-running and most powerful product. This offers you an all-in-one solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation, fully customizable campaigns, and powerful app integration. It helps to Capture leads automatically through built-in landing pages, convert more visitors to leads, and automatically add new leads to your contacts with advanced segmentation. By using infusionsoft 82% of users increased their conversion rates. 

Marketing Automation

It automates your sales and marketing with CRM automation. It helps to Spend less time copy and pasting messages. You can turn your leads into customers, and automate repetitive tasks quickly and effortlessly. Powerful automation builder for expert marketers is flexible and customizable to automate any sales or marketing process you design. It lets you easily set up an automatic process for sending texts and emails to new leads. 

CRM Client Management

An easy client database software improves your organization, increases efficiency, and delights your clients every step of the way. Let Keap’s client management software handle the follow-up, update your client records, and get you paid. With the help of the CRM client management tool, you can easily connect your Gmail or Outlook inbox. It automatically updates your Keap contact record. Keap’s client management software responds to incoming leads and existing contacts by sending highly personalized communications. 

Sales Pipelines 

With the help of sales pipelines, you can track every lead in your CRM. It is an automated way for you to manage your leads and clients throughout your sales process all in a single view. Manage your Sales Pipeline with a customizable dashboard that organizes your leads and tracks them along with existing clients throughout your sales process. It allows you to customize each stage of your sales process—helping you to organize and prioritize your work. Sync your client data to your dashboard. 


Keap's appointment scheduling software makes setting up a meeting easier than ever. Through CRM it is easy to schedule and manage your appointments. you can Set up your calendar and email the link. It gives you one place to access your customer or prospect data, notes, and calendar before the big meeting. It helps you to adjust your schedule on the fly and get reminders on your phone. 


Keap’s CRM with text messaging eliminates guesswork, helps you to stay organized, and allows for timely response to client needs. Kemp's CRM texting alerts you when your leads and clients email, text, or call so you’re quick to respond and on point. It helps you in your business for fast communication and to ensure clients get the information they need.

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Is KEAP a good CRM?
As it is really for smaller companies, It feel 50 employees are close to the point where it becomes more difficult to handle. Infact, Keap is definitely a great CRM with very powerful functionalities for campaign management, sales & marketing automation, and e-commerce.
What can KEAP do?

Keap CRM helps serious entrepreneurs and small businesses get organized, follow up and automate to create peace of mind, grow sales, and free up time. While their top-tier product, Max, is built for established businesses and their teams with more advanced sales and marketing automation needs.

How much is Keap pricing?
Max$199per month
How can I cancel my KEAP CRM subscription?
For termination of Keap account please contact their support team. 
After a request to cancel has been initiated, you will be contacted by, and are required to speak with, a member of the cancellation team to finalize the cancellation.
Is my data secure with Keap crm?

Personal data within Keap-authored software application product offerings is encrypted using, at a minimum, AES-256. The Keap-authored software application product offerings and IT systems are regularly scanned/monitored for vulnerabilities.

How can I contact with Keap CRM?

Keap CRM are ready to help you grow your business. Reach out to thier friendly staff at Keap CRM today! Contact Keap CRM now for any query

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