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CA Flowdock is a fully-featured Team Communication Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. CA Flowdock provides end-to-end solutions designed for the Web App. This online Team Communication system offers Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Search, Video Conferencing in one place.


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Key Modules:

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • File Sharing

  • Chat / Messaging

  • Search

  • Video Conferencing

  • Discussion Threads


  • Multiple Chat Flows

  • Emoji

  • Drag and Drop Feature

  • Team Inbox

  • Audio Notifications for Desktop/Mobile Users

  • Threaded Chat

  • List of Online Contacts

  • 1-on-1 Chat

  • Uploads

  • Storage

  • Image/Video Previews

  • Comments

  • Editing

Pros & Cons:


  • Flowdock connects the team chats with external alerts that can be set up easily in the app.

  • It was a charming feature to an otherwise very uncharging product.

  • It is easy to streamline and organize team communication.

  • It has contributed to the teamwork degree in my company.


  • The mobile app crashes every so often, not sure why.

  • The iOS app was probably worse than the Mac desktop app. 






$0/ Month

$7/ Month

$14/ Month


Why Choose Flowdock ?

Flowdock is exclusive because it combines communication and collaboration features during a single product, and it broadens the company’s capacity to follow trends beyond the reach of its software development team. Advanced and constantly improved, Flowdock unites developers and production team members to extend the general productivity of the corporate . At an equivalent time, it's a simple and technically simple tool which will be adopted even by the least-savvy users.

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What is Flowdock used for?
 Flowdock is a hub for social team collaboration that offers a variety of inbox and chatting features for business teams or development groups.
What is Flowdock app?

Flowdock provides all of your conversations, work items and tools into one place. Prioritize work, solve problems, search and organize across teams, locations and timezones. Real-time team chat for your entire organization. Get Started.

How can I thread a Flowdock?

In Flowdock, to participate in a conversation thread, just click on the speech bubble to the left of the message, and reply in the conversation view that opens up. Conversation threads make it much easier to follow multiple discussions simultaneously. Flowdock can also help your team have more conversations out in the open.
How can I reply to a specific message in Flowdock?

On Flowdock, participate in a thread, just click on the speech bubble to the left of the message, and reply.

How can I quote in Flowdock?

Creating a Quote is quite easy in FLowdock, select it and hit Tab (or Shift-Tab to unquote). You can also preface a paste with a tab to force quote it. Also, prefixing a paste with a tab does not quote it.
How can I reply to a message on Flowdock?

When replying on Flowdock, you can point out the message you are replying to by clicking on the speech bubble next to the original message. This will open the conversation thread on top of your team inbox. By replying on the left-hand side of Flowdock, you are adding your message to that conversation.
Can I install Flowdock on my own server?

No. Flowdock is designed to be a highly scalable service that lives in the cloud. It may consider adding the option for very large clients of thousands of users. If you are interested in such an installation, contact sales@flowdock.com.

How can I rejoin a Team removed by me that I created on Flowdock?
You can invite people to a flow on Flowdock by clicking the Add people button above the chat. If they are not on Flowdock yet, simply enter their email address, and an invitation email will be sent to them. Once they join the flow, they will also be added to your Flowdock organization.
How to use emoji in Flowdock?

In Flowdock, to include an emoji in Flowdock, type it in directly, or click the little smiley face on the right of the input field. Adding an emoji via the dialog is easy: Click the emoji. Click on emojis in the top row to search an emoji category.

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