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Overview, Comparison, & Features

GoFrugal is  a comprehensive point of sale (POS) system which provides billing software for retail business, POS for restaurants, and distribution management solutions. The POS module has a suite of great features which include: touch POS, inventory/recipe management, smart reports, integrations, CRM & loyalty, and multistore management.

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Additionally, GoFrugal is out there for both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. It’s a reliable solution for retailers in several industries with numerous locations and value e-commerce integration. The platform is meant to assist you grow consistently by measuring accurately with optimal transaction automation. It helps you to spice up efficiency, speed, and convenience of your service delivery, and functions as an integral part of your business that permits you to optimize and streamline business performance.

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Go Frugal POS

Key Modules

First lets understand what to expect from this software in a general overview.


  • The platform features superb customization capabilities which makes it easy to tailor it to your business needs.
  • The restaurant POS has a great touch POS functionality. This feature enables you to quickly and efficiently perform all the restaurant billing operations.
  • It provides a fast glance dashboard that helps you to work out the supply of every table quickly.
  • Besides, the flexible and easy screen interface enables your counter staff, cashier, and stewards to run operations more accurately.
  • Moreover, the inventory management feature helps you to get inventory reports, find out the automated order, and fill customer orders easily.

Pros & Cons:


  •  Simple software to operate.
  • Ease of doing transactions
  • Customer support is extremely good
  • Product features are very impressive and provides value for money


  • Bulk import/export tool use is little difficult
  • Default accounting method is very poor



$206.90 (includes 4 hours service)


$413.81 (includes 6 hours service)


$976.55 (includes 9 hours service)

Why Choose Go Frugal POS?

GoFrugal POS is  a hybrid point of sale (POS) solution that helps retailers across various industries, to manage their distribution and billing routines and automate financial transactions. The solution can be deployed either on-premise or hosted in the cloud.GoFrugal has a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty module. This feature helps you to bring more customers to your restaurant by releasing vouchers, coupons, hour offers, promotional SMS, and personalized offers. This ensures your regulars, corporates, et al. keep returning to your restaurants.

Is Gofrugal Billing and Invoicing free?
Free Retail Software download with 30 days Trial and Register for Online Retail Software.
How can I install Go frugal in my system?

GoFrugal is an online Invoicing business management software. You do not need any type of installations. All you need is an internet connection and a web-browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer10.

What is GoFrugal billing software?

The GoFrugal billing software is point-of-sales billing software which performs function every time a sales is done. For example, updating inventory, generating an invoice, maintaining stock, etc. GoFrugal billing and invoicing hardware is the electronic equipment performing the sales transaction and processing the credit card payments.

Can I create my own GoFrugal system?

GoFrugal is much like a Cash Register, but with the use of a computer and a computer program or software. A GoFrugal software (just like Unicenta) could be installed on a Windows or Linux based computer. This refers that it is a Free Software but you can not own it.

Do you have to pay monthly for a GoFrugal system?

In GoFrugal billing and invoicing businesses will pay an ongoing fee, billed monthly or annually, in order to use the software. Most GoFrugal vendors vary their costs according to three main factors: the size of your business, the range of features it needs, and the industry it is in.

What is the easiest GoFrugal system to use?

GoFrugal billing and invoicing is among the easiest of the systems to set up, and it is compatible with both the Apple and Android worlds if you are using a phone for your card reader.
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